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AUG 22

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"A good car to buy. The range is recommended site purchasing viagra amazing and we are waiting for the low..."

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Tesla S Gets Highest Ever Safety Rating

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors is justifiably proud of their Model S sedan which has scored the highest ever rating. Although the buy online pill viagra official scoring does not go past 5-star, the Model S turned in an effective rating of 5.4 stars.

Much of the credit for these high ratings goes to the fact that an electric motor is much smaller than an internal combustion engine. Because there is less space taken up by an engine, there is more body space that can help absorb energy in a collision. And, there is also less concern about keeping an internal combustion engine from being forced into the passenger compartment.

On the rollover test, "the Model S refused to turn over via the normal methods and special means were needed to induce the car to roll." This was because of its low center-of-gravity which comes from the location of branded cialis the battery pack, which is largely under the only for you levitra levitra online floor.

Synergistic benefits such as this will help further ensure that electric vehicles don't become relegated to a single-issue curiosity, but that they represent real improvements in transportation.

via: Tesla Press Release

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Great news for the Telsa line of cars
written by Doc Rings, August 28, 2013
Love this car... will wait a couple years, but this one is high on my list for my next town car.

Great Job Tesla Motors!
written by Ross Jurewitz, September 30, 2013
Electric cars will not only save drivers $40-60 from filling their gas tank on a weekly basis, BUT now they are also proven to be more safe! What a great step for Tesla Motors and electric cars in general. Hope all car manufacturers get on board with electric cars too.
Good car to buy
written by Kablo Kanali, October 18, 2013
A good car to buy. The range is amazing and we are waiting for the low-cost model also...

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