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"I think many people do forget to factor in maintenance costs for opera..."

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Hybrid bus trend spreads to Toronto

Toronto ordered 150 hybrid buses to viagra overnight incorporate into their mass transit system, according to the Toronto Star . It sounds similar to a project in New York City that has "180 Orion VII's in use now, with orders that will see more than 500 on the road by the end of the year."
Toronto's ordering the same type of bus.
A quick quote from Paul Fleuranges, spokesman for New York City Transit: "They are performing as well as or even a little better than we expected, and doing exactly what we wanted, which is to contribute less to pollution and generic levitra effective increase fuel mileage."
Writing a paper? Here's a giant .pdf file of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's evaluation of the hybrid bus experiment in New York City. Not surprisingly, the buses did quite well. Skip right to page 22 for a bottom-line evaluation of fuel economy and maintenance costs:

"The diesel buses at Manhattanville (NovaBUS) had an average fuel economy of 2.42 mpg, and the hybrid bus fuel economy was 10% higher. The diesel buses at Amsterdam (Orion) had an average fuel economy of 2.17 mpg, and the hybrid bus fuel economy was 22% higher."
Granted, the overall operating costs (with maintenance factored in) of the hybrids are higher than the diesel buses, but that's the kind of thing that only goes down when you've committed to something. Oh, and if you care at all about emissions testing and standards:
"Although standard diesel transit bus engines continue to meet current emissions certification standards, there continues to be a desire by regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board to reduce transit bus (and truck) emissions well below levels possible with current diesel technology."
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written by Guest, May 02, 2006
They aren't hybrid, but they have some new buses in London now: . They have cleaner engines, somehow. It says we only have 6 hybrid vehicles at the moment (and three hydrogen ones!)
Why not use water instead of gas to powe
written by Hybrid Guy, July 07, 2008
I think many people do forget to factor in maintenance costs for operating a hybrid vehicle.

I know that for gas powered cars, the new technology that allows your existing gas powered cars to burn water as well as gas but with a much much higher gas savings, something around a 70% savings.

Read the comparison on some of the water conversion kits that are currently on the market at

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