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APR 16

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"To get the Prius to maintain a steady idle (such as for emission testi..."

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Prius Owners P.O.ed in Georgia

My wife's Maid of Honor is a Georgia Prius owner. You wouldn't think that she'd have problems with Georgia's emissions standards. But 100% of hybrids are failing the test.

When they hook the cialis kanada Prius, or any hybrid, up to the emissions tester and levitra without prescription online idle the car, the testing machine awaits emissions to test and...nothing happens.

There are no emissions, because the hybrids don't idle, they turn themselves off. So the machine prints out an 'aborted test' certificate, Jesslyn has to pay the $25 and then go downtown to her failed test waived so she can be allowed to buy a license plate.

Talk about ridiculous and backward, I hope to see an army of Toyota lobbyists in Georgia tomorrow morning. Intelligent environmental legislation doesn't worked if it's wrapped in this much red tape. Welcome to an EcoGeek's nightmare.

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written by Ashley L., April 17, 2007
I love me some bureaucracy. I'm actually a smidge impressed that they're able to get the aborted test results waived at all, actually.
Its true..
written by sdfdsfds, April 17, 2007
Yanks are stupid.
How to activate Inspection Mode
written by crusy, April 17, 2007
Just search google for "prius inspection mode" to find out how to buy cheap levitra put the Prius into emissions inspection mode.
Crowning irony
written by Janis Mara, April 17, 2007

Good grief! In essence, the state of Georgia is punishing people for driving more fuel-efficient vehicles, because they have to go through twice the bureaucratic hassle that everyone else does. This is not exactly great PR for Georgia. Meanwhile, the state of California rewards Prius and other fuel-efficient owners by issuing stickers allowing them to drive in the carpool lanes with just one person in the car ... but even here, bureaucracy rears its ugly head; the state has run out of the stickers!

I guess this is the price you pay for being on the leading edge!

Janis Mara
How to idle the Prius
written by VR, April 17, 2007
To get the Prius to maintain a steady idle
(such as for emission testing) follow this procedure:

The following must be done within 60 seconds:

1)Ignition on (not READY mode)
2)Vehicle in Park
3)Step on best price for generic viagra accelerator pedal twice
4)Place vehicle in Neutral
5)Step on accelerator pedal twice
6)Place vehicle in Park
7)Step on accelerator pedal twice
8)Place car in READY mode.....ICE WILL RUN continuously (see rpms below)

A warning icon on the MFD will be displayed.
With less than 60% throttle applied.....idle is 1500 RPM (approx)
With more than 60% throttle applied.....idle is 2250 RPM (approx)

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