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NOV 18

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"76 miles per charge beats the Volt's 40ish miles. 76 miles would take..."

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Honda Fit EV Coming Next Year But At a Steep Price

An all-electric version of the Honda Fit made its production model debut at the LA Auto Show, making it official that this long-awaited EV was really coming to viagra generic brand U.S. markets as expected.  But there is one big glitch -- it's priced far above what one would expect.

The gas-fueled Honda Fit is levitra prices a very popular, dependable, fuel-efficient car that can be bought new for about $15,000.  The electrified version will cost more than double that with a MSRP of $36,625.  Yikes.  Now, since it's an all-electric, buyers will be able to qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit, but that's still $29,000.

The Fit EV will feature a 92 kW motor and a three-mode electric drive system that allows drivers to choose from Eco, Normal and Sport modes.  The Eco mode improves the range by 17 percent.  For city driving, Honda says drivers will get up to 123 miles per charge and 76 miles per charge for combined city and highway driving.

The Fit EV will be released in select markets in California and Oregon next year and then its release will be expanded to six East Coast markets in 2013.  For those not wanting to buy, Honda will be leasing the Fit EV for $399 a month for three years.

via Wired Autopia

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too pricey vs lexus
written by cliff morris, November 20, 2011
you can almost get a lexus ct200h hybrid for that (I've got one smilies/cheesy.gif) and they look 100x better.
Price vs Value
written by Carol S., November 25, 2011
New technologies are always re"volt"ingly expensive when they first make their appearance. smilies/wink.gif I paid $100 more for my my first desktop computer than I paid for my second: it has 500 times the storage capacity and about the same ratio of computing power compared to that first clunker. If you don't want to buy electric now, wait just another 2-5 years; you can get a greatly improved model for 2/3 or half the cost of today's version 2.0. By that time the bugs will have been worked out of other alternative propulsion vehicles, making them an even better value than electric.
76 Miles Per Charge (MPC)!
written by, March 07, 2012
76 miles per charge beats the Volt's 40ish miles. 76 miles would take me round-trip to work on all electric. Now I just need a wood-fired, steam-powered electricity generator at home and I could care less when the levitra mastercard europe news crews and politicians start squawking about gas prices.

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