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MAY 18

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"well such an investment will cost at least 800,000USD for panels alon..."

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GM Assembly Plants Going Solar

General Motors has taken a number of significant steps to make their vehicles greener, and they are doing similar things with their manufacturing plants, as well. This week, the company has made two announcements about using rooftop solar arrays to power its manufacturing facilities.

The Detroit-Hamtramck plant, which produces the Chevy Volt, will be having a 516 kilowatt solar array installed on click here cheapest levitra prescription six acres of land on the south side of the plant as part of a cooperative venture with the express levitra delivery local electrical utility company, DTE. Using power from the solar array is expected to save GM $15,000 per year.

At the same time, a new plant under construction in Maryland to produce electric motors will have nine percent of its power provided by a 1.23 megawatt rooftop solar array. The plant, which should open in 2013, also produces heavy-duty and 5 mg daily cialis hybrid transmissions.

Although these aren't total green transformations, bear in mind that these are large, industrial manufacturing plants. Reducing the electrical power demand by nearly 10 percent is a significant step, even if the percentage seems small in comparison to other kinds of projects.

image via: Chevrolet Voltage

via: Solar Thermal Magazine

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written by Brian Green, May 24, 2011
I think it's great to buy generic levitra without prescription see companies stepping up to do things like this. Every bit helps. Hopefully, all of their employees will see this and take steps to install solar on their homes.
Good news ! but financially interesting ?
written by Mouner, May 26, 2011
well such an investment will cost at least 800,000USD for panels alone. (I get them at 1.45USD/Wp delivered in europe). So a 15,000 yearly saving seems to be nothing compared to that ! How much can you get in the States per kWh sold to the grid?

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