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"Everyday there are reports of increasing pollution levels in the buying cialis without a prescription count..."

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​Is an 'Urban' SUV Greener?

'Urban' SUVs (decidedly intended for city rather than off-road use) were a trend we noticed at this year's Detroit Auto Show. Several manufacturers have vehicles that could be identified as part of this segment, and it could be indicative of a new trend if these vehicles are well received by consumers.

In addition to the diesel-electric hybrid CrossBlue from Volkswagen, there was also a Honda comcept called the Urban SUV. And, more recently, we've also come across discussion of a Chevy Volt crossover vehicle.  There's definitely a trend here.

The possible Chevy Volt-inspired crossover was being discussed at Autoguide, where they recently reported that Chevrolet has extended trademark on the name CrossVolt. GM has previously showed a concept Volt MPV5.

The trend toward smaller cars that are better suited to a more city-dwelling lifestyle appears to be increasing. Small vehicles like the Fiat 500, smart, Chevy Spark, Honda Fit, Scion iQ, and others are being sold to a market for which small, nimble vehicles are desirable. While small SUV may seem to be an oxymoron like 'jumbo shrimp,' the move toward smaller, lighter vehicles helps with overall fuel economy and cheap cialis 50mg efficiency.

Not all 'urban' SUVs will be hybrids. Honda has not announced much in the way of definite information about the online medications cialis Urban SUV (although it is scheduled for a 2014 North American debut), but some of the discussion about its features would indicate that it will be conventionally fueled, rather than a hybrid. But the trend toward smaller, more efficient and appropriately-scaled conventional vehicles can have as great an imapct on improving overall fleet efficiency as the flashier hybrids and EVs. It's a trend we will continue to keep an eye on.

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Bigger EVs are better.
written by Kalirren, February 11, 2013
If you look at the operational ranges of EVs of different sizes, controlling for the type of battery technology used, range increases as size increases. At the best end, with a ~300-mile range, is the BYD electric SUV, whcih unfortunately didn't sell well, and at the bottom are electric motorcycles which are lucky to get 100 miles.

We have been conditioned to buy levitra online from canadacheap levitra tablets think that small cars are greener because the energy density of gasoline and other liquid fuels is so high that efficiency of only best offers buy levitra online canada fuel consumption is the biggest bottleneck between the workng state of automotive engineering and greater environmental soundness. But as we move towards fully electric cars, where energy density of the battery is the limiting factor, it's not efficiency, but capacity, that is the bottleneck. You can't achieve as long of a range on a small vehicle as you can on a large one. Without revolutionary improvements in energy and power density, bigger will continue to be better for electric cars.

So when I see that auto makers are trying to push larger green cars, I think they're trying to set up the market for EVs, and I'm optimistic.
Thank you, Kalirren
written by Stephen, February 19, 2013
Very excellent insight Kalirren. Thank you for that.

I wish this article could have given us some mileage and/or range numbers of these urban SUVs.
India mulls having more of hybrid cars
written by Goutam Sahoo, March 20, 2013
Everyday there are reports of increasing pollution levels in the country and the global warming issue. Heat and buy ultram mexico smoke generated by automobiles is considered a major source of global warming and this is increasing pollution level. The auto makers have responded to this challenge through R&D and technology advancement. They have developed electric and hybrid cars and now such cars are being mooted to India market also and the government is supporting the cause.

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