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Air-Car Ready for Mass Production

The world’s first commercial compressed air-powered vehicle is rolling towards the production line. The Air Car, developed by ex-Formula One engineer Guy Nègre, will be built by India’s largest automaker, Tata Motors.

The Air Car uses compressed air to push its engine’s pistons. It is anticipated that approximately 6000 Air Cars will be cruising the streets of India by 2008. If the manufacturers have no surprises up their exhaust pipes the car will be practical and indian viagra generic reasonably priced. The CityCat model will clock out at 68 mph with a driving range of 125 miles.

Refueling is simple and will only take a few minutes. That is, if you live nearby a gas station with custom air compressor units. The cost of a fill up is approximately $2.00. If a driver doesn't have access to a compressor station, they will be able to plug into the electrical grid and use the car’s built-in compressor to refill the tank in about 4 hours.

The compressed air technology is basically just a way of storing electrical energy without the need for costly, heavy, and occasionally toxic batteries. So, in a sense, this is an electric car. It just doesn't have an electric motor.

But don't let anyone tell you this is an "emissions free" vehicle. Sure, the only thing coming out of the tailpipe is air. But, chances are, fossil fuels were burned to create the electricity. In India, that mostly means coal. But the carbon emissions per mile of these things still far outdoes any gasoline car on the market.

Unfortunately, the streets of North America may never see the Air Car, though; it's light-weight, glued-together fiberglass construction might not do so well in our crash tests. However, that does not mean the Air car is confined to the sub-continent. Nègre has signed deals to bring its design to 12 more countries, including Germany, Israel and South Africa.

And this isn't the last we'll hear of the technology. The folks making the Air Car are already working on a hybrid version that would use an on-board, gasoline-powered compressor to refill the air tanks when they run low. Negre says that technology could easily squeeze a cross country trip out of one tank of gasoline.

A variety of videos (of varying quality) on this technology can be found on YouTube, or after the jump.

Via: Popular Mechanics

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written by Grady Hillhouse, May 27, 2007
It should be noted that when air is compressed, heat is created. This is the basic principle outline by Charle's Law. At these high pressures, the temperature of the air will increase drastically. To avoid superheating the air, most of this heat will have to be dissipated. This leads to inefficiency at the compression stage. The reverse is true as well. If the compressed air is allowed to cool to ambient temperatures before entering the car's tanks, the reduction of pressure in the air engine will cause the it to chill. This will reduce the air's effective pressure. This probably has a much smaller impact due to the extended time period over which the air will be decompressed, and the fact that ambient heat can easily be absorbed from the surrounding air (it seems the air car has found an alternative approach to reducing global warming). However, it does lead to another disadvantage. Because of these basic temperature changes associated with altering the pressure of the air, the air car will have no waste heat. While this may sound good, it means that there is no practical way to provide cabin heating. I guess it is just ironic for me that a low-emissions car would not have a heater to counter its impacts on global warming. However, since most of India has a fairly temperate climate, I guess it really isn't neccesary.
written by Allan, May 27, 2007
This is great! With the cost of rising fuel prices, $2.00 a fill up sounds fantastic. Only other problem is when its coming out in New Zealand and how much?
What Would It Take?
written by Internet Marketing Made Simple, May 27, 2007
The safety standards in the U.S. prevent this from being realized. However, what would it take to get this car up to U.S. standards? Would it be too heavy? What if it was converted into motorcycle that ran on air? The core idea is not a compressed air car but air compression as fuel. There are some interesting opportunities here... ;D
Dangerous!, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by lels, May 27, 2007
So now air is flammable, well what do you know...
Stupidity is always dangerous.
written by THINK!, May 27, 2007
No, Incorrect,

Before you go off get some facts.

Look up SCUBA tanks eh? even the ones made of aluminum, when penetrated by bullets don't "explode" see the recent mythbusters episode regarding the jaws myths for actual proof.

The "degloving" is BS as well as the "flamethrower", the gas gets COLDER when it expands, not hotter. and that much pressure would merely push you out of the way.

Please get some semblance of a clue before you post again.
North America
written by Andrew, May 27, 2007
The design is interesting but if they want a North American success they need to scale everything up and then see what the price point is like. People here will not buy city only cars unless they are very cheap and very cheap is not possible anymore because of the cost of safety systems. So it must have a top speed of no less then 135 KPH (85 miles per hour) and it must have a range of at least 300 KM (200 miles) or it’s a joke. However at the price point talked about this sounds very possible even if it doubles or triples the cost and lowers the mileage. The fuel saving and convenience of home charging could make this sell here.

Also this would have an interesting effect on the price of electricity if it becomes popular and would virtually require the construction of many new nuclear power plants. Probably better then sticking with gas however.
written by Tim, May 27, 2007
I don't think the range would be a big killer here, at least not for me. Most people keep their travels in city anyways. It would be a good family supplement, where you have a gasoline vehicle for long distance travels and a couple cheap air cars for everyday use.

As far as refueling. I think by the time these vehicles hit the open market of America, advances in solar energy would make a solar powered home refueling station feasible. The average person might fill up once or twice a week, it seems reasonable to assume a small solar array on your roof could store the energy to compress that air.

In regards to the article I'm quite excited about this. I saw a program on discovery a while back about this vehicle and have been waiting to see some news like this.
Re: North America
written by EVgeek, May 27, 2007
"So it must have a top speed of no less then 135 KPH (85 miles per hour) and it must have a range of at least 300 KM (200 miles) or it’s a joke."

It may be a joke to you, but most people in America never travel more than 40 miles/day, and the top city speed is 55mph. Plus most of the world does not drive like Americans.
I am glad you brought more attention to
written by Free Thinker, May 27, 2007
I had the opportunity to meet an inventor who had made an air-cycle from a one piston air compressor. Two wheels on the back and one on the front. Clean air and no electrical parts. It was quite a site. Basically a small version of these. I cannot explain exactly how it worked, but it was fascinating nevertheless.
written by rachel, May 28, 2007
so, would the American government even agree to an idea this controversial? think about all the different things that could go wrong with this...the result (if it worked properly and recommended site cialis online 50mg without hurting anyone) would be awesome but so far, we don't really know what could happen unless we try it out. did people even experiment with it?- crash testing results, please.
written by Peter, May 28, 2007
This would be brilliant for a place like New York City where you never really get above 30-35mph and a 125 range would last practically forever. If you made the Taxi's use this technology, thing how much exhaust you'd clear out of the city!
written by Smarty pants, May 28, 2007
Hopefully these cars woun't be too expensive ;). Preschoolers.. The expanding air will be cold...
flying machines?
written by sanman, May 28, 2007
I'm wondering if it could power a small personal helicopter, gyroplane, etc
There's no reason why this propulsion technology has to be restricted to cars.
Is the compressed Air Safe?
written by ed, May 28, 2007
Read their site. The containers they use for the compressed air are certified for natural gas... They are also designed with failure in mind - if they fail they fail safely. I would LOVE to see these cars in NA.
Crash worthy
written by Rich Stadler, May 28, 2007
Many life ending automobile accidents occur at under 40 MPH in full size cars and gasoline powered automobiles. I wonder how many people will have to die in this lightweight contraption until it too is declared unsafe at any speed?
All Autos Are Bombs
written by Kimo, May 28, 2007
"The fact that it's a bomb, is probably what would prevent the car from selling in the US" Well, the fact is that every car is a rolling bomb. After all, three gallons of gasoline have the same explosive power as one stick of TNT. Think about that the next time you are exceeding the speed limit.
risk factor
written by Grady Hillhouse, May 28, 2007
Roughly 6.5 million automobile accidents occur and about 42,000 people die due to automobile related accidents each year. I think it is safe to say that cars aren't safe period.
written by Grady Hillhouse, May 28, 2007
Clarification: above statistics are in the US.
compressed air power
written by Daniel, May 28, 2007
(1) Even if most of the people in America wouldn't buy it. Even if only a small fraction of the 2.8 million people who voted for the Green Party in 2000, would even consider it. There still would be enough of a market for it. America is a huge country. Tata is talking about manufacturing only 6000 units in a year.

(2) where/when can I get a compressed air battery for my notebook, digital camera, and handphone? :)
crash safety
written by Daniel, May 28, 2007
OK, it's not as heavy as a tank, with 3 tons of shielding to protect it's occupants in case of a crash. But who here can honestly say that it is less safe than motorcycles, which last time I checked, is legal on the roads ...
no real
written by carlo, May 28, 2007
attention! search "EOLO"
attention! looking for "EOLO" in already successful but never commercialized Europe, does not work is a "bufala"
written by carfreack, May 28, 2007
1. Tata is not india's largest car maker...
2. While it is true they are working on a small cheap car, it is almost certainly going to be boringly conventional technically.
hmm why not
written by Aurélien, May 28, 2007
Very interesting idea, I have to admit. But as green-minded person and a car lover, I live in a constant dilemma.

Surely I support any new technology able to get our cars going greener. But I'm also attached to the pleasure of driving and that's why hydrogen is currently my personal favorite's.

Hydrogen allows a car to feel like a real car but only rejects steam. Check out the BMW 750H for a great exemple

Anyway, each step towards greener transportation habits is a good step so congratulations to Tata :)

written by permafrog, May 28, 2007
. Tata is not india's largest car maker... who is?

Tata Motors is India's largest and among the world's top five medium and just try! buy viagra on line heavy commercial manufacturers.

Limited Range?
written by Mike, May 28, 2007
According to the video the cars will go from California to New York on one tank of gas powering an on board air compressor. They will never build a hybrid with that kind of range.
written by Richard, May 28, 2007
I think the key to cars like this is CHOICE. I realize that this car would not be for everyone but it would work for me and most of the people I work with. I commute to work each day on a train but I still need a car to get to the train station.

On the other hand, what if cities passed a by-law that only allowed zero emmision vehicles in the city core? That would make our cites some of cleanest places on earth (in terms of air quality I mean). I think this kind of a "city friendly" car would work just fine in North America. Also, I think it is short sited to suggest that they could not be made "safe" bye NA standards.
written by Sam, May 28, 2007
"Also, I think it is short sited to suggest that they could not be made "safe" bye NA standards."

Absolutely - in India the priority is low cost, due to the much, much lower incomes. Put it in a US context and you could probably afford to use more advanced (and therefore stronger) materials.

When you consider the amount of money that has been thrown at things such as fuel cells, hybrids and battery powered cars - this invention has had nothing like so much attention and it is already showing very impressive results, beating many of the massively more expensive (and often equally flimsy) electric cars out there.

If only someone would see the light and give this simple technology a bit of investment rather than endlessly flogging the dead (although snazzy and high tech*) horse that is hydrogen power, it could be a real contender.

(* and useful to the oil industry)
Gas storage saftey
written by Cam, May 29, 2007
I believe the air storage cylinders are actually made from carbon fibre - although that's a little beside the point of my post. In New Zealand (where I'm from) it's quite common for cars to be powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). Storage is facilitied by the instalation of an auxiliary gas cylinder attached to the vehicle. In addition to these fluids being compressed, they are also flamable - at least explosive enough to drive an Otto cycle engine.

As far as I know, the storing of compressed CNG and LPG is safe. For a while, Police cars were even powered by LPG, and I still pass 4WD's with LPG tanks attached bouncing over rocks out in the bush. I've owned 2 CNG powered cars and still here to tell the tale.

I doubt there is a serious danger from using compressed air as a fuel.
cabin heating...
written by 1 Lucky Texan, May 29, 2007
...could be supplied by a 'vortex tube' using the onboard compressed air. It could even supply cool or warm air when the vehicle is 'off' .

largest car maker in india
written by Jay, May 29, 2007
maruti is largest manufacturer of cars for the general public, but tata also manufactures trucks, so add that to the mix and online cheap levitra they probably are the top sellers of cars.
also, india has hot climate for the most part of the year. so would not need a heater for the most part. and if it does...wear a sweater!
also, out here everything is based in km and living in the cities, 125 miles would last you almost a month if not more.
also lpg and cng gas is already wide in use here. where most if not all the taxis and ricks use it. as well as a growing percentage of buses. where you can get a fillup of lpg at a large number of gas stations
This is great...
written by PCNews, May 29, 2007
...if it is real. Because not a word on Tata Motors website
Hydrogen is bogus
written by Sasha, May 30, 2007
I remember reading in an old car mag, from like 1960, about how in the world of the future (I think they were talking about 1980) eveybody would be using Hydrogen to fuel their cars - so incrementally improving fuel economy wasn't that important. Almost fifty years later, it's the exact same story. I don't remember seeing the 1980 Plymouth Hydro, but maybe I wasn't paying attention?

Anyways, hydrogen cars are great, if you've got $1 Million (for a Honda, even!)- that's a long economy of scale away from an affordable $20,000 ride.

This difference with the air car, is it's here now - and it's cheap, even without huge economies of scale!

I have been a big proponent of this technology ever since I first saw it. For a year or so, I've been telling everyone who would listen about air cars, and posting on all sorts of blogs about this.

When I read that Tata was going to start mass producing them, I just about pissed myself. This is fantastic news, and I am sure other countries will start soon.

I am waiting with bated breath for them to roll over the feds and enter the NA market triumphant! I know in Chicago, these would sell like hot cakes-especially the hybrid version. Ditto for certain rural areas, where people are most cost conscious than image conscious. In the suburbs, not so much - these might be a bit intimidating to drive on urban freeway systems.
compressed air.
written by loyd, May 31, 2007
If im not mistaken isnt this something like the steam engine compressed steam to turn the engine and so on the only problem here in the United ststes is how will they tax the amount of air you use. got ya
Senior Graduate Student interested....
written by Michael, May 31, 2007
So since it seems, at least at this point in time, that North America isn't on board as of yet on this type of technology, would it be possible for Americans to order a personal vehicle of this sort anyway? If so, how and where could we get more information?

stupid TATAS make stupid cars.
written by Naidu_India, May 31, 2007
Its not worth to bring this kind of dangerious technology. The technical know how is very limited to common people, the engineering practice particularly in the service crew & the filling stations in indian region is very poor, given this kind of cars in wrong hands they can become potential weapons for mass destruction(4000 psi). The TATAs seem to be very found of cheap publicity tricks thats what driving them to built cheap and dangerious cars.HOW EVER WE CAN APPRICIETE THE CONCEPT TO SAVE THE EARTH.
There are still dangers here...
written by maybe a boom yet, May 31, 2007
To risk factor:
The cars being build today are FAR safer than from just 20 years ago. The steady or rising highway death rate is not due to the vehicles. We have better tires, brakes and look there buy kamagra vehicle structures to name just some of the elements. Automakers are even marketing cars that have built-in accident avoidance for the driver who isn't paying attention or can parallel park for the driver who is too lazy or won't learn how. The users are the problem. Almost no inanimate object is inherently dangerous. How it is used or abused leads to problems. Add the fact that there are more drivers on the road and the math will fall into place on its own.
Another issue is absolutely no oil should mix with compressed air. Ask any diver or firefighter who refills their own air tanks about the warnings from the Compressed Gas Association. This combination of oil and cialis in uk compressed air has caused deflagration. Deflagration is a very rapid combustion that is not quite at the speed of sound, and therefore not a detonation. It looks like detonation to most observers, though, and can cause extensive damage to people and property.
Beware of french designs !
written by tokolosh, May 31, 2007
This engine has been designed by Guy Nègre, a French engineer. His company can be found here with a description of how this engine works.
The question is, can a French engineer be trusted when it comes to cars ? Would you like to drive a French-designed car ? We all know French people know something about perfumes, but they hardly compete with german engineers.
These have been out for yrs
written by American, May 31, 2007
do some little research and you will find out people have been inventing these for yrs, some have been killed and some suppressed. This all in our own country. Try another research and look up the movie, that was put together with average every citizens and some real actors in it that leased these is called "Who killed the Electric Car?" It might supprise you.
Cold Air Exhaust?
written by Mike, May 31, 2007
Alright you have 20,000 of these cars contained in lets say New York. Wouldn't the cold air from each of these cars conflict with the natural environment temperature wise? Look how the gas powered cars are heating the Earth. This is a really good idea and everything but wouldn't you have to be concerned about the environment? And about the whole safety issue...I personally would take the risk considering the fact these cars can only top 65 mph.
Sounds Great
written by James, May 31, 2007
If the tech. is correct and the car can be made safe then by all means lets get into the market. With the price of fuel in NA going up and up it will not take long before we are paying $5.00 pr gallon of gass. Why not just plug into your electric socket and fill your tank? Here in California the average person (Drivers) puts out around $250-$300 a month for gass. (we do a lot of driving in calif) because the vast majority live more then 40 miles from where they work. So why not take a real look and see where we can put good old American know-how into it and improve on it then make cars that we can use.
America must start thinking little steps
written by Shawn, May 31, 2007
If the USA can't handle the air car (I don't know why not) then maybe we should look at industry first. We can start with an air-cart aka golf cart or put the engine in the gator's or mules to start with for farm use or even a little fun in nature. It would help if we just open our minds and eyes a little just think of things we use everyday. We are killing the planet with gas powered everything from lawnmowers to large factories. All we want to do is help mankind get to the next place in saving your planet. America must get off its high horse and start looking at tomorrow. What kind of world are we leaving are kids and cialis daily canada their kids to come. A little side note the men who design the air-car made the air tanks so if you were to have an accident they would crack and leak the air out and not turn them into shrapnel.
love the idea...
written by Eric, May 31, 2007
The tiny engine really made me think about the motorcycle/scooter idea. That sounds like an ideal place to start, if the tanks could be made small enough (possibly sit where the exhaust pipes do now). Scooters don't have the same safety restrictions as cars, and also don't need the auxillary heating and cooling systems. So, the technology could be popularized in those vehicles first.

