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MAY 28

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Project Better Place Closing Up Shop

Project Better Place, the electric vehicle company that planned to revolutionize electric vehicles and the automobile market with swapable, leased batteries for EVs, is closing down and liquidating its assets. The company was based in Silicaon Valley, but its main markets were in Denmark and Israel.

Shai Agassi, the company's founder, had a plan to make electric vehicles accessible by making the cialis levitra sale viagra batteries swappable. Like exchanging propane bottles for your grill, you would pull in to a service station and have the batteries swapped on your EV in about the time it would take to fill a conventional gas tank. Fresh batteries and you're ready to discount viagra roll.

But the idea never caught on the way it needed to, and Project Better Place is now pulling the plug and entering liquidation. We had some skepticism about the economic model for the company when it was first being rolled out, though we would have been delighted to be proved wrong.

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written by Garrot, May 28, 2013
I think the levitra best price name "Better Place" was a private joke referring to "Better Place" being a better place for investors to park their funds in. A lot of those people will have lost their money and cialis c 50 the "green" media if honest, should own up to a lot of the blame for this.

This system was never going to fly.
Too Soon
written by Eco Mouse, May 30, 2013
This idea is possibly still in our future, but it's way too soon to be polling investors for this blatant money grab.

The obvious problems are;

1. Not enough EVs on the road
2. No standardized battery design yet
3. Swapping Station Network partners nonexistant

The battery design here is crucial. A DOT compliant compartment that houses a tamper proof tray that in itself is pfizer viagra online virtually indestructible needs to be developed first. The equivalent to a series of D batteries swappable in your portable radio. Right now, no one is working promoting dummy proof battery trays.

Also, when it comes to the big auto manufacturers, their investment into battery technology is so large, and so early on in the project, that by the time they actually have a car to show off to the public, the battery tech is old news, and also dangerous because of the cheaper chemistry they chose to invest in heavily. (lithium polymer chains with Fe, Co, Mg metals have a tendency to generic levitra from canada exhibit thermal runaway if punctured) A tray system could address this issue on the fly. As the battery technology progresses, so too does your EV car. It's not a hassle to just swap out the older batteries for something with a longer charge and safer ingredients. Still, this notion seems to elude the large companies with copious amounts of R&D money.
Rebranding for the project
written by Ahmad Wali, June 04, 2013
As I read about the project, it was a great idea to revolutionize the eco-friendly electric cars. Shai Agassi should work on re-branding and re-launch because if it is successful, it will throw out gasoline or diesel vehicles for sure. However, R&D may require a lot of investment. Perhaps, involving big giants like Toyota, Honda?
Car-sharing alternative?
written by SPREE project, June 26, 2013
We would have also been delighted by the success of Better Place and hope the cailis canadian farmacy lessons are implemented in future similar ventures (although there is talk of reviving it as a solar energy based car!) but until then, what do you think of a Car Sharing alternative?

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