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JAN 22

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"In 1985 I bought a Mazda GLC that got 42 MPG at 65 MPH with the AC on..."

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Awaiting The 80 MPG Hybrid Solar Prius

WorldCarFans seems to have gotten itself a nice pretty picture of the 2008 Toyota Prius. Luckies! This is one of the few times when I've seen an image and only for you how can i buy cialis in canada not reposted on EcoGeek, it seems like they have exclusive rights.
So head over to buy discount cialis online World Car Fans and see what they're showing. From what I can tell, the Prius still looks futuristic, but it doesn't actually look....good. Really, it's a shame, but I guess they know the market better than I.
The hybrid technology, however, is much improved. It looks like they're busting out the lithium ions on this one, because they've increased the projected in-city mileage to 80 MPG! Dang!Also very excited about the '08 Prius are possibilities of plug-in models (please please please) as well as an optional solar panel on the very good site levitra endurance roof that would continuously trickle-charge the battery. I'll be glad to see that on the street in 2008...but I'll still be saving my money for a Volt.
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written by Celia, January 26, 2007
Is there a mini-van that's a hybrid? No one does more in-city driving than a soccer mom. Mini-vans aren't cool. Neither am I. I'd love one. An electric one would be better.
written by Levitibus, March 07, 2007
Soccer mums need to walk their kids to school like my mum used to and stop clogging up the road with oversized freaks of nature (like suvs and minivans). People seem to it's cool levitra now online drive far too recklessly when behind the wheel of best price cialis large cars, and nearly kill cyclists like me because they are on their mobiles, yelling at kids, or feeling over confident.
Nice new car, will definitely be asking friends/fam to consider it when they replace their cars.
written by Celia, March 08, 2007
Good point. Kids are getting fatter and lazier because of such moms. I'm a cyclist also so I know what you're saying. The drivers may not have manners or brains, the vehicle should still be sensible and practical. I just feel better knowing that I'm healthier and more physically fit and levitrabest levitra I can kick their asses if I got them out of their cars. Which is probably why they've got the cars in the first place. The cars should still be at least hybrids. Anybody who has a hummer should live in a mountain cabin with no roads or get beat.
written by Dr. VDH, May 10, 2007
This is EXCELLENT!!!! now I do not have to add or rework my 2004 with Lithium Ion or additional batteries.I just might go put a deposit on one soon!!! provided I can plug it in and have solar.
Not a real photo
written by Ellis Pritchard, June 05, 2007
This artist?s sketch gives an idea of what the new Prius might look like.

So it may, or may not, look anything like the viagra for cheap picture!
So this Prius might actually get 60mpg
written by Marcie Latham, August 22, 2007
Don't get me wrong, I really like the 2006 prius that I got last year. But there is canadian pharmacy no way to actually get the quoted mileage out of the darn thing. The best I have ever gotten was 52.4. That was third tank of gas, driving like a grandma, coasting to a stop, barely touching the gas to accelerate and never using the cruise control. In general driving every other driver around me completly nuts.

I think the cruise control is the worst offender. Instead of gently speeding up when the grade changes and the speed starts drop, it slams on the gas at every variation in speed. Even a change that hasn't registered on the speedometer.

Every car I have ever owned I got better mileage than the sticker. My old Sable wagon was quoted at 19 I got 26. I am not knocking the mileage I get, I just want some truth in advertising.
80 mph, is that real world number?
written by Yamla Jatt, October 16, 2007
From what I've read and heard from people, the Prius doesn't deliver the MPH that Toyota advertises for it. Why aren't all Toyota lovers made about this? My 2001 Nissan Maxima is rated at 27 highway, I can get over 30 mph when driving on long distances.
written by S, October 25, 2007
Prius gets 45.6 EPA. That means that is doesn't do lower then that compared to most other cars EPA. They changed it finally. And a plug-in isn't coming your way for another two years. The lithium battery doesnt work and they're not advertising the hybird as a plug-in because it never will be. By adding lithium the mpg will increase but that's it. It won't do all electric drive.

a sedan will be out by the time they get to it's great! levitra india pharmacy a plug-in by the tesla motors.
written by black man, April 02, 2008
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Exact date of release
written by ugg australia cardy boots, May 09, 2008
Exactly when will it released? Anyone who the recommended site cialis 100mg price?
written by gary, May 28, 2009
In 1985 I bought a Mazda GLC that got 42 MPG at 65 MPH with the AC on

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