Also, 3 wheeled vehicles are still classified as motorcycles in many states. This could be a way to introduce the Pneumatic City Car as both a sport vehicle and a practical coffee getter.

I really believe that where many of the alternative fuel vehicles fall short, is in pushing the marketing as "green and practical." No doubt these are things that are important...but not necessarily what people look for in a car. What people buy, is sexy, fun, and reliable. Most hybrids, electrics, etc. just look like econoboxes or dork mobiles. They are attractive in their own way, but really don't have the looks to grab the mainstream market.

So, make a car that while it is green and practical, appeals to the sports car and SUV buyer. Make a mini Hummer or Wrangler...or an air powered Miata. If you can get the range up to where people refuel once a week, you'll be able to compete not as a novelty, but as a viable competitor.

Just my two pennies....
imagine the possibulities i want one in
written by rev dr.scottie murray, May 31, 2007
I want one in an atv for prospecting for gold and hunting in the black hills national forest also would work great on the ranch or farm.just carry a gas powered conpressor with you and recommended site low cost levitra you can refuel in the boonies would be a nice replacement for my power weelchair. ;D
If you can think, you can do
written by Nazar Abbas Naqvi, May 31, 2007
It is fascinating news for everyone. Now we can believe that anything may happen in reality which was just a mere thought and dream
written by STephen, May 31, 2007
It's about time that someone comes out with a compressed air car for the world. I believe that there are a lot of people in this world is in doubt about this concept but I'm into it. It used to be far fetch for anyone to believe that solar enargy could power a car, but how fast could the car go? If the compressed air car could achieve the speed a little bit faster, doesn't this means that there's someone could out perform all those R&D those solar cars that had been running for the past over 10 years?

There will be people or organisation that will go against this idea, especially those independent organisation that always letch out whenever there's a summit meeting. Who are these people, where do they get their funds from to perform those demonstrations and how did they gather these type of obsessed people?

The world has come fast and getting more progessive and proactive against polution and scrutinise China for polluting the environment, so what is the fuss about it? Petrol-chemical companies are the ones that will loose all business in near future. Doesn't anyone feel that solar energy could power the whole house why couldn't it power a simple car that runs in the city? Are there anyone that's going against the idea of solar energy? Since solar evergy has come a long way and every individual, institutions and click now generic viagra without prescription education institutions are competing each other with their R&D, shouldn't by solar be use? Are there someone suppressing the idea? Think about it!

Since compressed air could reduce carbon monoxide and reduce the toxic gas around for vehicles for city use, why are there still arguments why this concept should not be introduced in the world?

If you would to say about safety? Shouldn't that be the mentality of the car user themselves?
I think its a really good idea....
written by G-Dog, May 31, 2007
It's one of the best ideas that I have heard of in a long time ever since I heard about a solar powerd car. I've been wondering if some one would start something that is eco-friendly and will get you from point A to B. It's not the car that is dangerious its the driver and the drivers around them that makes a car dangerious. If people want to complain about it they dont have to get one, but I'll bet they will just so they can say. "I drove one and wasnt too impressed." The isue here is that finally some one is mass producing something you can drive that is enviroment friendly and with gas at the price it is today we ought to thank them and buy one. Theres only one problem I have about them and it might improve later on down the road before mass-production. It's the noise from the engine it seems a little noisy. They could make it quieter so the driver dont get a headach from driving. Also mabe a cd/tape/radio player. That would be cool too. I'd be proud to drive one in the US cause I'd be one person that would stand out doing good for the eco-system. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!
written by wuwei, May 31, 2007
i don't think it will be safe on a big car crash!!!!
"Fridolin" - Lookalike
written by Detlef, May 31, 2007
This car looks like my old "Fridolin" or "Contergan-VW", a minivan built in the 1960's by Volkswagen especially for the German Post Office based on the platform of a "Karmann Ghia". But why they didn't place the sliding doors at front ???
Very Interesting.
written by Philip Masters, May 31, 2007
This is interesting. We have people for it and people not for it. Well I see it like this. I ride a Harley Davidson I get 100 miles to my tank. I have a 3.5 gallon tank, and I can only use 93 octane unleaded gasoline. I spend approx. $8.50 (us) to fill my tank. This very sci-fi car utilizes compressed air which would only cost around $3.50. Where is the problem with that? Why is there so many complaining? I ride a Death Trap now (A Motorcycle). If something happens to me a wreck or explosion I am most likely not going to walk away from it now. I say lets go for it. What?s the worst it could do? At least if it explodes it will not get fuel or oil everywhere. It will get about the same miles as my Motorcycle will anyway. I think there are too many people out there afraid to take a chance on something. That?s the reason we can not advance as a civilization. To make life a better place for you and yours it has to change and grow it?s kind of like adapting. ;D
written by Intelligent Man, May 31, 2007
The guy "Danger" that posted that foolish post... MUST BE WORKING FOR THE OIL COMPANIES!!!
written by shakoor, May 31, 2007
I love green city, and in Colombo also 'like New York City' where you never really get above 30-35mph ,so in subcontinent countries we should have AIR POWER vehicles because we are economically facing oil price hike problems. Congratulation TATA.we are wellcom you.

written by Intelligent Man, May 31, 2007
That guy "Danger" that made the foolish post...
Pretty cool
written by sam, May 31, 2007
i'm 16, i want a fast car... but maybe when i'm older i'll get one (when i have to pay 4 gas).

i think it is a very good idea, but the rich oil companies will pay off the american govt. to reject this invention. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;) ;) ;)
Brilliant invention
written by William Chye, May 31, 2007
Both brilliant inventors deserve a standing ovation... :D
Danger Danger
written by George, May 31, 2007
The only danger here is from big oil companies creating a hostile market for any non gasoline vehicle. The Bush administration could solve the dependence on oil with the stroke of a pen. Technologies like this have been around forever including massive solar farms that could power electric cars.
My prediction is that the US will never see this car for sale in mass quantities at the local Toyota dealer.
written by Tina, May 31, 2007
While I don't know all the technical in's and out's of these vehicles, they seems like a good idea. Even if they aren't
marketed in the US you would have to think that the demand for gasoline would go down and tramadol no prescription us pharmacy the supplies of it would go up
since there will be less need for it in other countries. So by and large this may help decrease the gas prices here in the
U.S. ( or maybe that's just wishful thinking....LOL)
written by John Hart, May 31, 2007
What a marvelous invention! Don't mind the critics. People who always fear change are always pessimistic. Anything can explode if someone wants it to explode. If you don't like it then don't buy it. For me, i will try it. I have nothing to lose. :D
Invention of the year.
written by Peter Lang, May 31, 2007
I agree with John Hart. Let us try it first before making any negative comment. I dont't care if the US President will not approve it. Let us vote for a leader who loves a greener country.
hi wanted to know
written by Hasan zakaria Mohsen, May 31, 2007
hi i wanted to know if this car would be available in pakistan as petrol prices are very high in pakistan let me know thanks
Not in Future
written by Jenny, May 31, 2007
In Chengdu, China, all the taxies have been using Compressed Air (nature Gas) for a couple of years.
Greed rules all no matter where you are.
written by confused about life, May 31, 2007
Yes this is a great idea.:D Key word this is an idea. Human greed will win out. Bare with the crude comparisons. Using these air powered vehicles would be a great step to limiting the damage we have and continue to do to the planet. However, we as people as a majority would not stop driving cars and ride horse drawn carriges. Yes it can save money, but do you really think human dependency, such as I've read people posting on here, wanting bigger and better, more this more that will not ultimately lead to more problems? I fore one hate gas prices. So yeah I would love something different and better. The next topic is speed. How long do you think it will be before we saw one of these vehicles on "pimp my ride"? Through the vids they have been saying light weight. Which means the more mass you have in the vehicle the less you will be able to drive. Another thing, I dont know too much about explosions, but a compressed anything being punctured doesnt sound like it's going to just whisper. I think yes this would be a great idea for factories. For small towns and such. But the masses? Come on. Unless I've been in a nightmare all my life and everyone in the world loves and purchasing levitra respects a stranger, I dont see carpooling to be a popular thing. And I would be the first to agree that I dont know squat about this. These are just my ideas. And thats the key. For this to be successful it has to be loved by the world. And here is the flaw. There is a huge mass of people who dont care for the world let alone themselves. So I say great idea but human stupidity and greed will rule in the end. And there is a wise old saying. True genius is admitting that you know nothing. And until people stop claiming to be a genius we never will know anything. :'(
Just wanted to touch on a few points...
written by Daggz, May 31, 2007
1. The main reason the US won't market these cars is because of all the money the oil companies put into the pockets of the politicians. Slim to none chance of it coming to the US in any shape or form.
2. That point aside, the safety regulations for 'cars' in the US would require the vehicle to be far too heavy for the Air Engine to move. I can't imagine much torque from that kind of engine. the only way this technology would fly here in the US would be to make it a cycle of some sort.
3. Someone mentioned they were 16 and wanted a fast car... that exactly the reason our safety standards are so high. People don't know how to properly use the toys they buy.
4. Global warming... someone thought this was due to the warm emissions from our cars. Global Warming happens because the smog created by the emissions insulates the planet and does not allow the the heat build-up to disperse. Think about baking a potato, cooks quicker when you wrap foil around it.
5. Believe it or not, we've already released something very similar in the US. A fully electric car. You should look into it.
written by Akar, May 31, 2007
How can I read the whole article without the disturbing ad blocking half of it?
written by Jim, May 31, 2007
Air powered engines are very similar to steam, except that nobody gets scalded when something breaks.
An air tank that ruptures in a controlled manner would be safe.
The cold air emissions would balance the warm air compression, so ther is not ecological issue.
India makes lightweight cars because they want to... this air car could be heavy, it would just take more storage capacity for the range, and the numbers would not be so impressive.
I think an air powered motorcycle would be very interesting. Keeping the engine air tight would be a challenge...gas just drips out, air would be gone instantly.
America who?
written by GPaluk, May 31, 2007
Who mentioned America?? In typical American style, I see people saying that this car is not safe enough for American roads so it's pointless. Try looking at it that the roads aren't safe enough for this amazing vehicle design that could save your planet. Creating dedicated roads/lanes and splitting these vehicles from the heavyweight muscle car giants that are the problem from every angle, must be the way to go!?

The problem is the selfish requirements of individuals causing disregard a technology that is evidently safer in the long run.

Choice one: We make things safe for these cars by creating an infrastructure that this requires.
Choice two: Buy a nice big safe car which guzzles gas and then everyone else dies when the earth get too hot!

What I?m getting at is? If you buy a big safe car, someone is going to buy a bigger safer car, until cars become so big you have America! Land of paranoia!
written by tunga, May 31, 2007
Tata's will sure to produce this car in India.I purcahsed the first Indian small Diesel car manufactured By Tata (Indica).You can see min 5 Indica out of 15 cars on road. Nothing is impossible to Indians.
written by zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, May 31, 2007
:D :) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :- :-* :'(
Back to Basics : Not being clueless
written by Hapa Aina, May 31, 2007

1. Nothing will stop global warming if global warming is being caused by burning of fossil fuels, because every drop of oil and chunk of coal and liter of natural gas that can be extracted WILL get burned by someone somewhere. It just doesn't matter how much you conserve, because fossil resources will never be boycotted, outlawed. IT WILL GET BURNT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It will heat homes, make electricity, be used to make machines. It is silly day dream to think it won't be used up entirely in this century and go into atmosphere. Nothing will stop it getting used... accept perhaps worldwide famine and where can i buy real levitra economic collapse. Otherwise, it is done deal. ALL fossil fuels will be used up as live 'the good life', consume as much as they possibly can.

2. Please study PEAK OIL on any peak oil website and please understand, most of you will be unemployed soon because
the spiking cost of oil after peak world production is reached will impact economies most dependent on oil... USA. You all seem fascinated by a machine. You think 6-8-10 billion people are going to invent their way out of catastrophe???? Is is important to be fascinated instead by finding a place to grow FOOD within walking distance of where you live. Think potatoes. Try

3. As native Americans ask, when offered a new idea.... 'does it grow corn?' This technology is just another attempt to trick nature and have human beings living unnaturally.

