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DEC 05

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"Go see "Who Killed the Electric Car". We had a breakthrough, but ther..."

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L.A. Auto Show: EcoGeek Talks to Tesla and GM About Supercapacitors


While at the L.A. Auto Show last week, I had a chance to talk with Nick Zielinski, GMs director of Vehicle Technology Integration, and JB Straubel, the CTO of Tesla Motors. While conversing with each of these extremely well informed folks, I brought up supercapacitors.

Both of these guys are heavily reliant on battery technology and both of cialis best them are putting varying amounts of faith in Lithium Ion batteries. Obviously, it's working well for Tesla, and we can hope it will work well for GM.

When asked about supercapacitors, both men had the same response: Supercaps represent interesting technology, but they cannot replace batteries, and using them to augment batteries is too complex.

So, what on canadian healthcare levitra earth are Zenn and Eestor talking about when they discuss large cars that can run for hundreds of miles at high speeds using only power stored in supercapacitors? The answer is that NO ONE KNOWS what they're talking about. It's possible that not even Eestor knows what it's talking about. Maybe it's all a lie, maybe the scientific secret is just waiting for it's day in the light.

So now, I know two things for certain, 1.If Zenn's claims turn out to be true, it will be a marvelous leap forward. 2. People in the know are very skeptical that Zenn's claims will turn out to be true.

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Certainly need something.
written by rob, December 06, 2006
It would be great if these supercapacitors did work, as current electric cars are rather pathetic, check the us discount viagra overnight delivery specs on the Zenn site. A top speed of 25mph and a range of 35 miles, not a lot of use.
And presumably when using it a night, in the winter, with the lights, heater and demister on, the range would drop so low, that you would be lucky if you got off the driveway. :P

I saw a prototype electric car from GM, when I was a lad, that had better speed and range. thirty years on and there is still no practical electric vehicles.
We need a major breakthrough.
We Had a Breakthrough...
written by Webs, December 06, 2006
Go see "Who Killed the Electric Car". We had a breakthrough, but there is just too much money to canadian pharmacy online be made off crappy internal combustion engines for Big Car Companies to use all electric vehicles.

And of course these corporations don't care about the environment. It's all about profits. To think that Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, or any of womans levitra the others couldn't come up with an engine design different from what we have for the last 100 years is absurd. They could but they won't. Instead they spend millions of dollars paying to have their name on a f***ing football stadium.

It's gonna take small timers like Telsa to change the try it levitra on sale cars we drive. And Amen for them for taking not only a huge risk, but the first real step we have had in a long while.

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