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Tesla's Model X Unveiled

Tesla Motors has unveiled the buy canada in levitra prototype for their Model X, a larger, family-oriented vehicle (though not really a mini-van nor an SUV) that will be beginning production along with the Model S sedan. The body sits on the same battery-pack platform frame used for the Model S. The Model X does, in fact, look much like a taller, plumper version of the Model S in many respects.

The rear seats are accessed through gull-wing style doors (which the company calls Falcon Wings) that offer a large opening for back seat passengers and generic cialis professional access to third row seating, which makes the Model X a seven-passenger vehicle.

Not unexpectedly, the focus from Tesla is on the performance of online propecia prescription the vehicle (0 to 60 in under 5 seconds) rather than on range and economy. The Model X will have two battery options (60 kWh and 85 kWh) and three drive-train options (rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and performance all-wheel drive). Tesla's announcement states that they expect to begin production in late 2013 and have deliveries begin in 2014.

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Battery Range
written by KMoney, February 13, 2012
I noticed that the only now how to get levitra no prescription company doesn't make any claims about the range. Do we know how much heavier the car will be? I saw that the model S has a 40kWh batter and 300 mile range. I assumed that Tesla was shooting for that range also. This model X is probably going to be heavier, but this new model has either a +50% or a +125% bigger battery. It seems unlikely that this model weighs that much more than the model S.
Battery Range?
written by KMoney, February 13, 2012
Since this car will likely be heavier, and have more people to haul, what is generic brands of tramadol the expected range? The battery options are +50% and +125% 'better' than the model S, which has a 300 mile range. The model X can't be that much heavier.
Range less than Model S
written by Dave B., February 13, 2012
Actually, KMoney, the Model S uses an 85kWh battery to get that 300 mile range. The 40kWh battery on the Model S gets you a range of only 160 miles, and the 60kWh yields 230 miles. So with the two higher end battery options from the Model S, we can assume the heavier Model X will get less than 230 miles and 300 miles, respectively, on those batteries.

written by Lloyd Anderson, February 14, 2012
Really an awesome car model!! I like the look of this car and can't wait to test drive Tasla's new unveil. Thanks
written by P Proefrock, February 14, 2012
Weight isn't the only factor, either. The Model X is much taller than the Model S, and therefore has a larger cross section to move through the air.
So why make an SUV that really can't hit the road
written by Larry Leichtman, February 23, 2012
Just like all EV's this one can't go on a road trip of more than 300 miles so why build such a large vehicle?

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