Back to basics.... how are you going to survive when you loose your job?
what is wrong with people
written by Jessica Lovett, May 31, 2007
I am tired of reading American this and American that. Sure our country is messed up, but so is everyone elses in their own way. I will admit this car is very fascinateing and people have made good points on how the car could or couldn't run in America. If we could take this general idea and, form from it, I can forsee this being a great idea for North America as it would everyone else. If there was a way of converting our old car engines/parts into something new like this, now that would be a real money maker.
written by Barry D. Brown, May 31, 2007
I don't think I understand. This seems to be saying that compressing air is more efficient than burning gas? If you could go from New York to California on a single tank of gas, that would mean that compressing air would be 250% efficient. You could get more than two and a half times more energy out of compressing air than you could get from burning the gas at 100% efficiency. There is something wrong with the math on this whole vehicle. How big an air tank would you have to have to go 125 miles at 60 mph? Two minute fill-up? It takes longer than that to fill up a tire. Let me work up some numbers and I think I'll find that this whole concept is impossible.
UK Road Fuel Duty
written by Bear, May 31, 2007
Here in England, petrol [as we call it] and diesel fuel are heavily taxed at around 70%, and fuel is almost 1 [US$2] per litre. Whatever fuel a vehicle uses, if it's on the road here, fuel duty must be paid - even if you make your own bio-diesel from used vegetable oil. If this technology is used here and how to get free viagra I hope it will be, it's certain that [compressed] air will also be taxed similarly - sooner or later............................... :'(
written by Bear, May 31, 2007
Sorry the 1 UK pound symbol [= US$2] didn't appear on my posting.
Tesla Motor
written by Steve, May 31, 2007
In reading about the air car engine I was wondering if this is an improvement on Tesla's motor. The short version of the Tesla motor is it is a blade-less turbine that works using viscosity and adhesion to spin a central rotor. Tesla claimed that it would be able to hit 90% efficiency and have a 10 hp per 1 lb of mass. Testing in the 50's-60's not using his design showed that a single disk had a 30-40% efficiency but noted that more blades would be more efficient. Currently there is a car on the market that does use a Tesla motor, it can be found here
The engine:

70 lbs and outputs 250 hp about 3.5 hp per lb with ~85-90% efficiency

200 mile range

0-60 in under 4 seconds

top speed 130 mph+

yes it is expensive ($100,000) but I was wondering about the engine tech behind the C.A.T. system
Produce any car to US standards
written by Ray, May 31, 2007
Bypass the requirements to certify a car in the U.S. by producing them in the U.S. and limiting production to less then 200 cars a year.
No crash tests required.
This has to be said
written by This has to be said, May 31, 2007
This has to be said: I have not seen this many clueless posters on any other site, EVER. Cold air causing environmental impact? Post-oil armageddon? Indians making good cars? This car being popular with Americans? Hydrogen cars? Are you people effing kidding? I don't know what's sadder - one poster thinking that global warming is caused by hot emissions or another confusing compressed air with compressed natural gas. I have no issues with the technology istelf, although I'm sure the claims have been greatly exaggerated. The brainier ones here have already suggested compressed air motorcycles and golf carts. Needless to say, zero-emission golf carts and motorcycles will not make even a slight dent in reversing the global warming. Here's a radical idea: price any cost of all the mid-east conflicts America has been involved in into the price of gas. That way, $8 per galon will make people think twice about buying a hemi-powered anything. I know, not gonna happen. Between the free-market-at-any-cost supporters who want to be able to drive Hummers and tree-hugging fruitcakes who think electrical cars are technologically/financially feasible we'll be stuck with the status quo for a while. Enjoy.
Safety Shmafety
written by Safety Shmafety, May 31, 2007
What's wrong with lowering american safety standards to preserve the environment?

(assume your immediate argument isn't lost on me and don't waste peoples time pointing out the obvious but instead consider my preposition)
written by Dewey Bodiford, May 31, 2007
I love the way everybody on here pretends to be so smart. I mean don't get me wrong I know there are some people on here who are smart, but the thing is I'm sitting here reading these comments and fast levitra some of the things that are being said don't even make any sense. I understand that everybody has an opinion and you can't make people stop being stupid, but I just wish that if you know that you don't have a clue about what's going on you wouldn't even comment. Well I know that this was totally off the subject matter, but I just couldn't keep it in. On the subject of the air car I don't care how it works. Anything that is better than destroying our ozone at such a tremendous rate and saving me a little money I'm up for. Besides I mean seriously everybody is purchasing these large SUV's anyway, so if they make it that size, and get the safety ratings up to par, with an engine that is strong enough to handle the load and still get reasonable mileage wouldn't that make it ideal for us.
That's nice
written by Cute little booger, May 31, 2007
I currently drive an older Volvo and if some of the right engineers quit their jobs and put work together for this I'm sure the U.S. safety standards could be met. Life is a always a risk of death, so why worry this much. I's love to get one of the smaller engines for a scooter conversion any day, and considering the small amount of metal used in the rotary system i doubt the cost would be too much for the average joe.

although I do agree that taxes for energy will never be avoided, But I'm sure the costs for defense will go down once the middle east has nothing or little to offer the western economies.
Disney Autopia
written by Jim, May 31, 2007
About 14 years ago I was working with a guy who was a temporary employee at Disney's Imagineering in Burbank, CA for a while. They were trying to come up with a better way to run the Autopia cars. They were divided into teams to do research and development on the subject. The team he was on was made up of temporary employees and he said they came up with an air powered engine that would circle the track and buy cheap ultram online no prescription when the passengers were being switched, the tank would be re-filled with compressed air and it would be ready to go another round. He said they chose another teams idea (probably electric) because they did not want to acknowledge the temporary employees were smarter than the real employees. Did they actually have this technology developed? What happened to it if they did? Remember, this is all based on a conversation with this guy a long time ago.
perfect for cities
written by moshe, May 31, 2007
I want to ride in an air taxi next year! this is a perfect solution for american cities too! brilliant! good luck!
written by (!), May 31, 2007
Why not connect an electric motor, with a battery(Lith.), with the compression motor to continuously charge the compression tank without having to connect to an electrical grid? The only unit that will need to be maintained is charging or replacing the battery (every 5 to 10 years) (see research of Toyota Prius battery)
This has to be said
written by This has to be said, May 31, 2007
"Combine..." is the perfect example of my above post. I'm guessing you want the battery to be charged by the compressed air while compressing the air with the battery, since you mentioned that this will somehow avoid the necessity to use the grid. Brilliant!
Watch the video before you sound silly
written by Danielle Mayton, May 31, 2007
It sounds like a positive solution to so many negative things going on in the world right now. Guess it depends on if you've actually watched the video and see that it won't explode . Some people are so fast to make negative comments without knowing what they are talking about. Can't wait till I can get one !
this plus stan myers water car equal dad
written by corwin, May 31, 2007
With this invention plus stan myers car that runs on water, which got him poisioned when he didn't accept OPECS billion dollar bribe, will be the death of OPEC. and that makes me very very happy.
the range is good even without the hybri
written by Corey, May 31, 2007
The video said that the car could run for approximatly 125 miles on one fill and people are complaining about the range. The idea is that you have air stations to fill up at just like gas stations. 125 miles is still a long way and if we set up an infrastructure then it would be easy to just stop and fill up along the way. Even if you drive more country driving than the average person 125 miles a good distance. When I drive to see my family for holidays its still only about 200 miles so filling up once during that trip isnt anything to scoff at, particularly if I only have to pay 3 dollars to do it.
Wake Up
written by Me, May 31, 2007
Everybody is entitled to an opinion, but clearly some opinions are better than others. Honestly, people, get your fact correct before you write, or don't write at all.

First and foremost, this car WILL NEVER come to the U.S. The reason is quite simple, MONEY. If corporations and the GOVERNMENT don't get paid, then you can't play in America. Every one of us that drives a car in America, pays both state and local taxes on every gallon of gas and we line the pockets of the oil companies for the convenience of having a personalized vehicle for transportation. When the state, and federal governments find a way to tax air, then you'll get an air car, until then, this car will never be on an American road.

Secondly, everyone assumes that America really wants to get off of OIL, and this assumption is simply wrong. Oil throughout the world is bought and viagra for sale sold in US dollars. What do you think would happen to the value of American currency when/if, no one bought oil, because they don't need gas anymore? The situation would be disastrous and it would immediately devalue our currency.

The air car is nice, and I'd buy one if I could, but guess what? The choice is already made, I won't be able to buy one and neither will you. Our government through the National Transportation and Safety Board, the politicians, and the corporations, will never allow this thing off the boat or plane it will arrive on. I'm off my soap box.
this is why
written by I agree with " written by me", May 31, 2007
please ppl I so agree with "wake up"

haven't you all seen the movie Syarira....if not watch it...
electrics cars?!?!
written by Brandon, May 31, 2007
'5. Believe it or not, we've already released something very similar in the US. A fully electric car. You should look into it."


Seriously....that was a joke...

An air-car is stated to run at top of 80-some-odd mph. That would be great for city people here in america.

But the fact is that if america bought into this, all of the corrupt politicians would buy all of the air compressors and start charging $1.00 per cubic inch...or some mess like that. They'd find some way to screw their own country...
Think about the "greedy" oil companies.
written by Harold Sutton, May 31, 2007
Can you imagine what the oil companies are going to do to anyone who tries to get this technology into the North American transportation scene? From lawsuits to Government intervention will just be the start. This idea is most interesting from the standpoint of getting to work economically. I wonder how this technology would impact the need for workers in the USA. I love this idea so it probably will not happen until necessity makes it. Global warming is not being caused primarily by industrial and auto polutions as Al Gore says since it has been much hotter here on earth long before there were any cars or industry, it just a hot vs. cold cycling thing. I've heard reports that there are eleven new Nuclear Powerplants in construction right now with a "fat" politician pushing the idea of how good they are for us. The government never mentions what they have done with the "plutonium waste" they have made up to this point from the ones that are already operating, care to guess? From what i've heard they burried it "underground" in the far Western U.S., and none of us is safe as long as it's on this earth.
written by EXXON MGMT, May 31, 2007
Cars running on air is impossible. Has anyone thought how this would affect the dividends of our shareholders! What about all the jobs that will be lost to our major automobile industries, think about what this will do to our economy. Besides what do the Europeans know anyways we all know who invented the car.
Import Countries
written by L. M. Goldstein, May 31, 2007
I understand that the United States will never see this vehicle. Too many "powers-to-be" are already working against this idea for the exact reasons mentioned. But, what about Mexico and Canada. Could they import this vehicle? -G
Made one of these just messing around
written by 1 cylinder, May 31, 2007
In 1979 i had a one cylinder engine and was messing around and had a one cylinder 4 stroke engine running on Nitrogen and follow link cheap canadian levitra it first ran rough at first but tinkering around it got smoother. I removed the carb from the engine and made a adapter from stainless steel to mount where the carb mounted at. Then i got a old DC solenoid valve and hooked it up to the spark plug wire and just removed the spark plug and plugged the hole and had to do some electronic work on the voltage from the voltage to the spark plug. I had to advance the timing so the solenoid would open right on the down stroke of the piston. The exhaust valve on the engine i didnt do nothing to it. This will work, i have an old 2 cylinder 4 stoke engine i might have to do some experinenting on it could use the exhaust from one cylinder to the other i dont know if this one help but hey not trying will get you nowhere. If i could get one of these cars i would especially do some experimenting. The nitrogen tank i used had 4000 psi i had to put a regulator on the tank and had to regulate pressure with speed of the engine. I am so happy someone has got the interest in doing this, I sent some info in on this to a invent tech and never heard nothing from it.
written by RAKESH KUMAR SHARMA, May 31, 2007
i think
written by Scudrunnerdude, May 31, 2007
Folks, before you can debate the feasibility of this technology you have to understand the laws of thermodynamics which state (roughly) that 1. Energy is neither created nor destroyed (only transfered from one state to another) and 2. Every change of state incurs a loss of energy in (typically) the form of heat. Armed with a robust understanding of this law of physics one will realize that to burn any fossil fuel to then produce electricity to then power a compressor to compress air to 4000 psi to then release this energy thru a hydraulic motor to propel a vehicle (propulsion), we incur several state changes of energy. If we follow the "bouncing ball" so to speak, we start with a set number of btu's of natural gas energy released to heat steam or power a turbine to then turn a generator to make electricity. Only recently this process has begun to achieve near 47% efficiency which means for every 100 btu's of natural gas energy used we recieve about 47 btu's of electrical energy. Now I'm not intimately familiar with the efficieny ratings of compressors but I do know that electric motors achieve near 90% anymore. That means our compressor will get about 42 btu's of the original 100 to produce compressed air. (Regarding the compressor and the energy stored in compressed air there are many varibales but for the sake of arguement I will allow a generous efficiency rating of 80%.) So the compressor will now store 80% of 42 btu's (33.6 btu's) as compressed air and the air motor will will convert these 33.6 btus at 80% efficiency (26.9 btu's) to mechanical energy to propel the vehicle. So of the original 100 btu's we will harness aproximately 26.9% of this as mechanical energy at the wheels. (This is a crude example -- there are additional factors in real world applications such as gearing frictions and temperature considerations that will affect this formula.) If we compare this to burning the original natural gas in an internal combustion engine of approximate 26% efficiency we see we have little or no net gain in energy efficiency. This applies to all energy sources including hydrogen. Please research the btu chain in any "fuel" to really understand the costs and benefits.
written by michael, May 31, 2007
i was wondering if the car goes far if your are goin to a long trip or is it just like the electric car that does not go far.
big business will never allow it!
written by Chris, May 31, 2007
Let us all remember that the good old USofA is owned by big business. They will exert enough pressure on the government to declare the cars unsafe to protect their interests.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not live in a democracy.
written by nox, May 31, 2007
the psi theory i quite confusing though but i believe these inventors are not stupid enough to create this machines without carefully and scientifically studying the concept engine and prototyping it.. this is our hope, the globe is heating us to death as we betray mother earth by blowing too much carbon dioxide in the air.. at least these persons are finding solutions..and i personally support them and their concern. ;D
written by virendra jain, May 31, 2007
such kind of car can neverbe made. More energy shall be required to compress the gas than the output it can generate as per physics laws. It seems to be a hoax
the cross country thing
written by Chris, May 31, 2007
I noticed several readers saying it will never work and do the math. Well, I think you missed the point. The onboard fuel tank is to power the compressor. The compressor fills up the air tank and then it runs for x miles. Then the compressor runs and fills up the tank again, and it runs for x more miles. Repeat until you cross America. Compressors use very small amounts of fuel, so this is completely doable.
written by edwin norbeck, May 31, 2007
The have the same amount of energy as gasolene, compressed air at 4000psi
requires a volume about 1400 times as large. The equivalent of a one gal
tank of gas would require a 1400 gal air tank.
written by Matt Korpal, May 31, 2007
If we can get one of the major car companies to really look at this technology, than I think we have a shot at getting this to work in the US. In reality, 200 miles per fill and a top speed of 70-80 mph would make this perfectly feasible. As it is, most gas power cars out today can only get about 300-400 miles per fill, so a little less will be ok. And the extra speed they can provide is almost never used. And the carbon footprint of this car in the US will be even lower than India, since a quarter or our electrical power comes from low emission sources. I would think that a US ready, air powered car, will be developed in the next 5 years. within the next 20, we will have reduced our oil need by 75 percent.
Quite disgusted by all the comments
written by Chris, May 31, 2007
After reading through all these comments I'm quite disgusted. There are only a few here that positively state that they want to try out new things, the rest just tried to hammer on how either the Government would keep this from happening in the US, or big oil (or both), or how it's not feasible in that it doesn't save enough energy or emissions to make a difference.

1. B-S, all of it. Where is the free american spirit? Are we all so beaten down that we think we can't get anything done anymore if our government doesn't approve or actively helps? What is democracy? Where is the entrepenourial thinking that made this country into what it is today? Did it all go down the drain?

2. Guys, grow up: Yes, if you burn fossil fuels in the first place to make electricity to power a compressor to compress air to fire a piston engine, then you wont save much or all in emissions. BUT - I pay extra for only getting green power of the grid (wind or solar), I'm investing in a windmill for my own house, I hope to also get a big enough solar panel soon to get of the grid entirely and actually feed back into it. Where excatly is your argument now?

3. Pessimists, all of you!! Without starting to test new ideas and herbal alternative to viagra technologies, there can be no improvement to the status quo. The worst thing I frequently encounter are brainstorming sessions for new design approaches (I am and have been an mechanical design engineer for many years) in which people think they immediately have to shoot down every idea that folks come up with, as soon as it's on the whiteboard. That is the fastest way of cutting ANY and ALL kinds of creativity off at the root. You want to ENCOURAGE ideas, not belittle everybody that has one. The point is: How bad where solar panels when they first came out? How much better are they now? What was the gas mileage of a 4cycle engine in 1900, and what was the gas mileage of average 4 cycle in 2000? How bad where the first power generators? How good and unbeliveably powerfull are the average car alternators now?

