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"I'm from Singapore, the home of electronic road pricing (ERP). Speakin..."

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Will Congestion Tax Get the Axe?


On Earth Day, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg said the Big Apple "can't wait for Washington and won't wait for Washington" to make bold policy changes to curb global warming. Sweet! Regrettably, Mayor Bloomberg's idea of mimicking the congestion pricing programs used in London and Singapore may be too zesty...even for his own staff.

The proposed plan to charge motorists eight dollars for entering the zone below 86th Street in Manhattan has Bloomberg's staffers making Harry Potter references. Since the plan is expected to draw so much flak from New Yorkers who would be asked to place EZ-Pass-esque ID boxes on try it viagra online us their windshields, Bloomberg's underlings refer to the idea as "the program that shall not be named."

The EcoGeeky plus side of letting "the man" know where you're driving would amount to $500 million a year in transportation revenue—not to mention more bus routes, less carbon, and a plethora of bike lanes.

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double-edged sword
written by Hun Boon, May 07, 2007
I'm from Singapore, the home of electronic road pricing (ERP). Speaking from personal experience, ERP can work by discouraging cars from entering congested areas.

But there has got to be viable alternatives, such as an adequate public transport system or alternative routes.

Otherwise the jam will be diverted from one area to another. Motorists will simply pay without any visible improvements.

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