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APR 13

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"Looks like we already have a private organization interested in provid..."

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RV Parks Act as EV Charging Hot Spots

RV parks have found themselves at the forefront of generic cialis canadian the EV charging market.  With a ready supply of 50 amp, 240-volt charging stations meant for powering parked RVs, the campgrounds have become a beacon to EV drivers looking for a boost.

A few parks around DC and one in California have begun reaching out to the enter site cialis how much new customer demographic, some even installing dedicated EV charging stations to indian cialis generic keep the existing plugs open for their RV customers. The park owners have appreciated the new business.  In the four hours it takes to charge an EV at their stations, the drivers buy snacks and viagra overnite utilize the campground, creating more revenue for the parks.

The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds will soon launch a website that maps which of its members welcome EVs and hopes that more parks will embrace this new business venture.

via Wired Autopia

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written by BioFina Group, April 13, 2011
I like this concept! Do they charge for the use of the electricity too, or just rely on people buying other things while they wait?
This is levitra 20 mg Exciting!
written by RwFlynn, April 15, 2011
Looks like we already have a private organization interested in providing an EV charging service to the nation!

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