Whatever this car is now, think about what it and it's idea could be become in a very short amount of time. The point is what this car represents, not so much "how safe" it is. And by the way, I am riding a scooter to work most of the time for the low gas mileage. How safe is that? Most Americans have no clue anyway how unsafe most SUVs actually are. All steel frame with no crumple zones - on impact, all the kinetic force is absorbed by your body, not the car.

Enough said, I don't want to sound even worse that all the other whiners that have posted before me...

Dipletro's Rotary Air Motor: Godsend For
written by JustMeJerry, May 31, 2007
The quirky Australian TV show that used to be called "BEYOND 2000", introduced ME to the wonders of the PPG about 20 years ago (followed a couple years later by watching ex-Brit Commando, Patrick Sugrue or was that Tony Stone with Dennis Fetter's Air Command gyros in Liberty Landing, MO? Regardless. I saw Patrick fly the famous PagoJet Paramotor with the very unique 30 horsepower, 2 cylinder RADIAL TWO-STROKE!)

Being the year 2007 "BEYOND 2000" is now called simply "BEYOND TOMORROW". Time marches you know.

I've been watching with some interest a thing that has really grabbed Jeff's interest: an electric PPG. Silent for all except prop noise BUT STILL HEAVIER THAN MY MUCH DESPISED PARAMOTOR FX5 "PARAMONSTER" with it's near 30 horsepower Fatboy Slim lifting MZ Radial.

Enter my old "Oh my gosh!" friend "BEYOND TOMORROW" and see what may be even better than the heavy electric engine.

An engine that because of its fuel can use aluminum in place of forged steel pistons and cylinder liners. An engine that because of its fuel runs merely warm compared to hot. That alone dismisses the need for a heavy and complicated cooling system. An engine that because of its fuel weighs a fraction of what an internal combustion or even electric engine with heavy copper wound rotors and magnets. An engine that due to it's simple design has none of the reliability problems inherent in the nervous 2 strokes and many 4's.


Watch the below link. I know that some of you will impatiently watch the piston engined first part and buy cialis and viagra online think to yourselves, "I would never drive a crummy little car like that! I'm a big man that drives big trucks and SUVS (then bitches about how the oil companies are reaming us for the mere 8 to 10 cent profit THEY MAKE off a gallon of gasoline as opposed to the 40 to 80 cents per gallon our soon to me gone the way of the noble Roman Empire government rakes in).

Watch. Wait for the backyard/garage invent Angelo to show you WHAT HE'S MADE.


Oh. The "exhaust" of Dipletro's motor. EXPANDING GASSES C O O L. That's the air conditioner mate. AND IT TOO... WILL BE MADE OUT OF AUSTRALIAN ALUUMINIUM!

the Doc
written by Joe, May 31, 2007
This type of revolution is not only brilliant it is brave and should have been done sooner. Hopefully more countries will join in. Right now fossil fuel may be needed to provide for compressed air, but that can change with other alternative cleaner fuels to charge those compressors. Plus, even though fossil fuel is burned to provide for compressed air its still less fossil fuel consumed per car. Right now we are buring fuel to get the fuel that burns even more fuels. The more we replace cleaner fuel for fossil fuel in all the machines that provide for the means to get a car moving or to accomplish that desired end the cleaner our environment will be.
it would be cool to have a motorcycle ve
written by Maddog2020, May 31, 2007
;D it would be cool to have a motorcycle version for US!
written by Mike Robinson, May 31, 2007
Great for Retirement communities... I want one
Oil Company won't like that!!!
written by Ken, May 31, 2007
It won't last long if they do work cuz the oil company will buy them out!!!
Big Corp get outa da way
written by Joe, May 31, 2007
If anything is unsafe, it will be resolved and improved 100% percent many times over. This is what a revolution is, to change for the best. Back in the beginning times of fossil fuels cars, techniques had many errors, and still our typical vehicles are unsafe in many ways. This newer cleaner vehicles can certainly become the safest from the very beginning and even improve over time. Big corporate business will have to either join in or get out of the way this time; even let less powerful countries develop there own alternative vehicles and clean technology.
written by kyle, May 31, 2007
;D oh yeah id buy one in a heartbeat 9if the car dosent cost over 50000$)
written by Joe, May 31, 2007
Mexico and Canada already have the technology to build such clean vehicles even powered with compressed air. But unfortunately, in Mexico exists the similar problem as in the USA, corporate and national interests and cialis next day the other fact that the USA's interest is to keep Mexico moving on fossil fuels.
One problem, Politics,Power,Money (BIG O
written by William, May 31, 2007
Big oil will absolutely never let this technology materialize in the U.S. Big oil has the White House in its pocket. Trust me, you will never see this in the U.S. because of American Oil Companies. They have buried technology for 50 years and it makes no sense why they would stop now.
written by yo, May 31, 2007
I hold a Phd in Physics and I can say this:
Most of these posts were you try to deal with the workings of the technology are really stupid, just dead wrong.
Most of the post that deal with American Democracy, I think are right on the money.
Oh, and most Americans don't know how to drive...
written by (!), May 31, 2007
To "KEEP OUR OIL INDUSTRY ALIVE..." - (Ans.: Europeans) English inventor Sir Samuel Morland allegedly used gunpowder to drive water pumps in the 17th century. For more conventional, reciprocating internal combustion engines the fundamental theory for two-stroke engines was established by Sadi Carnot, France, 1824, whilst the American Samuel Morey received a patent on April 1, 1826.

To "This has to be said..." - Listen to "Made one of these just messing around" and "Quite disgusted by all the comments," Thumbs up guyz. Try or have nothing.

To "Wake Up" & others - We are the GOVERNMENT, we are the CORPORATIONS! And so far everyone on this post likes the "Air Car!" So let's make a change. Economically things are linked & connected, and can cause a catastrophy, BUT let's try to untangle our mess. Let's try.

Let's DO something about our problems and stop trying to be smarties.
written by high-pressure-air-guy, May 31, 2007
Just build your own! The simplified way to do it is to have the cam reground or equalize timing sprocket sizes to change a 4-stroke engine to a 2-stroke engine. Then, you plumb your high-pressure air system with a proportional valve attached to the throttle. You could conceivably modify any reciprocating combustion engine in this way. Your air car could be anything from a Honda Insight to a Hummer. The same thing could be done on classics as well. You could purchase a SCUBA or paintball compressor and recharge your DOT or ASME cylinders in your garage at home. I have to wonder if anyone has actually put together a consumer-level retrofit kit...
written by BILL ENGLES, May 31, 2007
This type auto will work fine in most countries... except the US. Why? Gasoline has been $3.00 to $5.00 per
gallon for many years. Most of these people are used to small cars because of the price of fuel.
However, it will never fly here in the US of A. Why? The big oil boys won't let it happen unless they can
get their hands on the fuel supply. Remember when several made carburators that got much more mileage...
Yes, the oil boys bought them out and never used them. You will not change this problem...
written by Scudrunnerdude, May 31, 2007
I'll add one more comment concerning this technology: For it to have a positive impact, we will have to increasingly obtain our energy from solar and windpower. Until we reduce our reliance on fossil fueled electricity, there is no net gain, period. Please educate yourselves as to the laws of thermodynamics. A gas powered compressor IS less efficient than using the same gas to send power directly to the wheels. For those mistaking my intentions for pessimism, please know that I am convinced that we have to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and am an activist when it comes to fighting for green causes. But we need to be right when we discuss the technology for getting us there.
written by Julie, May 31, 2007
I live in a major metropolitan area in Texas. I would certainly drive one of these cars and so would all the drivers in my family. Here, the main cost for household electricity is for air conditioning. I want one of those air compression engines for my house to run my appliances and cool at the same time. Almost too good to be true.
Phoenix Motorcars
written by Chris Peterson, May 31, 2007
The Air Car sounds like a great idea... although I won't claim to have the scientific background or crash test knowledge. I hope it is marketed in the US soon, although as many posters have recognized, Big Oil and the Lame Three automakers (with assistance from the two-faced Japanese companies that market themselves as "green" with their hybrid cars yet stymie efforts to increase US fuel economy standards) will do everything in their power to stop it.

Have any of you heard of Phoenix Motorcars? They have already begun leasing fully electric sport-utility trucks (a la Honda Ridgeline) to California utilities and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach (which have state emissions restrictions in place). Specs: Range of 100+ miles (way better than the GemCar), top speed of 95 mph, 0-60mph in 10 seconds (comparable to a 2004 Ford F-150 4.6L, source

They are also in development (launch date late 2007) of a mid-size SUV for sale to the general public (size between a Honda CR-V and a Pilot) that will have similar acceleration and top speed but will get 250 miles to the charge. They are anticipating 20,000 units sold in 2009 alone. Expected sale price: $45,000 (only $20,000 more than the average mid-size SUV). Although the battery has an expected life span of 250,000 miles, even assuming 125,000 miles driven on electricity ($9 for 60kWh of electricity at 4 miles/kWh vs. $42 for 12.5 gallons of gas at $3.35 a gallon and 20 mpg), you will save $16,500 in gasoline alone. Drive it to the end of the battery life and save $33,000 in gasoline!! Please get the word out... Americans need to know these cars are out there so that they will pressure their government to do SOMETHING to wean ourselves from foreign oil (like tax gasoline the way they do in Europe).

savings over the 250,000-mile life of the battery:
Ego Vs Environment
written by Deep, May 31, 2007
It's weired that Americans are still not conscious about the environment after all uumph about the global warming, change in the weather. Americans are the biggest energy consumers (suckers), but they are still happy with their big Trucks po-- po--. I wonder what will happen to these people after within 50 years there will be no oil left in south asia to feed this country especially when other contries are also growing and need their part of energy. probably the next American generation will ride a cycle pi pi..

It's good that a carporate in world's most populated contry has shown some interest in environment, but it's hard to predict about the success of this car. Since in that country government has no time to think about the environment after all sucking politics and affluent people have only one dream to copy 'west'.
written by Julie, May 31, 2007
An increasing amount of electrical grid energy comes from renewable hydro and cialis overnight wind, both from large wind farms (in Texas, in West Texas and the Panhandle now, and soon large tracts near off shore in the Gulf) and household windmills that are capable of selling back any excess electricity generated. If no more petroleum products were ever used for generating energy, petroleum and natural gas would still be used as raw materials in the production of goods such as plastics, fertilizers, medicines, etc.

I'm really tired of the aggressively ignorant conspiracy theorists constantly ranting on and on and on about the all powerful evil big oil companies keeping all the poor helpless little guys down with their obscene profits. Actually, no new refinery has been built in the US in over 30 years because of the overbearing regulations, federal, state, and local, making it practically impossible to fulfill requirements. Meanwhile people in Cape Cod, California, Florida, Martha's Vineyard, do NIMBYs and oppose offshore wind farms because they would infringe upon the view!
CEO/Founder, American Compressed Gas Inc
written by Marc Walker, June 01, 2007
For everyone involved there are varying opinions and facts that seem important to those people at that moment. Here are a few basic facts that everyone can find on thier own, or take my word for it. Currently, the Eastern regions of the United States are far more densly populated than the Western regions, as a rule. Exceptions include major cities and such. This vehicle, as it sits, is not a practical option for me personally as a sole vehicle. However, adding it to my S.U.V. and my sports car is a wonderful option for my mostly commuter laden traffic habits. I drive 30 miles a day total to work and back. Include a maximum of 10 more miles a day for errands and the like, and now you are at 40 miles in a day. That means a total fillup at roughly every 3 days. Far more often than I do now. However, I own a solar array. I could have the technology installed easily to refuel this vehicle whenever I pulled it into the garage.

Not everyone has the ability to refuel at home. Nor is it practical to do so. Safety standards aside, this is a reasonably safe vehicle for american roadways. I ride a motorcycle nearly every day in the summer months. This is a FAR safer vehicle than my bike. It will not fall over, slide under a car, be unseen by lazy car drivers. In addition, allow me to add this. Ever seen a welding rig? You know. Compressed oxygen, hydrogen, acetylene, etc? Those containers you are looking at are rated to fail in only one way (safely) and have a pressure rating varying from 10,000psi to up to 45,000psi depending on application. They CAN be insidiously dangerous. So can an axe. Do your homework, and relize there is nothing that is "safe". Just things that are "less safe" than others. Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than riding in a car. Riding in the back seat is safer than the front. Air travel is safest of all, yet trains run every day. Think people. This makes sense in MANY places in this country. When they issue a version for american soil, I am the first in line in my area. But then, I get my compressed air cheap.

BTW, Compressed air, and for that matter, all compressed materials, get warmer when squeezed. Basic law of physics. However, during the release (unsqueezing) those materials (especially air) cool rapidly. And in the end, by the time air escapes the valve, it is quite cool to the touch. The warmth that occurs during compression is not stored there. Think about it. It is lost as heat through the vessel used to compress. If not, you would have an ideal perpetual motion machine. Just compress air, let the heat boil water, and the world runs on steam engine for free forever. THINK!!!
written by Jupiter Bob, June 01, 2007
what items can i order from you that will allow me to replace my gas yamaha golf car motor? and the freight to port of palm beach, west palm beach Florida USA
car comes to the U.S.A
written by Frank, June 01, 2007
hate the design of the car,also the needs to run faster than 40mph. it needs to have speeds up to 80mph.
written by MTMinded, June 01, 2007
Shame on you, Just because its not perfect doesnt mean you have to whine about it. I mean, look on the bright side, Less fossil fuel emmisions! :)
written by MTMinded, June 01, 2007
When reading this article, my emotions are as followed :D ;D :) :- :( :o >:( :'(
Sr. Web Developer
written by Steve, June 01, 2007
:o This web site is VERY unstable.
written by mikey, June 01, 2007
I'd love to own one. In fact I'm going to figure out how to import one to the US. I'm sure it can be done. Screw the luddites and cialis online in usa the government.
Great Idea :) :) :)
written by berdon basa, June 01, 2007
for me? its very good idea. i wish i can have one here in the philippines..... . but how much it's cost in philippine money?
The idea is great, but the laws of physi
written by Cor van de Water, June 02, 2007
Many years ago, I visited their factory in Carros, France.
I think it was in 1999. The cars they presented at that time
were the same they are still showing (as new devt), only the
CityCAT has been added since.
The big problem that can be seen by anyone with a physics textbook
is that when compressing air, energy is not only stored as
pressure, but also as heat.
If the compressed hot air is consumed immediately, then the
decompression will return most of the energy that was put in.
But if the air is stored in a tank and allowed to cool off,
then the decompression will not return much energy.
In fact, there is a big problem with the engine freezing up.
Also, the only way to retrieve most energy from compressed
air is to decompress it in small steps, not in one big step.
This means a series of cylinders, each next one larger than
the previous, can retrieve most of the energy.
One decompression step will be very wasteful.
To overcome the problem with thermal energy loss, the
multi-cylinder engine can feed the decompressed air
through a heat exchanger in between each cylinder, so
it will recoup a (large) portion of its original
energy and can become quite efficient again.
As you can see when you look at the engine, they
did not implement many decompression steps, nor used
heat exchangers, which would have made it efficient.
So, concluding: this Air car may cause MORE energy to be
consumed than using the original energy directly.
One of the most efficient ways to use the energy is to
run an electric vehicle, because its efficiency is
extremely high. Range and speed can be at least at
the level of the Aircar, so I think we have a winner,
but it is not the Air car.
(I used to be a big fan of the air car - that is why
I visited them. After I saw that the physics did not
work out, I stopped maintaining my website about the
Air car (for Dutch readers) and stopped promoting
their invention, because it is not an improvement
in the way it was implemented.)
Use CAT for electric motors?
written by Denver Dave, June 05, 2007
What about using CAT to store energy generated by solar, wind, hydro over time in large containers then relase using the CAT engine to turn a generator to generate electricity as needed. For homes, larger containers could be used with less pressure required.

