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JAN 06

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"I hope you aren't referring to me as an engineer...I'm a stylist dude!..."

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Chevy's Concept Electric: The Volt

{mosimage}Well, here I am in Detroit, patiently waiting the midnight deadline for releasing information about the where to get levitra cheap new Chevrolet concept electric car and, BANG, the New York Times and viagra 10 mg the TimesOnline and the Chicago Tribune have all broken the embargo.  What happened to wow it's great levitra purchase bloggers being the ones who disrespected journalistic embargoes.  Now we're all being nice about it while the frikkin New York Times is bustin' out the news!
Well, the news is out, there was even a picture of the thing in the soft levitra Chicago Tribune.
Alas, I am going to keep the embargo and not mention anything damning because, well, it's only a few hours until midnight anyhow. So come back at 12 am EST and I'll have all the juicy news about the new electric that might very well change our lives.   We'll have pictures and interviews tomorrow.
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Not so patient
written by Tom Konrad, January 07, 2007
I admit, I snuck over to the NYT to get the scoop, instead of patiently waiting for your blog. To soothe my conscience, I promise to read your take tomorrow. :'(
Thanks Tom
written by hank, January 07, 2007
Heh...thanks for the loyalty Tom. I promise I've got information they don't have, including pictures, analysis, and specs. Also, I am much funnier than the New York Times.

Additionally, I'll be interviewing a couple of lead engineers on buy viagra from china the cialis usa project tomorrow as well as GMs VP of energy and environment. I'm very excited.
written by therese, January 13, 2007
I hope you aren't referring to me as an engineer...I'm a stylist dude!!!! Boo hoo :-

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