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JUL 14

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"I like it, it's very practical. Why using a big car for a short distan..."

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Car2go Launches All-Electric Car Sharing Program in San Diego

Car2go, a car sharing company owned by Daimler, is launching North America's first completely all-electric car sharing program in San Deigo by the end of this year.

Car2go has successfully started car sharing programs in four major cities in the cialis soft tabs online U.S. that include Smart Fortwo gas engine cars, but the new San Diego program will consist of 300 Smart Fortwo plug-in EVs all equipped with solar roofs that can go 84 miles per charge.

Luckily, participants in the program won't have to search for a charging station because 1,000 Blink EV charging stations are due to be installed in the city by the end of the year as well.

Car2go is buy no rx cialis a free-floating car sharing service that allows its members to spontaneously rent cars without fixed pick-up and buy viagra in canada no prescription return times or locations -- kind of like a bike share program, but with cars.

via Engadget

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written by Mukund Bangalore, July 14, 2011
This service is attractive to individuals who drive short distances, since costs of owning a car are much greatly reduced. I would love to see this service implemented in more metropolitan areas around the US. However, I can see re-charging stations being an issue in other areas across the country. Hopefully we can overcome these hurdles and have this program run on a larger scale in the US.
A Cleaner Car Rental :-)
written by Mike, July 20, 2011
I feel really fortunate to only best offers buy cialis canada live in a city (portland) that has decided to jump on the e-car bandwagaon and begin constructing "re-filling" stations for the e-cars. I really like this idea of being able to rent them, sort of like zipcar (which i love and use).

Great post, thanks a bunch

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