Would this work?

There are lots of way to generate small amounts of electricity, but no good ways to store the electricity. Could converting the electricity into compressed air and releasing as needed to generate electricity be feasible without large, heavy, toxic batteries?
Excellent for Portland
written by Kipper Shawn, June 09, 2007
This compressed air technology would be perfect for Portland, Oregon where the levels of benzene in the gasoline are the highest in the country. Small air-powered cars could truly help reduce the benzene problem. And you could zip around downtown like nothing.
leave the tech to the people who do not
written by paul, June 10, 2007
Ok first , I AM a engineer,designer ect... not important just qualifyed to post opinions on this subject, most of you speak as if you are very young and uninformed and have formed opinions based from fantisy so I will give you a few facts you can giggle about at first, then resurch and find out are true: 1. the person who invented the lear jet also invented a steam powered car that got 100mpg back in the early 80's he built 2 prototypes, one was stolen and the other was destroyed by a explosion set by unknown persons , he explained all of this publicly on the jonney carson show and discount cialis india said "the world was not ready for this and it is not worth his life to continue" so make your own assumption about oil companies.
2. NO EXPLOSION from compressed air is going to happen ,air does not catch on fire and no professional is stupid enough to add oil in with the air as it is being compressed,if you do ,then you should never get on a plane ,first a few years ago we had a fire in a shed containing compressed CO.2 tanks holding 3000 and 4500 lbs pressure ,they heated burst and put the fire out. and even if it was possible trace amounts of halon or argon added in a tank will have a reverse effect. these gasses trap oxygen mol. and prevent combustion even with the existance of oil. (SEE HALON FIRE SUPPRESSION)
3.Have any of you heard of a fuel bladder? its idea is being resurched for hydrogen use but currantly its a simple cheep device that prevents your cars gas tank from exploding! and its used every day but only in RACE CARS so ask your self why is it not in my honda or chevy or ford? Thats becouse car makers only put safty in when they are forced to, they really don't give a shit about you other than your wallet (SEE FORD PINTO FIREBALL,CHEVY TRUCK SIDE TANK EXPLOSION)also don't be a fool and think oil compay's are any different, for proof of this just look yourself: "every year in every city the price of gas goes up aprox 20-40% 3-4 weeks before a holiday; 4th of july,Labor Day,Spring Break,Mothers Day ect...) please people mark your calander wake up and pay attention, Vote accordingly!
4. "For every action there is a reaction" do I have to tell you who said that? cold air out the tail pipe is offset by the friction generated to produce it(ENGINE COMPARTMENT)for those of you who do not get this just stand out side near your air conditioner unit and feel the heat generated from your own cold house.
5. I am not pretending to know it all , I don't . I do have a problem with some young people these days,the ones that can not admit they just don't know shit about what they are talking about, afraid to admit it and when you have these people in the work place mistakes happen and people die. to me thats unforgivable so if you are one of those people that talk before you think ,shut up pleeeeease.
6. This car may or may not be a good idea but it's not going to explode into a fireball, relax and let the the thing develop or not by people more quallifyed, besides you have taken more risk putting your kids on a ride at the fair or playing in the street at your house wile your on the cell phone.
and by the way when was the last time you looked up the additives in the food you eat every day? if you want to really help on a national scale :
7. STOP BUYING SHIT FROM CHINA ! ! ! ! ! ! Thats somthing to worry about!
Tata Motors
written by Abhay Joshi, June 11, 2007
First tell you one thing about Tata Motors..
This is one of the company of Tata group. They are alway in research of new technologies. Current success for them is Bio diesel Vehicles. (as this technology is far old but practically Tata motors got success to drive vehicles on this. for this, they tried to run buses for 3 yrs on Pune roads.) Also they have tried low floor buses in Indian roads (donated buses to Pune Municipal transport).
For one of the option for bio diesel, in 1986 they have planted Diesel Tree, from Brazil. Unfortunately they couldn't get success to get required quality diesel from that trees planted in Pune. Other failure for them is cheapest car. Which was political failure. But this organization always tries for new things and cialis usa check the practicality. If this car they launches in India, then this is defiantly safe and affordable in rest of the world.

Now regarding this technology...

The base for this is very very old. (I will not specify this here. You can find it on Wiki and google).

About risk of high pressure tanks, I was working in Oman for oil company which transports gas, liquids with high pressure by trucks in early years. I seen those old trucks in there stores. I was surprised when I heard the stories about them.

So don't worry. If you find these cars available in market, don't hesitate to purchase them.
Mechanical Engineer
written by jerry, June 12, 2007
I'm not sure of the physics, but have you thought of a Root Blower? Or the old three lobe winkle engine? Might work. ;)
It will work in India
written by SM, June 13, 2007
This concept is brilliant - particularly the idea of an intercooler to recover some of the energy lost in adiabatic compression while filling the tank, and the use of the cold exhaust gas for air conditioning.

I think this technology will be very successful for urban driving in hot climates like in India, where pollution control is essential. It will be perfect for India for use in urban buses and taxis especially, where the distances are short, free air conditioning would be a boon, and bus and taxi stations could be fitted with compressors without any issue of major logistics as you would have if you had to fit a reasonable number of gas stations with compressors before you could get the general public to buy any of these vehicles.

For other applications, I am not so sure. A big tank for a big range might be heavy or bulky. Having a separate heater in cold climates could be a bit of a disadvantage - although braking energy used to charge a battery could be used.
Why not Helium?
written by BigDaddy69_77, June 21, 2007
Aside from the fact that air is free and helium would have to be produced, helium seems like a cool idea for the application since it would provide "lift" to help lighten a heavy vehicle and make it more efficient. What are the downsides apart from everybody talking like Mikey Mouse roadside?
written by BigDaddy69_77, June 21, 2007
Jerry, that's a Wankel engine, a Rotary Wankel by Felix Wankel. And SM, how about a way to transfer the heat of friction generated by the brakes directly to the cockpit?
Why not Helium??????
written by Absent Minded, June 27, 2007
1. Helium has "lift" only because it is less dense than ordinary air. Compressing it would make it dense.
2, The vented helium would immediately rise above any roadsiders. Did you ever pop a helium baloon and talk like a duck just by being near it?
3. Others have already stated compressed air doesn't explode when the tank is ruptured.
4. Others have already stated running an internal combustion engine to compress air will not propel a vehicle farther than that same engine burning that same fuel would have. The only way a compressed air car would be feasible is if the power to compress air came from some renewable source.
5. Others have already stated that a tank of compressed air does not contain much energy, certainly not enough to drive more than a few miles before reloading the tank. Such a system would only be feasible for things like running a vehicle for a few minutes around a track like the Autopia guy proposed. See 6.
6. others have already stated that a tank of compressed looses power incredibly fast. A tank of combustible fuel will propel a vehicle equally far on the 2nd half of the supply of fuel as on the first half, and have equal power at all times until the fuel runs out. The pressure within a compressed air tank drops continually as the air is released. When the pressure is down to 1/2, engine power is down to 1/2. Acceleration would be 1/2, top speed would be 1/2. The tank is, practically speaking, empty sooner than you expected. If you have ever used an air mattress, you know it only takes a small release of air to lower the pressure enough to make the mattress useless. So a video where a vehicle is seen to drive fine for just a few minutes means nothing for the usefulness of that vehicle to drive any place further than a few blocks.
7. No oil industry or government has to kill this idea, it just isn't practical.
small detail and cheapest generic cialis canadian pharmacy big issue.
written by Absent Minded, June 27, 2007
Ok, while accelration would be 1/2, top speed at 1/2 pressure might be a little more than 1/2 of the top speed at full pressure because drag is proprotional to the square of the speed, but inadequate power would be still be reached far sooner than what can be tolerated to make the vehicle practical.

The big issue of the title is that carburaters that supposedly gave huge gas mileage boosts, such as the Pogue Carburater, have been vastly overated. The carborater on the average car was perfectly capable of producing much leaner air/fuel mixtures with excelent atomization. The problem with lean mixtures is getting the combustion to spread throughout the cylinder. Remember that air is 78% noncombustible nitrogen. Every molecule of gasoline in the air/fuel mixture is isolated from the other gasoline molecules by this inert gas. The spark will ignite the nearest gasoline molecules, but others will not "catch on" unless the mixture is crowded with fuel because the intervening nitrogen absorbs the heat. A perfect ratio of fuel to oxygen for 100% combustion will not ignite. The carborater must be adjusted for a much richer mixture. This is why all gasoline engines emit unburned hydrocabons. They get burned in the catalitic converters instead of in the cylinders. Oil companies didn't have to suppress any carboraters. In any case, even if more efficient carboraters were possible, it wouldn't decrease oil company profits because people would just get more powerful engines.
P.S. I definitaly side with the comment that gas prices always rise just before holidays.
Factory Tailpipe
written by Keith, June 28, 2007
The only thing I disagree on with this article is the mention of the "factory tailpipe" ... now the GOOD thing about this is that a THOUSAND power plants are MUCH easier to regulate than a MILLION cars. ;D
Its a mute argument and I wish the author would have pointed that out. These cars, and those like them, are the future. I would buy one in an instant if they sold them in the USA.
written by Bill, July 05, 2007
Cogratulations to those out here who support alternative thinking, In Canada if they would licence this i would be in line. in the US all i am seeing is that people love to waste. in regards to the big oil companies trying to stop this, correct me if i am wrong but doesnt the president of the united states own oil companies or at least be involved in them and we all wonder why alternative fuel system that are possible are being forced down. Why are so many people fans of hydrogen, this will never come to a reasonable affordable means of transportation. Here is a technology that is here now not twenty years away. I say let froce the governments to listen to what alot of people want and to those who wish to still drive monster trucks, enjoy ill see you as all the rest of us pass you at your slowly diminishing gas stations
written by babi, July 05, 2007
???? ?? ????....???? ?????
written by mesmh, July 07, 2007
Firstly the European Oil Companies are the biggest investors in alternative energies, so as a European I do not share the paranoia of BIG OIL all you nervous citizens of USA labour under. Secondly we do not all live in gas guzzling USA with its crude (yes the double entendre is noted) overconsumption of the worlds shrinking natural resources, so I suggest you lift your heads above the parapet of fortress America and look at how the other half(s) live. Thirdly think outside the box... a good chunk of electrical energy in Germany, for example, is generated by wind (no, not the hot air of this site). Problem with wind is that it does not always blow when electrical demand is high. Then it blows hard when we are all asleep tucked up in our eiderdowns. Why not then store the excess wind energy as compressed air? If these engines really have overcome the technical problems many have correctly alluded to, and I intend myself to visit the factory with a top scientist to check it out, then we might find an equation that really can move us further away from continued dependancy on fossil fuels. Bless us all!
Forward Thinking
written by Larry, July 08, 2007
I am paying for wind generated power here in Texas. I have a solar and battery backup system. I'm driving a hybrid car. I recycle all my trash. I'm living in a home that does not waste energy. I use gray water in my garden. I love the people of the earth. And I think that the French have a great Idea for a car. Viva La France. I am all for forward think like this. Peace on Earth
air car?
written by traveler, July 13, 2007
while many debating if this even works in india , europe ,even china these cars are being driven around ,(so that pretty much answers that question) as to the physics or energy costs , while all these laws are being put forth here (thermodynamics , btus, ect.) they may be completely a fact , but are really useless arguements , theres no-one i see in the use or development of the air car trying to get around those laws, but they are trying to get away from pollution, & gas use. the cost of searching, drilling , refineing , transporting , the gas, is high in itself as well not effcient, you figure that electric power used to refuel an air car , comes from a power station , sent thru a power grid then used to power an aircompressor is far more effient (cheaper) means of getting the fuel to a car, (how many factorys use gas powered air compressors,( very few if any think about it ), there is not as i know of, a single power station that uses gasoline to make power , most coal , atomic , natural gas, some wind & solar , the whole reason for the search for other power sources (hydrogen , air , solar wind , ) is to get away from a increasingly more expensive , heavly controlled , dwindling supply of oil .the arguements about the efficieny of this , (while stating known facts of physics) are being used in a odd manner by the no gain arguement many are using ,a bycycle could be found to be highly ineffcient,& not feasable but its still cheap & works, millions are used worldwide, this model of the aircar would never be sold in usa because of safety , i have to agree, but it s a good working idea, also because theres not laws regulating the taxes that would be lost due to drivers not buying gas, a poster mentioned the economy will fall if we do not soon get a cheaper source of transportation due to the fuel prices becoming unmanagable , he correct, the choice is ours come up with an alternate means or face the reality of an entire pay check just to travel to work , as well as higher prices of goods , food,, as for me i see the USA as not going to face it, i have already made my plans to be in a place where the fallout impact will be far less disasterous (without a loss of lifestyle), it amazes me everyone complains yet when one of many ideas come along , people do their best to destroy it for what ever reason , rarely scrambling trying to make it better or widespread, i hate it for you poor slobs , one or two good terroist attacks on oil supplys is all it will take to bring historys greatest superpower to its knees, so sad when there is a way to avoid it , better take action now on getting away from the stranglehold of gas , or you can ignore it , but its not going away , its only going to get worse , FAR WORSE
written by George, July 23, 2007
Why some are trying to make all thngs difficult >:(???
Why a car with air so fredly to everything must be a trash???Why americans must bombed everyone else as a terrorist????(thats why americans will not import this car because of the oil the will not sell to you,no because is not safe(they say that smart wasn't safe but they imported)every car is safe if you make rules!!!!!!Germany(one of the biggest car intustry,south africa,Israel and all the other countrys are stupid and they imported????Start to care about our(not yours)world before it is to late and stop buying suv with 5000cc engine just saying i have a big car and buy smarts air cars or take the bus!!!!!!Stop talking all the time and do something for us not for you!!!!!I'm already at the list to buy this car and i'm from Greece!!!!!A small country but we are start thinking about us not for me!!!!
Minnesota Winters
written by Charlie Johnson, July 27, 2007
I wonder how extreme cold we experience during a Minnesota winter will affect
this technology. Would the engine still operate as the metal contracts?
How would refueling be effected?

I also wonder how the vehicle handles in snow and 100 mg viagra whether
it could manage to keep the windshield from freezing up with ice.

written by C. Collins, August 03, 2007
For whatever it's worth I would like to have the engine. I would attach a generator and start producing electricity to sell back to the power company. I live in the Southern Calif desert. Since the emissions is extremely cold air, I can use the exhaust to cool my home rather than pay $400 dollars a month to run my air conditioner. It would be cheaper than solar panels (at $28,000), generate twice the electricty and last much longer.
written by Noise, August 13, 2007
It seems to me that the air engine is very noisy! Am I wrong?
It *already is safe for US*
written by OddesE, August 24, 2007
This cars is safe. Even for the US.

Did not one of you people noticed that this car is already allowed onto German roads?

What do you think Germans are, some primitive people that allow any kind of vehicle on the road? You can bet your behind that if Germany allows this car on it's streets, it will also be allowed in all other European countries, as well as the US.

Germany invented the automobile and still has some of the most advanced car industry in the world. It also has it's autobahn, where people can drive *any speed they like*. Yet they have a good record when it comes to accidents and safety.

The car is safe. So it's small.. So is the Smart. So it's made of fibreglass.. So are F1 racing cars. So it carries a compressed air tank. If you scuba dive you tie such a tank to your back, and as was mentioned, many cars already run on compressed natural gas.

