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JUL 09

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"the first phase will be a 130-mile section that connects Madera and buy viagra soft online Ba..."

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California High Speed Rail Project Gets Funding to Go Ahead

For years now, the plans for a high-speed rail network in California have been out there, inching forward slowly with occasional financial roadblocks along the way. But now it looks like the first phase will actually start construction soon as a measure to raise funding through a municipal bond sale has passed in the California state legislature.

A recent vote approved the bond sale that will raise $4.5 billion total, with $2.6 billion of that going toward the initial stretch of the rail network. That first phase will be a 130-mile section that connects Madera and Bakersfield in the state's Central Valley. The next phase for the network will be to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco with trains traveling at 220 mph, and then ultimately span all the way from San Diego to Sacramento. The network will include major stops in between and connect into existing railway infrastructure.

The bond sale also includes $1.9 billion for improvements to regional rail networks like electrifying the Caltrain San Jose - San Francisco commuter line.

via CleanTechnica

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How about...
written by JackMeihaffer, July 10, 2012
How about a $%#@%$# train to Vegas you lunk heads. smilies/tongue.gif
Boondoggle!, Low-rated comment [Show]
RE: Boondoggle!
written by Roger Flynn, July 14, 2012
You mean the environmental impact of the rail as opposed to having people drive their fossil-fuel-burning machines up and down the coast in perpetuity? It's peanuts in comparison.
RE: Boondoggle!
written by Chris V, July 17, 2012
This is purchase real name brand viagra a train that anyone can take. It's not "for the sale cialis levitra cheapest few."

Yes, building a rail line is expensive. However, it can run completely electric whereas air travel involves oil. The cost of that oil only goes up. The train is a great investment for the future that will guarantee that costs go down over time compared with air travel.

Further, switching from using oil in airplanes to using electricity in trains is a major win for the environment. Electricity can come from any renewable power source such as solar, wind, geothermal, etc. Yes, there is some environmental damage from developing the rail line. However, that is a one-time cost comparing to the continuously ongoing cost of using jet fuel, pumping oil, transporting oil, refining oil, and releasing CO2 into the i recommend canadian viagra 50mg atmosphere.

The distance between LA and Vegas is 266 miles. A train which goes 220 mph would travel that distance in just over an hour. An airplane may fly faster. But, you need to show up an hour early at the airport when flying to get through security. Those sorts of security hassles don't exist with trains. That would make air travel take longer than train travel.
written by sebastian, July 26, 2012
funny that in stuttgart germany they are building only a trainstation for about 4billion
written by Bernard F., August 13, 2012
I totally agree with Chris. With a train downtown to downtown, you also save the cab or rental car ride to/from the airport. Flying LA to Vegas takes 5 hours. And with renewable energy powering the trains, it's a great win for the environment. And jobs, jobs, jobs!
written by Ormond Otvos, September 04, 2012
The great train security boondoggle. You think there isn't going to be frisking and delays at the train station? Buses and trains are already being "inspected" by the TSA!

If downtown transportation bothers you, take the BART, which already works quite well.
Fossil fuel cars?
written by Ormond Otvos, September 04, 2012
For the cost of this boondoggle, the state could subsidize electric cars or hybrids, and when you look at the well to wheel MPG, the difference is canadian cialis negligible.

The train won't average 220 mph. The cars actually do average 65.
RE: Fossil Fuel Cars?...
written by Carol S., September 05, 2012
Dear Ormond: Automobiles in California don't average 65 mph, they do more like 1 or 2 mph during rush hour times. Maybe at 4:00 am, but who wants to get up at that hour to drive to work?
Nice project
written by norms wakes, September 17, 2012
the first phase will be a 130-mile section that connects Madera and Bakersfield in the state's Central Valley. really nice
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