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MAY 26

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GE Unveils 6-Car, Solar-Powered Charging Station in Connecticut

GE has unveiled a six-car, solar-powered charging station in Plainville, CT at the company's facilities.  The six Level 2 chargers capable of fully charging 13 cars a day and five cars at a time.

The solar carport is able to produce enough energy to power about 20 homes for a year and what doesn't go to charging EVs will go to the grid.  When the charging station is overloaded, it will take back from the grid if necessary.

The station is currently a working demo of their technology and only open to the 300 employees who work at the GE facility, but may open to the public soon.  GE hopes to build similar charging stations across the country.

via The Hartford Courant and MSNBC

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nothing new
written by E Dunlap, May 27, 2011
Vacaville has had one since many years
there is buy levitra next day delivery also a DC fast charger there
written by Monk, May 27, 2011
What is the reason for regurgitating corporate Greenwash? There must be thousands of companies which have installed a few solar panels on a roof.
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written by Marcus Pradel, May 27, 2011
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written by Abner Kent, August 17, 2011
Solar carport is the best option for the electric car charging. Thanks for sharing information on it.

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