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"We need to start using solar power more intelligently. Transportation ..."

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The Solar-Powered Hyperloop

With airplanes ranking among the biggest gas guzzlers in the transportation industry, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop sounds like a potential replacement for such energy inefficient travel--at least between places 1,000 miles apart. Instead of boarding commercial airplanes, people could travel via aluminum pods, whizzing through elevated steel tubes toward cities typically congested on the ground below. If the Hyperloop could be produced as designed, it’d be completely solar-powered and reach past the average speed of an airplane at 800 miles per hour.

Even at this design stage of the Hyperloop there are many valid critiques to 50 mg levitra consider. For example, at such high speeds, the friction would make figuring out cooling methods that wouldn’t impede the pods themselves essential, and the cialis femele g-forces, double that of typical roller coasters, could make for an uncomfortable ride. Musk states that disappointment with California’s new “high-speed” rail sparked this idea, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll move beyond the idea stage soon.

As HuffPo reports, since Tesla and SpaceX are so demanding, Musk claims he will likely not make the Hyperloop himself. Although there are advantages to the current lack of Hyperloop production: as it stands, anyone can offer suggestions to improve the system, as the last page of the plans lists two emails where readers can send feedback. Still, with so much remaining to be sussed out--from safety issues to the legal concerns surrounding construction--it seems we’re a long way away from seeing a prototype in action.

via: Huffington Post

image credit: Hyperloop Alpha - Elon Musk

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This gave me a weird idea
written by Kit, September 09, 2013
So... a few nights ago, I was watching a doc on the rail systems in America (I'm not American), and basically the doc detailed how every year thousands of trains move around the look here viagra online shop country on tracks that could have been there since the Vanderbilt era. Anyway - lots of accidents happen and lots of small rail-side communities receive major damage/ other problems from accidents/collisions on these tracks (mostly to do with the fact that the trains' gas tanks leak, spark happens, fire happens, BOOM).

Reading about Elon Musk's idea made me wonder if his solar-powered vehicle model could be adapted and used to viagra brand replace such freight trains (these are gas guzzlers too)- since such vehicles would be computer-controlled, I would also assume that freight train accident statistics would fall because there would be no more room for human error (the leading cause for freight train accidents right now).

Additionally, instead of constructing elevating the steel tubes, they could instead be built on the ground,replacing the paths of existing rail road tracks, this might be a little more cost-effective given the reduced use of materials and also new paths would not have to be carved out from scratch. Thus, the Hyperloop vehicles could be used for both cargo and people transport.

As for the friction and excessive Gs, well... I haven't quite thought about it but I'm sure Sci-fi will have a few good answers.

Apologies for naive points of view/solutions - I'm literally 16 years old and cialis no prescription canada have no physics background.
But thank you for reading smilies/smiley.gifand please correct me!
written by Tony Alvarado, September 27, 2013
The Hyperloop looks to be an exciting option for fast distance traveling, but similar to current public transportation options like San Jose’s light rail system or Caltrain, it relies on the public to travel to and from specific destinations. Our BiModal Glideway would be a better solution as it would provide the same high speed distance travel, but allow drivers the freedom to go from door to door during their commute.
written by Philip Hummel, October 03, 2013
Correct me if I am wrong,I believe friction would not be a problem since they intended to use megalift technology suspending the capsule free of any surface.Back in the mid60'sI believe there was a concept floated to go the same route LA to SF but would use a tunnel in a C on its back path.As I remember it would create a semi-vacuum in the tube and air pressure from the back would be the propulsion.My memory could be faulty in regard to the propulsion.Lockeed may have floated the best site to buy ultram concept but unsure of this.
written by Bryan, December 05, 2013
It's such a neat and futuristic concept, I just wonder how feasible it is. Especially given the staggering resources currently committed to the California high speed rail project. Maybe we can figure out a way to make jets, cars, and trucks significantly more efficient or even nearly completely remove the need for gasoline. The electric cars are a good start Elon, let's keep it going.
written by Solar Brisbane, December 29, 2013
We need to start using solar power more intelligently. Transportation is online levitra prescription one of the greatest problems of our time and solving it with solar power as an energy source is a great idea. Well done Elon for at least showing initiative.

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