It's safe.
written by darkanyons, September 03, 2007
I would love to put a thin-film-solar-panel-roof to this kind of car that will run a small compressor which will continuously refill the air-tank or charge a batery when the tank is full. by this way we'll a free ride!!!!! :)
I don't understand american people
written by Francois, September 15, 2007
North America is by far one of the most polluting countries in the world and by not opening it's mind to new ideas, american people are impacting all the other countries. No wonder you people didn't sign the Kyoto Protocol (169 countries did it by the way) -

You have before your eye a technology that could greetly reduce pollution and what I see everywhere is comments such as: "this is not suitable fo NA market!" What a joke!

Just believe a bit in the technology, give it some time to improve and you'll see that this car will fit in YOUR market.
written by Bob, September 19, 2007
Americans love big cars because they show off our wealth. It is no different than tailfins of cars in the 50's. The bigger the better. But many Americans would embrace an air car if made available. I have my name on the waiting list. Sadly some Americans will always need a huge car to compensate for their small members.
written by Brandon, September 28, 2007
There is currently an american air powered car being developed. It has been in the works longer than the MDI car. We just made sure no one new until recently for safety and security reason. It is also more efficient than the MDI car. You can expect a lot more information to be released over the next 6 months or so.

Keep checking the internet!

safty and stuff
written by Peter, September 30, 2007
I can understand why people are skeptical with this new technology. I am sure the combustion engine met a similar amount of criticism when it first came to public light and even before that, the steam engine.

As for the safety of the vehicle, I am sure most of us dont like the idea of being in a car accident and we do our best to avoid them. the only way to have a completely safe vehicle is to remove the major cause of accidents, THE USER! The issue of the riding around on top of some air tanks. I for one dont feel comfortable with the idea of riding around with a small hydrogen bomb in the back of my car and what of the thought of having 30 gallons of explosive liquid right under me sounds kind of scary, but i do it every day to get to and from work.

The concept of having a carbon fiber air tank that is designed to split if it should fail and vent AIR (cold it may be) sounds pretty safe to me.

Now for the US market. We really need to wake up and look at what we drive. I live in Oklahoma where the vehicle of choice it the good ol' truck. Most people just use them to get to and from work and to the store. so why do we need the 350, 318, and the 351 motors.

If you are not convinced with alternate fuels, just look at what the US manufactures are releasing to the European market. EG, The chevy Lacetti with its 1.8L 4 cylinder gets a nice 28 mpg IN TOWN and an amazing 47 mpg on highway thats over 10 mpg more than the new Malibu. So why are we not getting them over here in the US check out for that one.

Anyway, back to my original point, these cars would be perfect for people who drive locally and with the air/gas use for longer journeys would still be a great use to many people in my area. I for one could forgo some of todays luxury's such as power windows and other gismos if it meant saving on commuting costs and pollution.

Do you think these engines could ever be used in the 1/2 3/4 and 1 ton trucks?
This is a great plan
written by Jack, October 02, 2007
I find that such a car would help the world greatly. Sadly the way its made (I looked into it) Would never go into the ways of the American design. i am working right now on a way of making cars using magnets thats all i can really say.
written by Christine, October 24, 2007
For anyone that is interested, the car will be selling at around $11,000. My boyfriend and I can't wait to get our hands on one. First year production will be only about 3,000.
oh yeah
written by Christine, October 24, 2007
Btw, we live in AMERICA
Its a Great Idea.
written by Sid J Spal, October 25, 2007
I personally think that this is a great idea! THE AIR CAR!! & I believe its going to work very well. We need alternative fuels & if it is just clean & pure Air then its simply WOW!!!. Keep up the good work MDI. Hope to ride one your CAT's very soon...............
written by tre, October 30, 2007
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Wrong Name - Angelo Di Pietro is correct
written by PeterPan, October 31, 2007

please recognise, that the Name of the Guy is Angelo Di Pietro.

Best Regards
written by Perhaps, November 05, 2007
Air should use Steorns technology in the car then we would have an emissions free vehicle for sure!!! ;D
brng it to North America!
written by toni augusta, November 07, 2007
I live in a small New England town and it would be a welcome addition here. Namaste Guy Negre and Tata Motors.
written by Ecohog, November 15, 2007
Where's the hood scoop?
next summer
written by spreadout, November 16, 2007
They will be here for sale next summer, Im 1st in line
its very safe
written by abraham, November 19, 2007
i have studied this exploding myth ,its not possible for fibre glass to explode into dangerous fragments,it merely cracks.i am also saddened that all other car companies arent seizing the opportunity to help in the developement of this technology.just shows its all about the oil/money...i truly belive that this is the best technology since the invention of the computer/and cell phone.i already beat you to it i added my name to the list last year...the us should allow this car in
Can't Wait to Drive One! Looks fun to dr
written by Rob Rodriguez, November 20, 2007
Cars like these absolutely make sense especially in New York City. The population keeps increasing in all the major cites like New York, Charlotte, LA, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Austin, Houston, Las Vegas, etc.. People want to live in these big cities because of all the great things they offer such as great restaurants, bars, clubs , shows, etc. Living in New York City I never have to drive too far to get anywhere.. Having a car like this that is cheap to run and easy to park would make life that much more enjoyable! We are one of the greatest countries in the world and we should led the way with the best technology. ;D
written by john, November 27, 2007
the air tanks wouldnt explode because they are made of carbon fiber, and are designed to split in case of an accident :P
written by john, November 27, 2007
the name of designer is Guy Negre
Angelo Di Pietro is the name of the designer of rotary air engines
get your facts straight dumbass
I hope it is successful, but the proof i
written by Sontaran, November 30, 2007
After a few years on the roads, it will be more clear what the mechanical and safety issues are.
I'd rather not speculate based on preliminary information.
It's like the first commercial version of anything: there are usually still some bugs to be worked out. We owe a debt of gratitude to the first wave of buyers, for participating in this experiment -- but they should know that it is still an experiment.
But, if successful, this technology could turn out to be a major contributor towards cleaning up smog and GHGs (when combined with a shift away from coal-powered electricity).
sport cars
written by be a sport, December 02, 2007
I guess only time will tell
written by R. Blakely, December 06, 2007
The Air Car is 5 times more efficient than a hybrid!
The reason people do not seem to realize this fact is that they do not calculate its miles per gallon equivalent.
It holds 130kg of air in its carbon-fiber tanks.
By refrigerating the tanks and insulating them the fuel-range can be doubled.
tsk tsk tsk...
written by Drin drin, December 08, 2007
wow! i remember when man first invented the automobile, a lot of people said negative comments about that. Guess what, we're using in now. It improved though,and there's a lot of them on the road. well for the air car think of it like the first invention of the car, it needs improvement,need to meet certain(actually a lot of)standards based on every country.for some even the design needs's ok the air car was not intended to please everyone it was created because the world needs cleaner air for us to breathe, imagine a car that can travel thousands of miles without refueling plus making sure your big noses can inhale fresh air and not smog. the least we can do is to support these guys with great ideas. I hope government all over the world will support them too.Well that's a great invention. I wish and hope the air car can reach my country so i can drive one,(lets see if those gas guzzlers can travel more miles compared to the air car)hehehe!!! peace out!
Air Car in North America
written by LTN, December 09, 2007
I don't think this car will ever make it in USA., they woudl kill the idea just like the electric car. There is too much money involved in in fossil fuel. It's a shame this idea is not expanded, it copuld change the world.
restaurant owner
written by don, December 09, 2007
hard to wait to own one of air car
ทำงา à¸™à¸ªà¹ˆà¸§à ¸™à¸•à¸±à¸§
written by noom', December 09, 2007
รอมานานแล้ว รถไม่ใช้น้ำมันนี่ สั่งไปแล้วได้รถแอร
์เมื่อไหร่ ต่อไปเราก็ไม่ต้องง
the world is not North America
written by senengonline, December 10, 2007
If the car is not save enough to drive in the US, then so be it. The Americans can find another kind of engines/technology.
Tata will sell this car primarily in India, anyway.

There is a bad comment up there about French designed cars. French people have been designing great cars for ages. Some of them are great, while others aren't. I have been driving a Pug-206 since 2001 and it's been reliable.
written by Paul Heggeler, December 11, 2007
Your right the world is not North America, we need to re think our approach to travel and life. Our cities are large and far apart, we tend to think of how fast it will go "more power" syndrome, Instead of what it will save in emissions and what it will do for our planet, not including our pocketbooks. Its also time that our governments look at these ideas and take up cause that they say they support. we need this and what ever can be developed from this idea!
written by Gary, December 14, 2007
What would it take for the MDI CAT Car to meet USA standards? Is air bags required? What is the front end impact requirements? Seat belts shouldn't be a problem.
This would be a perfect commuter car for small town or down town. Let's make it happen.
written by Gary, December 14, 2007
We do not need government inventing the next generation of transportation. We can do it ourselves. Let's just figure out how to get around all the restrictions / regulations. First it will be big business then big government that will get in the way. Here Mr Negre made a better mouse trap now it is up to us to help market it.
written by abdul, December 21, 2007
Well guys those who know that this is a great idea should be aware that there are some corporate dogs barking loudly in an attemt to derail the technology. these corporate dogs should know that the flood on new ideas are coming there way as drivers will not tolerate GBP 1 per litre of this toxic black gold they are selling.
air car
written by car rent Israel, December 26, 2007
I'm sure this will be a great success. As I've said before, renting this cars will be a great solution for people to get to know them, experience them. There's no telling as to how many will decide to buy one afterwards
Air car
written by Manny, December 27, 2007
This car is ugly as hell (I supose you don't really find Indian works of art anywhere) But this is a brilliant concept and I'm onboard.
Simply because it's a chance to do something for our struggling environment and save a few bucks in the process.

P.S. Are you really trying to tell me that in the last 40 odd years of trying to get a viable air powered car.. it wasnt the japanese, the germans or
the americans that came up with this, but a frenchie? And know an Indian company is the only to get onboard this promising project? I think big companies
have a way of manoeuvring and killing off threats to their profit margins. PLEAZE dont sell this patent to big oil haha
modern americans
written by stinkfoot, December 30, 2007
what a bunch of shirt lifting, pillow biters americans have turned into!!!
scared of the big bad guvmint and the oil companies....oooh i want my mummy.
Natural gas conversion idea
written by Chip, January 03, 2008
Instead of about compressed air why not convert the gasoline using cars to use natural gas like all of the cab companies in the Tokyo Japan area did way back in the spring of 1970. I remember that the Nissan taxi's with plastic tanks of propane mounted over their rear axle for weight. That idea was tried in this country and dropped for various unknown reasons. Any idea why ? propane is 104 octane by the way
charcoal briquettes used for fuel
written by Chip, January 03, 2008
I have pictures of some of the taxi cabs in Tokyo that had charcoal briquette burning apparatus over the rear bumper to provide fumes that the engine could burn right after WW2 was over. Gasoline was impossible to get so the Japanese used coal how novel
Who cares what the USA thinks?
written by goatchowder, January 06, 2008
The USA is irrelevant. The dollar is going in the toilet, because it's based on nothing. The emerging growth markets are India and China and the "cream" for high-end stuff is Europe.

This business venture will succeed. This car will be a huge hit. There are billions of people in India and China and all over the rapidly-industrializing "Third World". They are aware of the ecological dangers, they are cost-conscious, and their billions of new drivers will NOT be buying Hummers.

Just like the cell phone system and broadband. The rest of the world, especially the new emerging countries, will get it right and do it right, and the USA will be stuck with creaky, antiquated, porkbarrel crap required by the corporations and cartels and other special interests who run the place.

The USA is the new Soviet Union. The rest of the world will prosper and we will collapse.
Check this site!!!
written by kiwi, January 07, 2008
Check this site, it may answer some of your questions.
written by jcb29arz, January 10, 2008

Bravo Guy Nègre et Bravo à France Télévision
FR2 & FR3 pour la diffusion le 3 janvier dernier, de votre invention :

Il faut que nous signions une pétition nationale (et même internationale)
pour faire HOMOLOGUER votre concept DE TOUTE URGENCE…
Les lobbyings du pétrole n’ont PLUS leur mot à dire…


Notre pouvoir d’achat et de consommation d’energie aussi !
While Air-Car is a start, Engineair, app
written by Ben Brown, January 11, 2008
I am happy to see any air car on the market for a real world test. I was one of the first people to have a Honda Insight and it lead to the Prius. I'm hoping that Air-Car will open up the door for the Engineair motor to come into use. I'd love to see it as an option for the Aptera vehicle which is both ultra light and appears to satisfy the legal requirements for road worthiness in America. (btw I've gotten anywhere from 80mpg to 50mpg on different highway trips in my Insight)
Best for Taxi use
written by R.Rao, January 11, 2008
Forget about wide adoption. Even if Taxis and courier vehicles in congested downtowns in USA are replaced by Aircars, it will result in a signifant improvement in Air quality.
MY compressed air car...
written by JL MEALER, January 14, 2008
Funny thing. MY compressed air car is a full sized sedan, runs over 100 mph,
is a bit noisy so far but re-generates it's own air supply.
Leave it to us Arizonans without unions to do it right!
When McCain is elected, it will be put on the market.
written by Foto, January 15, 2008
It's impressive.
Oil companies will try to undermine this
written by Tim Norris, January 17, 2008
The air car is in my view an excellent invention - surprizingly the invention corresponds to a solution that has been possible for many years and only now been fully appreciated - a hallmark of a true invention. However, I fear that lobby groups such as big oil companies will try to discourage this excellent air car technology to ensure their profits. If necessary, government legislation will be necessary to insist on this form of air car technology in dense urban areas where air pollution is presently a problem to ensure that the air car technology is quaickly adopted. The air car technology is an excellent complement to wind turbine electricity generation, solar power, tidal power, hydroelectric power and perhaps nuclear power.

I have heard that the USA is unlikely to adopt this technology rapidly becuase of the oil industry lobby. It is precisely the USA that has greatest need to adopt this air car technology - and quickly - in view of "peak oil" considerations.

Thanks for reading my comment.
automovil nano
written by manuel, January 23, 2008
cuando llegan a colombia los automoviles tato nano
written by Mazia, January 28, 2008
Hi , do you really have a sedan than runs on compressed air in the US? if yes can you tell me what make and model and how much it will cost me to purchase one? i am highly interested.

written by g, January 29, 2008
When oil runs out, no one will care about safety standards as all cars will be air cars or whatever. Good to see this as an alternative...Humans should be more concerned with oil running out than with the environment. The environment will out live humans by millions if not billions of years and will have plenty of time to recover.....
STOp teasing us
written by RA, January 30, 2008
Instead off just teasing us why doesn't an USA company make them here so we can buy them .. tired of the promises avaialbe soon from mdi.. Said be avaialbe three years ago in the USA WHERE ARE THEY..
written by AIR-CAR, February 01, 2008
written by Paige Martin, February 02, 2008
Tata motors has done an exceptional job. We may get more of these kind of innovations if they complete their transaction of some of the "luxury" brands out of Ford motors like Jaguar. Would be awesome to get a jaguar car like this!
written by UKRAINE nation, February 03, 2008
it is an invention of age of skorast' very good I for the translation of all of motor-car enthusiasts on such car.
written by michael, February 05, 2008
8) :o :( >:( ;D :D ;) :) :-* :-* :-* :'( :- >:( ;D ;) :-* :'( :'( :-* ;) :) :) 8)
yerr itsd pritty koolll woww
Nice peanut gallery
written by You are idiots, February 12, 2008
I love a bunch of google scholars that think this company which is already producing air-powered vehicles is some elaborate hoax perpetuated on the public because they somehow know more about physics and the laws of science than the creators of the vehicle. Beatiful comments such as:

It could be used as a weapon of mass destruction
(right, Osama and crew are jumping on the bandwagon with the air car as we speak because its so dangerous)

The tanks could explode! Oh my gosh, they didn't figure that out. You're so much smarter than these inventors. Never mind the fact that they took that into account and made them out of materials to prevent this.

