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APR 18

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"Electric vehicles are a hazard to those of us in EMS, who have to pati..."

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Nissan Announces Racing Version of LEAF

Nissan has announced that it will unveil a racing version of its all-electric LEAF called the NISMO RC at the buy tramadol online without a prescription New York Auto Show on April 20.

The NISMO version will feature a carbon fiber body, rear-wheel drive, a shorter wheel base and where can i buy cialis will sit about a foot lower than the standard LEAF.  It weighs in at 2,068 pounds - about 40 percent less than the standard version.

The car will be able to go from 0 to 62 in 6.85 seconds and have a max speed of viagra 100 93 mph.  The battery pack (the same configuration as the production LEAF) will be able to provide about 20 minutes running time under racing conditions.

Designed by the same group that has made Super GT and FIA GT1 cars for the company, the LEAF NISMO RC will be a rolling lab for motorsport EVs and aerodynamic systems.

After its debut, the car will make demo appearances at various races through the end of the year.

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President / co founder
written by Brian Hanaford, April 18, 2011
This is way kewl, a direction we have considered for Accessible Racing to go in. Is there any contact info available to speak with someone about a cross country cannonball run event?
Poor performance
written by Paul, April 19, 2011
I know it is battery powered vehicle, but those performance figures are totally unremarkable, in fact they are not really suitable for motorsport. Perhaps it might be OK on a slalom course but even then, the weight of the thing would make it difficult to change direction quickly and cleanly.

This is pure marketing fluff.
And if something goes wrong?
written by Jennifer, April 21, 2011
Electric vehicles are a hazard to those of us in EMS, who have to patiently wait for each and every battery to be disconnected in the viagra professional no prescription event of an accident before we can treat the patient. What are they going to do on a track? Short-cut EMS safety or short-cut driver safety?

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