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KillaCycle Breaks Speed Record on 10 cents of order viagra Electricity

The A123 Systems KillaCycle just broke the quarter-mile motorcycle speed record. The all-electric bike finished the quarter mile in under nine seconds and viagra online for women broke 155 mph. You can watch a video of it after the jump. It sounds like a freaking rocket.

A123 is building a new kind of lithium ion battery, one that, some say, may have the viagra to order ability to replace internal combustion. While the Tesla Roadster is already achieving high performance with currently available battery technologies, A123 is getting an extremely high power output while not compromising safety. It'd be nice to have a Li-ion battery that won't melt a car to the asphalt in a crash.

The batteries also have an extremely high power density, are environmentally benign and can be recharged over 1000 times before they begin losing power.

We'll need these batteries to get cheap fast if we're going to levitra gel see major manufacturers putting lithium ion cells on the roads in the next few years. GM has been eying A123 batteries for it's Chevy Volt concept.
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