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JAN 24

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"I agree with Jordan, the price tag of $79k is a ton for me and is lite..."

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Extended Range EV Trucks from VIA Motors

Although the viagra samples scam overall tone of natural cialis pills this year's North American International Auto Show had a far lower emphasis on "green vehicles" than we've seen in recent years, we were nonetheless surprised to see three different niche companies with electric vehicles present on the main floor. Two of these compaines, Tesla and Coda, had all-battery EVs; the third, VIA Motors, has pickups and vans with electric drive and onboard generator for extended range driving, much like the Chevy Volt.

In fact, former GM Vice-chairman Bob Lutz is buy cheap levitra online on the board of VIA. Lutz was the cheap viagra search generic champion for the Chevrolet Volt during his tenure at GM and is largely credited for getting the Volt into production. Since the company is using GM vehicles as the platform for their conversions, having a solid connection to GM is vital.

Like the Volt, VIA is a Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E- REV; or alternately, REEV: Range-Extended Electric Vehicle), the same principle behind the Volt.

VIA obtains full-size pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs and does the conversion to turn those vehicles into electric vehicles. In terms of warranty, crash testing, and most other factors, these are still GM vehicles. Only the transmission has been removed (even the gas engine remains to run the generator), and a small electric motor roughly 11 inches (28 cm) in diameter by 11 inches long. The converted vehicle can be charged like other hybrids and EVs, and has an electric drive range of up to 40 miles. Then, when the generator takes over, it can continue for up to 300 miles in "range extender" mode. This gives the vehicles an MPGe rating of about 100 MPG, which is a huge leap from the 10 to 15 MPG average many of these large vehicles get as conventional vehicles.

The initial focus for VIA is on corporate fleets with a need for work trucks. An optional inverter allows the vehicle to be used as a mobile generator to provide electricity for remote and off-grid work sites. VIA is in limited distribution this year, but is expecting to begin selling to consumers in 2013. The company is taking reservations for the 2013 VTRUX pickup, which will have an anticipated sales price of buy prescription levitrabuy levitra in the uk $80,000. Like other hybrids, that's a big up front premium to pay. But for high mileage users, the fuel cost savings and lower maintenance requirements will make this a viable alternative.

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VIA Motors Extended-Range Electrick Trucks
written by Sarah, January 24, 2012
Thanks for this informative article Phil. I've been waiting for a company to come out with a long distance electric vehicles in a large size car. Driving my 4 kids around town in one of those tiny electric cars just won't cut it and viagra generic us this is exactly what I have been looking for. smilies/grin.gif
written by Juan Miguel Ruiz, January 24, 2012
VIA chose an interesting approach to tackling the EV problem. The range and gas mileage really is something they can be proud of. Cheers.

Juan Miguel Ruiz (Going Green)
Can't be done with that big V8
written by Robert ellsworth, January 30, 2012
I'm skeptical that anyone can take the existing engine and turn it into a generator to achieve such great fuel economy. the efficiency and math of the engine doesn't work. Did anyone see this thing at the get levitra cheap auto show, the vehicles there and the engine in the driving vehicle is not the big 4.6L.

A bit of smoke an mirrors here.
Could be done
written by believer, February 02, 2012
Hey Robert, check the VIA website. They use a 4.3L V6, and get 20 mpg on gasoline, which is plausible. They calculate "effective 100 mpg" based on typical driving of 50 miles per day (40 miles electric + 10 gas). With that driving pattern, you'd burn 1 gallon in 2 days and cover 100 miles, getting "100 mpg".
Finally A TRUCK!!
written by Jordan, February 28, 2012
Finally someone gets the picture and builds an electric truck. I'm an all out gasoline smelling muscle car and just try! levitra online usa truck guy but this is where it makes the most sense. People driving little bitty cars don't drive that much. In fact, very little. It's us guys that have to cialis usa drive TRUCKS packed with tools from job site to job site. We pack on A LOT of miles hence why trucks will have hundreds of thousands of miles after a few years. So we pay a lot for gas and something like this would be a tremendous help on our wallets. My only two complaints... The price of the truck and 40 mile battery is only here cialis 10 mg the only now order levitra best you've got? Can you at least give me 80? I'll pay the extra money for another two batteries.
More Range for that Price
written by Lee Bannister, August 30, 2012
I agree with Jordan, the price tag of $79k is a ton for me and is literally the only reason why I am not pre-ordering right now. Bring it down 20-30k at least to allow the people that could use it to use it and get your brand out there; or put two more batteries and get a extended extended range, 80 miles is good for me since I drive in and out of how to get levitra no prescription town (50-65km one way) every day.

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