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APR 04

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"The one that I can plug in wins! Hmmm, that's none of them...oh well!..."

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Groove, Beat and good choice viagra best buy Trax: Chevy's Concept Gas Sippers

Chevrolet has somewhat surprisingly just come forward with three designs for possible future micro-cars. Each of these vehicles (top right to viagra without a rx bottom: The Groove. the Trax and the Beat) will undoubtedly be a  gas sipper, as they are all terrifically small vehicles.

However, as the very good site cheap viagra india cars are designed for the American market, they don't look quite so small as they are. All three of the cars have substantial presence, and don't go the cutesy route of the Beetle or other small cars. The Groove and the Trax, specifically, bring an almost SUV-ish presence to high-mileage vehicles.

The only technical marvels here are the small independent electric motor mounted over the rear axel that gives the Groove it's inexpensive all-wheel-drive, and the Groove's high efficiency diesel motor.

But, since Chevrolet isn't really in a position to market all three of these cars, they're asking us, the public, to vote on which one we like the best. I know which one I'd most likely be seen in. Just so everyone knows, the Groove is currently holding on to first place.

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They are Daewoo Cars
written by Doug Dante, April 05, 2007
These are all Daewoo Cars.

GM will probably import the winning concept car as a production model. None will likely be built in North America.

This is sample of levitra online like the Chevy Aveo, which is the Daewoo Kalos, made in South Korea.
written by Shawn, April 06, 2007
None do anything for me really. I think there will be better cars in that genre. Seems the Groove is the best bet fuel wise being a diesel.

It is nice to see an effort to bring the USA car size down a bit.
written by mike, May 23, 2007
They are all nice chevy concepts. The trax looks cute and can attract the young buyers but does a 1.0 liter-gasoline appeal to levitra from canada the youngs? However, they all got nice chevy performance parts that is a plus to the almost suv-ish looks of these concepts.
Which one has a plug?
written by Jim Groves, March 08, 2009
The one that I can plug in wins! Hmmm, that's none of them...oh well! Guess I won't be buying a new car from Chevy.

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