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MAY 21

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"This is questionable, haven't they heard of the saying "loud pipes sav..."

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Stealth Motorcycle Video (from pop. mech.)

Popular Mechanics just spent a bit of cheapest online cialis time with the "Stealth Motorcycle." This all-electric motorcycle is powered 100% by lithium ion batteries and viagra best deal can be charged with any wall socket. Though the max speed of 50 mph makes the it's cool viagra to buy current model good only for city driving, it's exciting for two reasons.

First, because I live next to a fairly busy street and thus love the idea of a quiet motorbike. And second, because it looks, for all the world, like a regular vehicle. It didn't hop off the pages of a Manga, it isn't bright green or yellow. It looks an awful lot like a regular motorcycle. It shouldn't be an innovation to be excited about, but it's about time electric vehicles started looking normal. ]

Via Gizmodo

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Who, How?
written by Catherine, May 22, 2007
So who's making this bike, and how much is it going for? And, how does one get it?
Other Electric Motorcycles
written by lyle, June 10, 2007
Electric Motorcycles are rising in popularity. You can see a site dedicated to solely to them at or view other ppl's conversions at
written by Ashley, August 04, 2007
That's actually pretty exciting. I'm really glad to see electric vehicles that don't look odd...why it took so long for people to figure out to make them look normal is mysterious, but whatever. I'm just glad about this thing.

And yes, the whole "stealth" aspect is nice too. Especially if it is how can i buy cialis in canada limited to city areas because of the maximum speed.
written by Vaughn, August 21, 2007
This is questionable, haven't they heard of the saying "loud pipes save lives"? Besides, electric vehicles are not emission free, the electricity coming from a wall socket is mostly produced in coal plants anyway.

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