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VW Announces Production of Two Electric Cars

Following up on expectations, Volkswagen announced the production of two new electric vehicles last week. The 2015 e-up! (exclamation mark included) and the 2015 e-Golf were unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. While both hatchback vehicles contain lithium-ion batteries and brand viagra professional electric motors, they have different specs. The smaller of the two, the e-up! runs on a 18.7-kWh lithium-ion battery and contains a 60 kW / 82 PS electric motor capable of 210 Nm of torque. The e-up! has a driving range of up to 99 miles (159 km), and uses a mere 11.7 kWh per 61 miles.

One of our writers test drove a pilot vehicle of the other EV announced for production: an all-electric version of the Golf. The e-Golf has a 24.2 kWh lithium-ion battery, and a 85 kW/ 115 PS electric motor with a max torque of uk viagra without prescription 270 Nm. It also has a driving range of up to 118 miles (190 km), and uses 12.7 kWh of energy per 62 miles. While the e-Golf will appear in the U.S. market, production numbers have not yet been released and it is unknown whether the e-up! will follow. In addition to announcing production of these new cars, Volkswagen claims that, by 2018, it wants to produce the levitra paypal most electric vehicles worldwide.

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El Moe
written by moe, September 20, 2013
When will the bloody scientist get off their butts and produce a real battery, you know one that works for about 1000 miles per charge and weigh 50 lbs for a Honda Civic?
error 404
written by 5centsable, September 24, 2013
all the links result in 404 errors. Am I missing something, or is is this happening for everyone else?
written by Robertkely, November 03, 2013
It is a great achievement for Volkswagen. The new two electric cars are good gifts for our automobile sector. As electric cars are friendly to viagra 100 our environment we should go for this. Take care of our environment is the responsible of us. We come to see many electric car in UK market. That shows their consciousness about their country. All country all over the world should adopt this.
written by tmarti69, December 09, 2013
Hydrogen fuel and batteries or hydrogen verses batteries, I hate seeing a dismissive articles on hydrogen fuel. If we combine batteries and hydrogen hybrid we can drop the engine. Like with an engine hybrid the batteries allow us to plug in anywhere for a partial charge to reach alternate fuels like hydrogen and natural gas. That means the alternate fuel infrastructure is completely solvable because the batteries fill the gap, because fewer stations are needed because they can be farther apart. Next, batteries lose energy for long term storage making range for the rare outing of more than 30 mile commute less cost effective. However, hydrogen fuel even at a premium provides that safety net without the large redundant charging times and heavy dead weight of extra batteries. Keep in mind the majority of the time, the commute, batteries only cost pennies per mile. At the same time, it allows for an all electric vehicle with power and viagra scams canada performance. Mobile billing is also needed to charge the car and not the cialis 5 mg daily home owner, work place, or store front.
written by Hybrid and Solar, December 09, 2013
I think Volkswagen doesn't have chances for market success. Range of 118 miles (190 km) is not enough. Nissan Leaf's range today is 200 km. For two years it will be much more. I wouldn't buy a car with so tiny range. I think other companies will sell better cars in 2015 - with greater range and better technologies. Volkswagen should invests more in r&d and next launch new cars. It's waste of levitra pharmacy purchase money now.
Electric Car
written by Cartel, December 28, 2013
Electric car are very much useful these days. Volkswagen is one of the popular car brand in the Automotive industry. It is really a great news that, now it's going two lunch its Electric car models. Electric car is the car for future.
Production of Volkswagen
written by darren rogers, January 07, 2014
There is a large production of electric vehicles .And the first production of electric car is Volkswagen. It has produced two electric cars and has done the announcement.Volkswagen has been growing its line of up! city cars for the past several years. Volkswagen has been the most enthusiastic company when it comes to electric vehicles, at least so far.It has produced two electric vehicles. The battery of Volkswagen can be recharge in 30 minutes.

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