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JUL 11

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"Of course as per Washingtons demands....won't be under $40,000. I will..."

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Toyota to Introduce All-Electric Scion iQ Next Year

Now that Toyota has dominated the hybrid market for a decade, the automaker is finally coming out with an all-electric in the U.S. to compete with other leading automakers' offerings.  At a dealer meeting in Las Vegas, Toyota announced that it will launch the Scion iQ sometime next year.

The Scion iQ is known as the Toyota iQ outside the U.S. and has existed as a super efficient gasoline engine car in other countries for a few years now.  The urban ultra compact EV will be a small four-passenger car that will have a 50 mile range, good for those who just need to get around town.

The car has a 3+1 seating arrangement to optimize seating room within the cialis order small car.  Because of its smaller size, it will be interesting to cialis prescription label see how much lower it's priced compared to something like the LEAF, since we've recently seen that when it comes to EVs, price seens to be the biggest factor of all.

Through its partnership with Tesla, Toyota will be coming out with an all-electric RAV4 in 2012 as well.

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written by Crissa, July 12, 2011
I agree, price does seem to trump most other factors. I hope it is reasonably priced to attract those in the market that can't quite afford a higher priced car but that want to tablet viagra get one of the greener vehicles on the market.
written by cytheria, July 13, 2011
if the price is right, anything sells
President/CEO New World Solar
written by Renewable Ray, August 11, 2011
Of course as per Washingtons demands....won't be under $40,000. I will believe change is buy tramadol cheap without prescription here when I see a Tata dealership in my neighborhood.

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