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DEC 07

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Here It Is: The Prius Race Car

The Prius family of vehicles is growing fast, from plug-in to minivan, and now it has it's newest member.  Toyota has released a photo of a new Prius race car, set to compete in next year's SuperGT season.  The Prius GT300 looks nothing like its namesake and, if it wants to compete as a race car, won't drive anything like it either.

The GT300 will use a hybrid drivetrain of course and will compete in a class with the new Subaru BRZ and Honda CR-Z, replacing Toyota's former SuperGT offering, the Corolla Axio racer.  More details about the GT300's specifications should be available in January.

This isn't Toyota's first foray into racing electric and hybrid vehicles.  The automaker recently set a Nurburgring record for EVs and will enter a hybrid into the 2012 FIA World Endurance Championship.

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Hybrid Race Car?
written by Vicki, December 15, 2011

Apparently car manufacturers need something to spend money on......
Prius Racing
written by EthanB, December 24, 2011
@ Vicki: What's that for? ("Why?")If you think the Toyota Prius and green cars of its ilk are just for slow-moving hipsters, you are dead wrong. Prius racing is making a large splash, thanks to events like the 2011 Prius Cup. It fulfills the hypermilers need for speed, comparatively speaking. I wish to have one. Maybe you are just a girl and you're not interested with this kind of stuffs, are you? But if ever you decided to have one, with a payday loan, you can get a Prius too.

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