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DEC 12

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"I would take my car rather than any other public transportation facili..."

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Crashless Volvo

volvosafetySure, thousands of people die in car accidents each year. But, apparently, we don't care so much about that, because we keep driving anyhow. But it does upset me, and so does the waste involved when a vehicle gets totaled and sent to the scrap heap. Car crashes are a humongous waste of resources, and that's why EcoGeek takes notice when car companies attempt to prevent them with technology.

Apparently, some 2009 model Volvo's will contain 'City Safety' technology that incorporates a dashboard sensor and an automatic break. The car senses when you're approaching an object too quickly, and will apply the break for you. Now, while this might seem like handing over a bit too much control to pfizer viagra uk the machines, I'd rather hand over the control than die proud. The fact is, almost all car accidents are caused by drivers not paying attention. If a car can keep an extra eye on the road for you, we're all for the decrease in vehicle scrap that might provide.

Via Engadget
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written by rob, December 13, 2006
This idea would also be great for people like me, who have trouble judging distances.
After a few near squeaks when I was younger, I have learned to leave plenty of space between me and the car in front, but when night driving, unusual light configurations still catch me out occasionally (not dangerously, but enough to cause me to go "whoa").
They do not implement technology that ex
written by ljkhjkk, December 13, 2006
They already have a system where if you release the brake with your foot sharply the accelerator lights flash to warn the driver behind, instinctively they use the brakes which is a good thing as it gives that extra miliseconds of response time which could mean extra feet on stopping.

This has been tried YEARS ago with success in trials yet not implemented.

Why not?

Anyway, I believe current cars should be priced off the canada online pharmacy propecia road in taxes and pay per Kilometer and BANNED in cities.

Better public transport and bikes in cities please. Get the idiots reving their engines and speeding off the roads. Stupid ignorant teens.
written by ljkhjkk, December 13, 2006
That should mean release the accelerator pedel and the brakes lights flash a warning to the driver behind.

written by GTW, December 14, 2006
I imagine the fatal/car-totaling accidents would be the ones where the driver falls asleep and steers off the road and hits something at high speed or when there's a pile up... I'm not sure how this would help reduce either of these.

If the car goes off the road I doubt the system will break hard enough to avoid collision because if the system gets it wrong, it could be equally fatal. So I can't imagine something like that in cars too soon.

If this said system works, I wonder whether it takes the vehicles behind it to natual viagra consideration to avoid them hitting you from behind. Like, if there are vehicles behind and breaking would cause and accident, maybe it can emit some audible signal to the driver or transmit break signals to the vehicles directly behind it so they'd break and repeat the process for ones behind them. Life would be ideal then until people start hacking and manually controlling these features for the wrong reasons... oh well!

Btw, on Top Gear I've seen the Mercedes S Class probably doing the same in addition to accelerating when the front of the vehicle is clear on the road.
written by ljkhjkk, December 15, 2006
A remedy to the falling asleep problem is not having cars under the control of humans in the levitra pharmacy in india first place.

Public transport. Until we get rid of the "materilism" of society we have no chance of getting rid of the car as people are selfish and greedy.
written by residential drug treatment center, October 04, 2007
I would take my car rather than any other public transportation facility.

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