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JUL 18

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Electric Car Charging Meets GPS Devices

Electric car drivers won't have to worry for long about where to find their next charge away from home because electric car charging company Coulomb Technologies and navigation software company TomTom are partnering to provide charging station locator, reservation and information services on the buy generic viagra cheap go.

In the first of what will likely be many partnerships of its kind, this teaming up of technology will allow drivers to not only map the quickest route to the nearest charging station, but compare the distance to the charger to where to buy levitra online the range left in the battery and reserve the station in advance.  The driver can check the stats of the viagra viagra charging station, like connector type, availability and pricing too.

In addition to TomTom GPS devices, Coulomb also offers similar services via apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile phones that use the phones' GPS locators.

via BusinessWire
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such a 'crappy' story
written by Eugen Dunlap, July 18, 2011
Here again someone writes something up that is not new and pretty much worthless. There are so many charging companies out there and all of them have websites, iphone apps etc.
For ev drivers it is inexpensive cialis important to go to third party sites that lists more than one company.
A true advancement for EV drivers
written by castironcook, July 19, 2011
Fantastic announcement! This type of instant information is what will take EV driving to the next level. No special effort required.
What will be the future?
written by Robert, July 20, 2014
I think it's fantastic that companies are using and cheap tramadol updating technology in order to make the next step!
Right now, you struggle to canada levitra pills find charging points for you EV and with the current maximum driving ranges you certainly need to charge often. In the end that will improve as well and you already see combinations of manufacturers to share technology for charging at home. Daimler and BMW are doing that at the moment for home charging systems.
But right now you need to find those charging points and I think something what TomTom is doing now is great.

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