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NOV 22

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A Short-Range Electric Vehicle for $7,000

The StreetScooter is caled an open-source electric vehicle and look there ordering viagra has been developed to provide an affordable and sustainable option for mobility. The target price for the vehicle is only $7,000, although the batteries would have to how can i buy levitra in canada be leased separately. The StreetScooter is intended as a Short Distance Vehicle (SDV) with a range of 40 kilometers (about 25 miles). While this doesn't meet every need, it is suitable for many basic transport purposes.

A consortium of 20 different companies has been behind the development of this vehicle concept, which was recently unveiled at the Frankfurt International Auto Show. The design team began with the idea of viagra pfizer a vehicle that is intended for primarily short trips, and could then be priced accordingly. While it has a limited range, the Street Scooter has a top speed of 74 miles per hour (120 kph).

The modular approach undertaken by the design team focused on viagra without perscription 10 pills each partner applying their expertise to the area they knew best and having to coordinate only where the different systems interconnected. Production is viagra now online supposed to begin in Europe in 2013 and then to follow to the United States later on.

The original site is in German, but this link gives a Google translated version that can give you some idea about the project.

via: Slashdot

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Great Idea--When Will it be Available?
written by Green World, November 26, 2011
This car seems like a wonderful concept. Its hard to follow link indian generic viagra believe it would cost only $7,000. I think 25 mile range is fine for most people. Errands and even work are usually within this range anyway. It also fits in nicely with the go local approach we see more and more. The main question is, when would it be available??
written by Ann , November 29, 2011
Wow!!! When can I get one?
written by Hans, November 29, 2011
The range is 120 km not 40 km.

"Because the concept was convincing as the short-distance vehicle (Short Distance Vehicle) with a maximum range of 120 kilometers designed scooter experts StreetScooter GmbH recently received from Deutsche Post has a development contract for a private vehicle concept. According to the specifications of the logistics company will be developed on the street scooter platform to an individualized fall 2012 electric car for the delivery service. "The development work will take place in close cooperation with Deutsche Post," explains Professor Kampker. Dr. Joachim Wessels, a member of the Management Board of Deutsche Post letter responsible for inpatient treatment, emphasizes: "We now have the buy viagra uk chance to help shape a vehicle that is tailored exactly to our requirements."ät-streetscooter-peilt-flottengeschäft-an.html&usg=ALkJrhhC8li8lUQktQNVW5CeIES1BKD7Ig
En France aussi on aime !
written by Jac, November 29, 2011
What a good idea! We hope it'll arrive very soon in France.
Awesome concept and affordable
written by gas treating, December 03, 2011
The car looks decent enough unlike the other electric cars.
written by Vicki, December 15, 2011
A great way to control your teenager!

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