It won't pass crash tests! Gee, how do motorcycles fair when involved in a crash. We allow those, don't we?

It's a perpetual motion machine! Right, it's not a case of energy being used more efficiently due to extremely light weight materials and genius engineering. You've figured out the scam. Call the government immediately and have them shut down.

Fossil fuels would be used to produce the air! Really?! They didn't think of that, but wait a minute, it's still way more efficient. Oh, and by the way fossil fuels are used to produce and transport and refine... fossil fuels.

The fact is brainwashed pseudo-intellectuals think they're smarter than people that are bringing us brilliant technologies that are already working. The ONLY thing stopping this from being mass produced is PURE GREED plain and simple. You're nuts if you think air is more of a danger to the environment or your safety than Gasoline. Someone was even concerned about the flammability of AIR. I should be ashamed to be a US citizen.
written by Michael Hardin, February 16, 2008
I've been following this story for over two years now and I'm delighted to hear this news. I hope our country (US) embraces this technology with open arms. On the other hand, we are so obsessed with performance and excess that I'm not sure how this car would sell here. People have to wake up and understand that must make a sacrifice or we'll all suffer in the long run.
Fantastic News
written by Neil Ballantyne, February 16, 2008
Just discovered this car on the internet and cant wait to see it on the roads.
One question though- is there power loss when climbing a steep hill, as there are many in Scotland.
Any way I will still be buying one when they are in mass production.
Air Car & Big Oil
written by Mark, February 18, 2008
who cares what BIG OIL , such as exxon, thinks . They do not care about the general public when they fill up.
Air is free!
written by ct, February 21, 2008
In all of the talk about this versus other technologies nobody points out that air is free and available. You just have to get it into the tank. Hydrogen and electricity are great but the former isn't readily available and that latter is not proving practical so far. Why is it so hard for us to think outside the box?

Air Car is real and it's coming in under
written by Paul, February 25, 2008
Guy Negre of MDI Air Car engine that runs on compressed air. Emissions are only filtered air that's cleaner than outside air. 300 bars of pressure in carbon-fibre & kevlar air tanks. Car can travel at 110 km/hr and has a 150 km driving range. Refilling can be done by plugging in at home or at a special high-pressure air station. Dual-energy models use small amounts of bio-fuels that can extend the range to over 1400 kms.

Pollution free vehicle that produces zero emissions. When the car stops at traffic lights, the engine stops so no energy is lost because there's no idling.

Go to for more information.
North America needs this
written by David, February 26, 2008
This car should be sold in North America but the thing is that Winter in most U.S. states and in Canada lasts about 8 months and it get prety cold in the Great White North. I dont think that these cars have a heater or an air conditioning unit. It's about -40 degrees celcius in the winter and it gets to be about 33 degrees celcius in the summer. MDI and Tesla Motors could figure something out for North America Air and Lithium Ion together at last.
written by Matt Stevenson, February 28, 2008
lets just hope that no one wants to get out of that passenger seat while grandma is getting out of the backseat. there's a reason U.S. cars don't have suicide sliding van doors.
Hello? They made a car run on AIR, peopl
written by mike, March 02, 2008
I mean, if you're still poo pooing the air car you should be shot...on the spot....because you're either dumb or evil...To focus on the drawbacks of a car that can run on air is like focusing on the flaws of free internet access...HELLO??? And all these people postulating possible engineering or performance issues (some of which are incorrect)...Think of what the designers had to overcome to get where they are now...a car that runs on AIR!!! Whatever other obstacles or criticisms they may face are insignificant by comparison...The first gasoline cars had their own detractors and performance issues to overcome...If we had squashed the gas car in its awkward infancy, we would have never seen or known how useful and commonplace it was destined to become...Is that what some of you want to do to a car that runs on air?

Some idiots will suggest that we shouldn't use air cars because the tanks could explode...For one, if you watched the video, you'd know that the tanks are made out of carbon fiber and will only split in an accident...And secondly, can't we say the same and worse about the gas tank on gas powered vehicles?
MDI Air Car
written by Ivar Winslow-Hansen, March 11, 2008
When is the air-car coming to BC CANADA ? I would Very much like to purchase one or even two and show the BC residents on great it is to run on air and not to pollute the atmosphere that is so important for our future
written by Nubia Carroll, March 11, 2008
Put my name on a waiting list. I am interested on 4 cars
written by Clay, March 22, 2008
This is the future.
Air Car; Import to USA
written by Robert, March 24, 2008
1.) Re: importation of Air Car. I know that some specialty car manufacturers in Europe can circumvent US Safety rules by exporting cars in "knocked-down" or kit form. Most states have a procedure allowing people to register cars as "home builts".

2.) Insofar as safety is concerned, the small Smart Car has an innovative structure that provides exceedingly protective environment for people in high-speed accidents. Those cars are also very light. It is not impossible to engineer a safe small car.
written by interested fan, April 18, 2008
Jeez some people need to get their facts right, if you read the info on MDI's website that their going to base these vehicles on it explains that the compressed air (although does expand to a freezing temperature) will be heated enough to provide a better expanding gas and thus expel ambient tempered air into the environment.

secondly the air tanks their wanting to use are a slight variation on those used in SCUBA equipment, being as the ones oging to be used are designed to crack lengthways along the tank (if punctured hard enough) so as to let the air out of a larger gap rather than a small hole!

oh and the whole deal with the cars being glued together, check how the body panels are attached to a Lotus Elise!

if they do start production soon (i've been waiting for 3 years) i'm hoping to see a motorcycle version embracing the same technology :)
i want it
written by max, April 28, 2008
it is the best super can ia have one :)
The Great White North
written by breezinthru, April 28, 2008
I expect this vehicle to perform very well in India... but how does very cold winter temperatures effect the performance and range of an air powered bvehicle?
written by will, April 29, 2008
i guess the air car did not pass the crash test. so thay should classify it as a light atv or a golf cart!!!
written by will, April 29, 2008
but we need to get them here as soon as we can
written by JR, April 29, 2008
I believe a company has licensed the technology for US production and they expect to be on sale in 2-3 years. I might buy one myself.

There are numerous electric cars that use all carbon fiber frames instead of steel. Super strong, yet also very light. I wonder if they will consider combining carbon fiber frame technology with the air compressor approach. Would be the perfect match, although carbon fiber is still pretty extensive...
Car crashes Vs. Speed....
written by Simon Bolivar, May 08, 2008
someone said that we have to look at the car crash factor, that there are 42,000 car crash each year or something like that...What car crash factor the car only goes 68 miles per hour...I bet 95% to 98% of the car crash that occur in America is because people are going at 100 or 100 miles per hour..
Air = Water....
written by Simon Bolivar, May 08, 2008
Some of you i don't know what you all are thinking...Remember people used to say that one day cars will run on water or on urine (lol)...Well this is better and with time there will come perfection...Why this is better? because water at least cost some bucks, while air is free...And you will think that people will be happy to know that there is a car that runs on air...Now what we made great progress and got that cover and we need to focus on finding the eternal fountain of youth, cure to the world's diseases, obesity, reaching other planets, etc...Is a great advancement and is the future, why? Because imagine that we found a way to travel to a distant planet where the water is hidden in subterranean caves, we will need air powered cars and not water powered cars to travel in such terrain...So they are the future...
written by Simon, May 09, 2008
The compressed air is stored in a composite fiber/kevlar tank which is designed not to explode but can "rupture" along special zones in much the same way as cars are designed with crumple zones. This causes the air to be released away from passengers.
Another key advantage is that as the air pressure is lowered when it is decompressed, it cools substantially. The engineers have already integrated this as an airconditioning system. As mentioned - its harder to generate a heating system.
With oil prices surging and supplies limited, they need to expedite this technology now. I have my cheque book ready! I also intend to put a solar array on my roof to drive a compressor to provide the fuel. Some capital outlay but cheap motoring there-after.
No Filters
written by Bad Breathe Viking, May 17, 2008
And all those writing here even not knowing their grammar, should go back to school and do their grades before they start slam against things created by people who know the thing best, do their job best and offering whole world freedom of choice. Shut up comic book dreamers and think about how hard is to create something worth and not to bang something, knock down buildings, blast another fire or crash hundred plus cars just for fun. It should be only one filter here - adult, grown mind access clearing access filter. Rest of the loud crowd should see their brothers and keep yelling BAAAA...

Not even time to find out what to resist so hard.
My, my.. What a strong willed bunch.. Heh..
stay out of the kitchen....
written by Kitchen...., May 23, 2008
i don't know what's the indirect line been thrown at people a free posting place people should have their own damn opinions...if you can take the heat..STAY AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN...The sad part is that i am scared of everyone here...LOL...Because i don't know what they got that other people don't have...
Anyways people call themselves ecogeeks/nerds whatever DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE WORD "NERD" means...You can talk all you want, there is still 300 million people in the U.S and none of them drive an air powered car and just because YOU OR YOUR GROUP of geeks drive an eco friendly car your COUNTRY IS STILL SUFFERING FROM OIL..IS A DISEASE THAT IS CONSUMING YOUR COUNTRY AND EVERY COUNTRY OUT THERE..There are how much people in Europe 500 million i will say...And none of them drive an air powered car...So you can talk all you want and throw all the indirects that you want...YOUR COUNTRY IS STILL SUFFERING FROM OIL...SO SHUT UP...And because one day we will have to leave this earth and settle into another planet...And you are retarded because who cares if you can't write perfectly who pays attention to your sentences...
Concerned human on the planet
written by sjm, May 25, 2008
I admit I haven't read all the comments, but I will say that the idea of a car that can be charged at home, coupled with the increase in alternative energy sources, including Wind, Solar and micro Hydro (no dams, please) would make it possible to use a car running on compressed air and not have a huge demand placed on coal/dam/nuclear power. Perhaps the technology will increase at the same rate as the increase of alternative energy sources and we will be able to realize all our's hoping.

written by chad, May 29, 2008
that toy would get stuck in 1 inch of snow and kiss the ditch in 1 inch of rainfall
written by chad, May 29, 2008
we have always had a free market yet nothing can or ever will be as usefull as petroleum.
get over your liberal control al gorite's... there is no global warming.
Yeah, let's burn ethanol and starve all of the third world counties. Let's burn compact fluorescent light bulbs.
and dump their mercury in our water and homes and landfills.
Jump on the tax/liberal bandwagon for these new toys and subsidary's and I will get the last laugh
technology is out there, but who could afford it, wind,solar,electric,air,food for fuel is a joke.
if you hate america so much... just leave and die waiting to see a doctor
written by Brian, June 05, 2008
First of all from an American to those negative on this let me point out a few facts:
1. Motocycles are in the US and there is no more unsafe means of land transportation.
2. In the event of a tank breach the manufacturer is already using poly fiber tanks for safety.
3. Top speed of 85, first there is no area in the US where 85 is legal. Next government planning on
reducing our max speed in highly populated areas to 55 so that we operate our cars more efficiently.
4. Distribution of fuel is a thing of the past because as most of us know it would be only a small
investment to have home fueling or a self fueled car.
5. Don't be fooled this car has not pollution, well in fact this is true. The car is using energy to fill.
We must us other forms of creating electricity. One really cool idea is to use solar or wind energy to create
compressed air and store it in an under ground cavern. When we exhaust the cavern it goes to a closed loop system
that flows through turbines that drive a power generator to supply a power grid. I believe they just found the way
to store energy until it is needed. Who new Air was the storage medium for energy.

In closing, I believe this is a simple and genius idea. Politicians will fight it because financially the oil lobby
will not support it. In the end the people will demand it to disempower OPEC and the technology will improve rapidly
creating more efficient cars. As for me I am searching for an opportunity to start manufacturing this in NAFTA. If we
start with a self fueling solution then fuel distribution is solved and this will be very hot!!!
Business Consultant
written by Derek Steven, June 05, 2008
I think its great I would love the opertunity to market it, Because I believe in it and I think the lessor privolidged people in my country would benafite from this great invention.WELL DONE.
Struggling business
written by Wayne, June 07, 2008
Just a quickie

Today 07-06-08 diesel in the UK is now at £1.34 near where I live “and” rising. I run a domiciliary care agency taking care of vulnerable adults each member of staff covers 300-500 mile per week. The British government together with the NHS (National Health Service) refuse to help our industry. This Air Car seams to be the answer to my business travel needs. I can’t wait to purchase a few for our staff that’s if we have not folded by the time the car is on sale in the UK.
;) ;)
written by Wayne, June 07, 2008
Folded due to the fising cost of fuel or our elderly clients have passed on because we cant aford to get to them.
The Liberal U.S Congress will tax this t
written by Dennis, June 16, 2008
If all the problems stated above can be fixed so this Aircar can be sold here in the U.S we won't get as great a savings as one might expect! Reason? The liberal U.S. Congress will NEVER allow the loss of gas tax revenue to go without something to replace it! (remember, out of the profit for each gallon of gas sold here the government gets 15 cents while the "greedy" oil companies get 5 cents!) So i can see a HUGE import tax on these Aircars as well as a tax on the air from the "air stations". We could of course purchase our own personal air compressor but i'm afraid those would carry a fat tax as well at the time of purchase! Then there could always be a "road use tax" or a "entry and exit off the highway tax" ETC!!! If you think i'm being silly here, eather you don't pay attention to what these bloodsucking bastards are already taxing us on or, you don't live here! I really hope this can work here but i'm afraid that can't happen when the idiots in power don't try to solve problems, instead they constantly create them!
contact your state rep.
written by wtf, June 20, 2008
I am not going to discuss pros and cons dealing with this car.What the U.S. needs to do is to allow the sale of cars that don't meet crash test requirement with car that surpass emission requirements by a specific percent.Have the person that buys such a car sign a legal document releasing the manufacture from crash impact failures and the customer would know the risk involved.The crash test standard for U.S. cars is in place so small imports can't get a foot hold in the U.S. auto industry.I ride a motorcycle and under stand the risk involved,also have a class A CDL and if your in an collision you are liable even if it is not your fault.Reason,You can technically avoid any collision if your paying attention,following guide lines and speed limits.So if you like the small car alternative fuel concept tell you state rep,congressmen and senator.Demand change don't just talk about change or we will end up oil addicts until the end.
written by Maker, June 21, 2008
Its a great! I think it will be the best solution for most cities.
Why not a ZE lane?
written by San, July 01, 2008
We already have HOV lanes, why not Zero Emissions Lane ;)
President Taxis & limo service, Christc
written by Gazza, July 08, 2008
I am very impressed with your"Air Car"this would make an excellent Taxi in our City, as its all flat running and plenty of compressor fill stations facilities..I am very interested in obtaining any other information if it would be permitted in New Zealand .What a great Invention almost to good to be true.
come on
written by hahah, July 08, 2008
this car is dangerous?????????????????????????
cars already kill 40 too 50 thousand people a year.
wtf are you worried about danger for????????????????????????
written by nicole dorenski, July 09, 2008
i think it looks silly it is ugly >:(
Hydrogen Oxygen Fuel Cell Car in relatio
written by Aaron Helwig, July 11, 2008
To me the best way to go besides an oxygen hydrogen fuel cell car is a solar air hybrid car. The reason I wouldn't advise the fuel cell right now is because hydrogen stations aren't easy to find and so it would be hard to refuel it. The solar air hybrid car would run on the energy of the sun during the day and on compressed air at night. Even on partly cloudy days the sun would shine through to give the car power. During a cloud cover the car would then be forced to run on air. I've heard about the French air cars and they seem pretty good, but I think the Di Pietro rotary air engine is the best. Even though it's not exactly what people wish for with power and speed; I say give it some time because it's almost like the perfect engine. Oh another thing about compressed air. I think it would be possible to rarely fill it up with air if you used the engine's power to compress the exhausted air and reuse it to run the engine on. What does everybody else think?
Hydrogen or Helium is not the answer.
written by jack fisher, July 14, 2008
To those touting either hydrogen or even helium:

There is no elemental hydrogen on this planet for the taking, to get any at all, you need to apply a lot of energy to "refine" it from something freely available like water. Helium is an even worse idea since it is expensive and cannot be reclaimed after its compressed form powers the car. It is lost to the atmosphere. I cannot even believe someone would suggest substituting a scarce resource like helium for the ever to be free of cost and quite lovely AIR.

