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MAY 13

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"After reading the other comments I must add that a hydrogen car can be..."

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Toyota Going 100% Hybrid?

Toyota to be 100% hybrid by 2020? Could it be true? Do we want it to be?

Masatami Takimoto may just have been flexing Toyota's Eco-muscles, but when he said that he expected Toyota to be 100% hybrid by 2020, people were listening. Frankly, I'd rather that not be their goal. While hybrid systems have some marvelous advantages, by 2020, I expect Toyota to have some full-electrics on the road as well.

Frankly, with the buying viagra online hot sales of the uninspiring Tacoma and viagra canada the Tundra, I don't really see Toyota as the eco-ideal. But I one could imagine a 20% gas, 20% electric, 60% hybrid mix by 2020. And that, in my opinion, is the kind of goal all auto-companies should be adopting.

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Hmm forgot hydrogen ?
written by lowspeed, May 14, 2007
I would hope by 2020 we would get some hydrogen powered cars. (yes it's gas... but i don't think that's what you meant in the 20%)
written by Hank, May 14, 2007
I should have expressed this above, but any hydrogen car developed by Toyota in the next 20 years will likely be a hybrid as well.

Just like a gas car, it will have electric battery assistance and regenerative I was actually including hydrogen cars in my 'hybrid' category.
written by Enrique, May 14, 2007
How about an all electric car? The first production is coming from Tesla this year (2007). I believe by 2020 we could have an all electric car where the battery re-charges itsef as you drive it.
I don't think hydrogen is in the hybrid
written by lowspeed, May 15, 2007
The reason hydrogen is not in the hybrid category is the fact that there's no ICE (internal combustion engine) in hydrogen cars. Hydrogen is converted to electricity using fuel cell technology.

So there's no real synergy between two components but everything is electric.

written by Cesar M. Gonzalez, November 08, 2009
After reading the other comments I must add that a hydrogen car can be included with the hybrids if this hydrogen is burned in an internal combustion engine,
( ICE ) ......BMW has been talking about a hydrogen ICE
for its Series 7, but who knows where that went....
The more advanced and more talked about way to use hydrogen in a car is through the buy ultram 100mg use of a PEM
( proton exchange membrane ) fuel cell.....
Time will tell in which order these technologies grab the bulk of pill prescription propecia production cars...

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