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MAR 20

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"Go electric people.....thats the best way to go..."

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Aura Greenline to be Cheapest Hybrid Ever

The Saturn Aura really is a nice car. I had a chance to test drive one in Detroit and, it is levitra price in canada a comfortable, efficient, inexpensive, good-looking car. For some reason GM hasn't been all that interested in competing with the Camry for the last few years, but the Aura does it, and I expect to see a lot more of them on the streets soon.

But what's truly awesome about the Aura is it's hybrid Greenline version. While the buy levitra low price efficiency could be boosted more, GM's hybrid system is considerably less expensive than Toyota's and Honda's. The result is that the Hybrid Aura will get 28 city 35 highway for $22,000, making it the cheapest new hybrid you can buy.

I would have like GM to increase those mileage numbers a bit more, but the price is spot on. GM knows that Americans are slow to adopt technology that isn't going to save them money, so the Aura Greenline Hybrid is an exciting step.

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That's a decent looking Saturn!
written by Billy, March 21, 2007
I'm glad almost all car companies have really improved their styling. I remember my friend's Saturn... not a pretty site. This, however, looks great!
written by dave, March 21, 2007
I'm with you, Hank... when is the MPG going to get really impressive? American hybrids are such wusses. I remember being so excited about a hybrid Chevy Malibu, just because it was a vaguely fun-looking car from the States... and the mileage wasn't that much better than a car I drive right now built in 1994.
written by Matt, March 21, 2007
For the record, you can buy a NEW 2006 Jetta TDI for $21,500 that will get 45+ MPG on the highway. ;D IMHO it's much more nicely appointed than the Aura or Camry.

There's no 2007 model because of the weird (stupid?) emissions laws accompanying the change from low-sulpher diesel to Ultra-Low sulpher diesel here in the US - a change that has been a long time in coming - so VW overproduced the 2006 models on purpose and generic for cialis ther eare still some in showrooms.

VW has a 2008 model year TDI planned that will meet the stricter emissions laws by incorporating Blu-Tech technology from Diamler-Chrysler
written by DM, March 21, 2007
That car looks a lot like the it's great! 50 mg viagra Vauxhall Vectra (Opel Vectra in continental Europe) which is tramadol no prescription required sold in the UK. Of course, Vauxhall is a GM company which probably explains it. I don't think we have a hybrid version and I reckon the Saturn version looks a bit better. Especially the treatment at the rear.
Why would anyone buy this?!
written by Eric, March 21, 2007
2007 Honda Civic Sedan - MPG: 30 city / 40 hwy. $15,000.00 base
2007 Toyota Corolla - MPG: 32 city / 41 hwy. $14,305.00 base
2007 Nissan Sentra - MPG: 29 city / 36 hwy. $16,550.00 base

Why are American car companies so slow to catch up to the foreign market in terms of fuel economy? The cars listed above are not only more fuel efficient then this American hybrid but much less expensive and don't carry around a complex hybrid drive system.

Is there an unspoken big oil rule for American car makers to ensure the low MPG of their cars to usefull link viagra canada generic further profits of oil companies?
Oh by the way...
written by Eric, March 21, 2007
2007 Toyota Prius - MPG: 60 city / 51 hwy. $22,175.00 base
2007 Honda Civic Hybrid - MPG: 49 city / 51 hwy. $22,600.00 base

So yes, the Aura will be the look here order cialis canada cheapest hyrbid by a FEW dollars. I'd rather spend the extra $175 for the Prius and have infinitely better gas milage along with a platform that has been available for a while.

Their claim of cheap hybrid is merely a formality of viagra discussionsdiscount priced viagra numbers. For the price they are asking, the Aura should either be more fuel efficient or they need to bring down the cost further. It's MPG blows.
Why is Europe so slow to catch up?
written by Jaime, March 23, 2007
I live in Spain, and I'm wondering why if Europe supposedly is more concerned with climate change and controlling pollution, there is only 1 hybrid car in the market, the Prius. Well, I think we have the Civic too, but I have never seen one in the street, and I live in Barcelona, big city with lots of cars. I see that in the States, you have about 10 different hybrids, and I would really like my next car to be one, but why if I don't like the Prius? I don't get it. May be us Europeans should try to do as we preach.
Re: Why is Europe so slow to catch up?
written by Mark, April 06, 2007
Essentially, Europe already has many more fuel efficient vehicles. A-class vehicles like the Smart are rare in the USA and small diesel engines are equally rare. The European fleet already has a much higher fleet mpg - over 30mpg compared to the USA somewhere around 21/22mpg. From a monetary point of view (which seems much more relevant to European buyers) hybrid cars just don't make sense yet. In the USA, hybrids seem to be filling the eco-market niche that A-class and super-efficient diesel engines occupy in Europe.
written by Audi Distributor Cap, January 01, 2008
Virtually all A6s found at Audi dealerships come with options on them, but even then, a well-equipped 3.2 model still rings in at less than its German competition. Only the Acura RL, Cadillac STS and Infiniti M35 can match the A6 3.2's value. The A6 4.2, on the other hand, though costing less than German peers, is quite a bit pricier than some rivals, but remains one of the very few V8-powered cars in its class to levitra 20mg offer all-wheel drive.
written by JJ, May 14, 2008
Go electric people.....thats the best way to go

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