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NOV 15

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"I don't know looks pretty sexy to me...."

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Greening Diesel Info

hybridYahoo! has an article about the green-ness of diesel automobiles. It's nice to see mainstream coverage with a green perspective in something that is a little longer than a 3 paragraph piece.

This probably won't have anything new for a die-hard diesel maven, but that's not us. There are lots of other vehicle technologies that we're more excited about, overall, but it's good that advances in other areas are being matched in the diesel realm, as well.

There is no mention of bio-diesel in the article itself, which seems an oversight for the topic, but there are a couple of linked articles about biodiesel that have some information.

And, it is worth noting that some of the environmental concerns about diesel (higher soot and order viagra or levitra NOx emissions) are also due to be addressed in new emissions requirements starting in the 2007 model year. So, at that point, diesel will be an even more environmentally friendly option than it currently is.

Diesel's not as sexy as some other transportation technologies, but the likely availability of best levitra biofuels for it makes it worth keeping an eye on.

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Not as sexy?
written by David W Keith, November 16, 2006
I don't know looks pretty sexy to me....

Or did you mean environmentally? In which case a bio-diesel hybrid is not a sexy as a Tesla? True, but second place is not bad compared to where Detroit is now.

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