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DEC 24

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"The attention to detail is always a good indicator of the product as a..."

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Think Cars may be an Online Only Brand

While we wait for electric cars to show up in showrooms across the country, Think EVs may go on sale through the internet. To me, it seems like the pharmacy no prescripition tramadol capsules next best thing to throwing in the towel completely. The cars, which have two seats and an 80 mile range, apparently can only reach a very specific niche market of Americans. So, instead of risking all the bananas on building showrooms in metropolitan areas, Think has decided just to sell its cars on the internet. No test drives, no curb appeal, just browse and buy.

It's not the best way for an automobile company to break the idea of a city-only car into the American consciousness. I guess that's why we love Zenn so much.
Via Motortorque 
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written by Celia, March 08, 2007
if it drives like a golfcart, I'd buy one for what I need.
Fit & finish
written by Groingo, August 14, 2007
The attention to detail is always a good indicator of the product as a whole, if it doesn't fit well chances are very good there will be bigger problems elsewhere ie., Yugo.
Unfortunately the Think as shown looks to have pretty poor fit and finish outright.
I wonder what other gremlins are hiding in it.

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