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MAY 01

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"It is really simple. The Dart is a midsized car with 4 doors and viagra canada online 97 c..."

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New, Efficient Dodge Dart Begins Production

After teetering on levitra no rx required the brink of extinction, Chrysler is continuing its rebound with the start of production this week for the new Dodge Dart. The Dart marks Chrysler's return to the levitra woman compact car segment. As other manufacturers have been doing, the Dart offers increasing efficiency through conventional improvements without relying on big technological changes like hybrids or electric drive.

One version, the Dodge Dart "Aero" model, is expected to offer "at least" 41 mpg highway according to a company press release.

The standard engine for the Dart is a 2.0 liter, 160 horsepower engine that gets an EPA fuel economy rating of 25 miles per gallon (mpg) City/36 mpg Highway/29 mpg Combined. An optional 1.4 liter MultiAir Turbo engine gets an EPA fuel economy rating of 27 mpg City/39 mpg Highway/29 mpg Combined. The "Aero" package, which will be available later this year, uses the smaller turbo engine along with extra features to boost that to 41 mpg Highway.

This is the kind of improvement all manufacturers are pursuing as fleet efficiency standards continue to buy online prescription cialis push for greater efficiency across all segments of their vehicles. The super efficient vehicles may lead the way, but most of us will continue to drive more conventional cars for a long time to come, and the overall impact of improvement to the conventional segments far outweighs the benefits from the far less prevalent, super-efficient models.

via: Michigan Radio

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written by Keith, May 08, 2012
Stories like this always puzzle me. It always starts out so hopeful: new technology, greater efficiency. Then the numbers always let me down. I bought a Honda Civic in 2001 that could comfortably seat 4 adults (5 in a pinch), had ample cargo room, and got 42 miles to the gallon when I last drove it halfway across the country in 2006.

So, someone explain to me how I'm supposed to get excited about the Dodge Dart.
Dart Yaaawn
written by kootzie, May 10, 2012
Yo! Ego Ceeks!

How about hyping and flogging gear that actually exists!!?

So Chrysler, in time-worn fashion offers the BigFoot bling version first, and then, with unspecified footnotes and disclaimers some high-MPG version sometime later if they decide to best online viagra feel like it...
Whatever, that's the rut they're in...

Why are you hyping that? When and If they actually put iron on the ground that performs at 41mpg, that's
plenty soon enough to be breaking out the bubbly and tooting their horn.

How about harping on the absence of small high-perf TDI-esque diesels, or the outlawing of REALLY high-mpg
vehicles (some of which are built in the US but which are illegal to be sold there), or the absence of innovative tech like torsion-fields, steam-injection, factory HHO

Your cheerleading of some almost-half-assed soon-to-be semi-accomplishment is so tiresomely irrelevant, is it not?
How you are supposed to get excited about the Dart.
written by David, May 12, 2012
It is really simple. The Dart is a midsized car with 4 doors and 97 cu ft of drug levitra interior room and 160 HP and gets 27/39/32. The 2001 Civic HX was only a coupe with 86 cu ft and 117 HP and got 31/39/34. The 4 door 2001 Civic had only 91 cu ft and 115 or 127 HP and got 28/35/31 or 27/33/30. The Dart is more economical, bigger and viagra price more powerful than the viagra paypal 4 door Civics, and the Aero version should be much bigger and more powerful than the HX while returning the same economy. That is progress worth getting excited about.

Diesels are only a halfway solution to being green. The Jetta TDI has the same amount of total room as the Dart, 140 HP and gets 30/42/34. But there is no such thing as a PZEV Diesel engine, and the reason the other Diesels aren't sold here is they don't meet our emission standards. If the Dart Aero turns in close to 30/41/34 then the much cleaner gas engine makes it a greener choice than the TDI.

Of course my Prius at 51/48/50 puts the Dart and the TDI to shame for around the online us viagra same price.

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