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LA Auto Show: Hummer Wins Environmental Design Award?

Yes indeed! Hummer went up against eight other environmentally aware concept vehicles of the future and came out victorious. The awards ceremony was a little disappointing due to lack of any actual substance, but I guess that's what awards ceremonies are.

The Hummer O2, which is a fuel cell powered concept that is housed in algae-filled panels that 'give back to the buying viagra without prescription environment' by converting CO2 to oxygen, won EcoGeek's "Most Peculiar Design" award a while back. While it is us healthcare inc cialis quite cool, we're still voting for the Toyota RLV, which is an electric vehicle that can also be powered by petals, when you're in the mood to it's great! genuine cialis online save energy and get a workout.

Maybe we're focusing too much on how plausible the vehicles actually are. A vehicle that actually decreases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is a pretty cool idea. Even if you could get the same effect by filling a few two liter bottles with lake water and putting them in the sun.
EcoGeek's coverage of the LA Auto Show was underwritten by the General Motors Company, which, we agree, is very strange since we say some fairly mean things about them with some regularity. The only condition of their assistance (travel and lodging) is that I disclose it, which, of course, I would have done anyway.
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