This idea will take off because it is so right, however the dorky French styling will not go over anywhere but there.. ;D
why not air power gas power has proven u
written by bobby, July 15, 2008
in the u.s. we need to change the minds of the people the impact fossil fuels are having are very much a problem and should be important to all people every one is so worried about the economy and the impact on the auto makers and oil companies bring this technoligy here establish production and sales here in the states create jobs for our people and help to do something about globel warming the damage were having on the planet is real the price of gas is more and more and all that is doing is putting more cash in the hands of the people who would hate to see this type of technoligy advance while thecash in your pocket has less value do to the rise in cost of every thing frome bread and milk that cost more do to the fact its costing more to get it to the stores for purchase from what i have seen these cars get good range at a good speed and dont have a large need for the use of fossil fuel exept for refilling the air tank other alternatives to gas such as electric cars just dont seem as practical they need large batteries that need to be charged as well and i would think that they would have a impact on the enviroment when it became time for ther disposal sorry about my speeling dont do a lot of wrighting but i try vote oboma in 08 yea
written by jack fisher, July 15, 2008
Bobby try to learn 4th grade spelling, not to mention punctuation; before you try writing. And go easy on whatever meds your taking..... :P
written by Tamás Páble, July 15, 2008
Can somebody help me? I need an info about MDI air car! WHERE CAN I BUY IT???? Please give me the adress.

latest comments and with opinion
written by Aaron Helwig, July 15, 2008
I didn't mention the use of the air car due to dumb global warming theory. I mentioned it because of economical problems. One of you mentioned how you thought it would take so called "fossil fuels" to run a compressor. No, it would only need to be battery run or plugged into an outlet. By the way, I don't even call it fossil fuels because I think the fuel does come from the ground, but not from fossils. I think the fuel is always being made. For anyone to think that that many layers of fossils all around the Earth were that plentiful is stupid to me. If it was really from fossils, wouldn't we have already run out by now; I mean would fossils supply us this long? The latest guy sais how he wanted to get one himself and he needed an address. Sorry, but I don't know any addresses to contact French MDI companies or how to ship one over here. You never know with government these days, they might come after you if they see you advancing more than the usual society. I think that the only way to get out of this economic problem is to do it yourself.
written by jack fisher, July 16, 2008
The corrupt and foul peep screwin' govt will come up with some idiocy on why we can't get air cars, such as the lack of an air bag? I got plenty of air, its just not in the bag you fool govt drone!
written by Tamás Páble, July 16, 2008
Thanks for all infos!
written by Tamás Páble, July 16, 2008
Go for get an own air car. I'm gonna make every effort to achieve it!
written by Tamás Páble, July 16, 2008
Go for get own air car! I'm gonna make every effort to get one!
air cars and fuel efficiency with cars
written by Aaron Helwig, July 17, 2008
I don't know that they'll even permit air cars on the streets in today's world. You might have to make it look like it's a usual car by changing just the outside. You know on TV when you see all these luxury cars on the commercials, well I'm like stop consentratng on feel and looks and start consentrating on efficiency. I know 30 to 35 mpg is a great thing to have in a car, but I saw a guy in a magazine that made his own car and it got,can you believe 100mpg! He made it real light weight and aerodynamic and it worked great. I don't know how he did it though.
solar panels on your house
written by Aaron Helwig, July 17, 2008
Why don't more people start making change by putting solar panels on their roofs. This would mean one doesn't have to pay the electric company anything. Solar energy is plentiful and one can get more than they need using this energy and use the excess for anything else that they might need. People commonly say, what do you do on a cloudy day or cloud cover, the answer is even on cloudy days the light can still be use somewhat and on a cloud cover one would use saved up electricity. Don't let people tell you that solar is a bad way to go, because most people haven't tried it. Eventually one could get to the point where they transmit the solar energy from the house to the car as electricity. This would only work for electric or solar air hybrid cars. :)
written by Joseph Maqueda, July 19, 2008
In 1978, in Caguas, Puerto Rico I met an auto mechanic who was working on a Datsun 1200 fastback and he was installing a compressed air tank from a stand alone regular shop air compressor in the trunk. It had a regulator valve and a copper line that ran under the floor to the engine where he designed some sort of distributor that ran four copper lines to a fitting on each piston where the spark plugs used to be located. The entire vehicle was gutted of all unessential components like seats, panels, etc and the wheels were all aluminum discs like those used on the front ends of dragsters. To start it he'd open the valve in the trunk, get in and adjust a valve on the dash to get the car going. He would adjust speed by opening or closing this valve. Braking was standard. About 2 weeks after everyone saw him riding around town I ran in to him on his way to the airport with his whole family. I asked where he was going and he said he was moving to the US. Turns out someone from one of the big three US auto firms had shown up at his house and bought the car and the patent. He wasn't allowed to say who it was or how much he had been paid according to the contract he had signed. This was back in 1978, 30 years ago. Looks like they couldn't keep the rabbit under the hat any longer, doesn't it? Can you imagine what would have happened to big oil had a compressed air car come out on the market in the 80's? Bush would probably have invaded Greenland for the water instead!
written by Tamás Páble, July 20, 2008
I decided to convert a regular vehicle, becouse I couldn't get the adress of MDI air-car factory. My father is a car mechanic, with his help we can may be make a fine result. If somebody can help us with some infos, it would be great. Finaly the MDI's adress would be great as well.
written by Carl Pinkston, July 29, 2008
Sounds great, wish that i could have read all of the comments above, but got tired..
The only road test that i have read about is an air car that got 4 miles on a tank of air..
So what is going on? 4 miles is not that great. I am still waiting from someone to test drive and measure the distance and speed..
everything else is just dreaming..
written by Aaron Helwig, July 30, 2008
You might not know much about air cars, but I've researched it on the internet and and heard that it can go 200 kilometers or so on a tank of compressed air. I think this would equal about 120 miles. I also heard that the fastest ones can go 68 mph. If one combined this with solar, one would have near the perfect car that would be near cost free and no pollution. To those who think that it's dreaming; it's not. It's a reality. :)
written by Tamás Páble, July 30, 2008
I agree with you Aaron! I'm going to start the university in Sept, so I'm going to have some help to try to get one MDI or to build one, becouse there are many people who are intrested in this topic. We will see. In my opinion it's the best to save environment.
*****im waiting for this car*****
written by nadir, July 30, 2008
hi pakistani brothers, do you know that you have lot of telent and you can make this car engine its very simple and i also made a litle engine at home.
*******you can make this car engine at h
written by nadir, July 30, 2008
i love my pakistan
written by Aaron Helwig, August 11, 2008
Did you hear about the air car on Well, it's a pretty big topic there and I bet that most people feel the hype of the advancement now and forget about it just a few months from now; what do you think? I heard that it's supposed to be starting production in 2009 or 10 in the U.S., but people say a lot of things just to hold the public off so long so that they can look like they're doing something when really they're taking the longest time to do the simplest thing! This procrastination reminds me of NASA with how incredibly slow they seem to advance with simple missions. I think the government has a big role in all of this. Another thing is a about the slightly lowering gas prices. I believe it's a conspiracy so the government can get people feeling like gas is normal to be at 4 dollars a gallon, then lower it slowly until election time or so and then up it goes slowly back to 4 dollars. It's sickening to think that the government is this evil and thirsty for power.
Mexico City was suppose to be the first
written by Hillel, November 03, 2008
In 2000 there was an article that new mexico was suppose to be the first to switch all ataxi's to air powered car.
Of course nothing has happened since then.
Who torpedoed the deal?
America? gas companies? car companies?
I guess we'll never know.
Mexico city
written by Fabiola, November 05, 2008
First of all this is a response to the last comment. new mexico is not in another country its in the united states and mexico city is in mexico. just to let you know :o
Uh,'s two things I havn't seen an
written by Wheeler, November 06, 2008
What about horsepower for mountainous terrain, and especially what about crash test safety? Yeah the air car looks "cute" but I happened to notice that it is capable of traveling at 60 m.p.h. For me, that sounds fun in such a small vehichle. But other may beg to differ. I guess one thing is a plus, if you were going up a mountain with a tank of air from the bottom you would get slightly better air to energy efficency due to pressure variation! lol! :-*
Where is it??
written by Charlie, November 16, 2008
This is a May 2007 article saying that the car is "ready for mass production".

Where is it? For that matter, where is the e.Volution car announced by this same company in 2000, ready for production in South Africa in 2002, per a BBC article.

Powering a car by compressed air is technically feasible, but inefficient. The heat lost when compressing the air means that the overall efficiency from electrical power source to compressed gas to power on the drive axle is a maximum of about 40%. In comparison, an electric car is 80=% efficient.

The other problem is that compressed air is at the very best only about as dense a storage mechanism (per either volume or weight) as a lead acid battery. What this means is that the operating range is limited. The figures in the story, as in the many other stories written about MDI and Zero Pollution Motors are just extrapolations (i.e. "guesses and hopes").

In the only published test data the MDI aircar was only able to go 7.22km (not quite 5 miles), but then they hypothesize multiple improvements and turn that into a claim of 125 or 150 miles! This info is no longer available on the MDI website, but is in the wayback machine:

Use Compressed Air or Natural Gas depend
written by clint, November 18, 2008
Fill the air car with natural gas and enhance the air engine..... an engine with computer controlled valves could be a combustion engine, air engine, and an air compressor. Decompress the Nat Gas to start the car and then run in combustion mode; short bursts of air engine operation when the depresurized Nat Gas reserve is low. Braking would include running the engine as a compressor; requires a spare air only tank.
written by D, November 24, 2008
Heck with the car.....Attach that motor to a generator to power my house...Get me off the grid!
Where is the car NOW , It's almost 2009
written by tidus, November 25, 2008
/the tanks are made of a material that will rupture not explode. I have been looking for info on the car in India and can't find any.. America is too busy handing out money to people that allready ripped us off.. lol
written by Charlie, December 07, 2008
D_, hooking up the car to a generator won't get your house off the electric grid. Not for very long at least. Once you have used up the compressed air in the tank, then you need to go back on the grid to get the power to compress the air back into the tank.

The overall efficiency of grid power to energy in the tank will be 20% or less. Then from the tank back to mechanical power will be about 40% (8% total efficiency). Mechanical power to electricity will be 90% or so, for a round trip efficiency of less than 10%. Not a very good system for energy storage and conversion.

Batteries, motors and generators are a lot better way of storing energy. Roughly 75 or 80% round trip efficiency from the wall to the battery to the motor to the generator. Batteries also store a lot more energy than will compressed air for the same amount of space and weight. This is why the compressed air car gets talked about a lot, but has never gone into production.

This "ready for mass production" car from May 2007 is still nowhere near production, and most likely will never be built.
written by EDSunnari, December 10, 2008
>:( >:(
terrific car
written by DR. ALAN BORG, December 13, 2008
We must do something about it to get it manufactured in every country of the world. I congratulate Mr. Guy Negra and his son Cyrill Negra. They are great people to me. I will hug both of them If I see them. I really admire them. They have done holly job. Provide me their phone number asap please. Best & Sincere Regards. Dr. Alan Borg Hannover Germany

Real Discovery
written by Sanjog Kadam, December 23, 2008
TATA, the Second introduction of INDIA. We realy proud of the TATA group for his new gift to INDIA. This is the real discovery. I just sujjest one idea that you have to introduce new attrative modales for car on air. it is affectively works on indian market.
Carbon Fiber Tanks are not as dangerous
written by Andrew, January 12, 2009
Carbon Fiber Tanks are not as dangerous as metal tanks. What I understand is if punctured they tear apart apart, rather than exploding.
Air today air tommorow
written by Andrew Culpeck, February 20, 2009
@flying machines? see Angelo Di Pietro in Wicky and see Air Car (2 of 2) Australia on you tube. the engin that he created is fantastic and so could easaly power a propellor powered airplain.

An education is all you need to know tha
written by Marcus Aurelius, February 21, 2009
I am amazed at very low level of scientific understanding of the majority of the posters.
The amount of energy in that tank, even at 4500 psi is not ever going to power a car for more than a few miles. In MDI's own test their car traveled 7.22 km before running out of air.
What possesses individuals to believe anything they read, especially when their is absolutely no proof to support the claims is beyond my comprehension. MDI has never presented any proof of any type that their vehicles can perform as they claim.
Tata Motors released a statement in October 2008 that said they have no production plans at this time for any air cars.
To believe the words of a company that has lied about production dates for the last 10 years leads me to believe that the posters a very desperate. Get an education in the subject you are reading about instead of relying on unsubstantiated claims. It seems that very few people take advantage of the internet for the resource that it is, you can learn about energy, air compressors, thermodynamics and also the history of claims by MDI.
If you are capable of being objective you will learn that you can not believe everything you read or hear. That the proof is in the performance of the vehicle, all we know at this point is that it can travel 7.22 km. MDI has proved nothing more than that.
The air car will never be a substitute for the vehicles we drive currently, the low energy content of compressed air prevents that from happening. As to an onboard compressor to refill the tanks as the car is driven, learn about the size of an air compressor and the fuel requirements necessary to supply the volumes of air, and you will see it is just another in a series of claims that will not come true.
If the public was able to understand energy and be objective that would not place hope in this ridiculous concept. The uneducated will be drawn by their inability to grasp the entirety of the claims and the science that debunks them.
It is no wonder that scammers find people to send money to them, ("I am an executive in a large bank in Nigeria, I need your help to get money out of the country")some people will believe anything that sounds good to them, the question is why?

Never proof ....just claims
written by Santino, February 21, 2009
I find it hard to believe that so many media outlets publish the claims by the air car promoters without ever asking anyone in the scientific community to verify their claims.
The media is in effect providing free advertising to MDI. To publish their claims without question is very hard to believe especially when their is no proof for what they claim. In addition their claims in the past have never come true, they were supposed to be producing taxis in Mexico in 2001, cars in South Africa in 2002. The claims they made concerning Tata Motors run counter to what Tata published in their press releases. Tata in the press release said they would "envisage further development and refinement of the technology", does that sound as if it was ready for production? Meanwhile MDI was claiming production would start in 2008. MDI loves to associate themselves with reputable companies such as Tata, the problem is the lie about what the plans are. MDI even claimed that they were to buy carbon fiber air tanks form Airbus, the problem is that Airbus does not manufacture carbon fiber tanks, they buy carbon fiber tanks from Yokohama.
The lies an unproven claims just keep accumulating and production never starts, and the claims are never proven. AS another poster says, Tata Motors of India has no production plans for the air car currently.
Charlie, you are absolutely correct
written by Vince Amadio, February 22, 2009
The fact that so many of the posters believe the claims of MDI without question does not speak well to the educational system in this country.
Instead of relying solely on the claims of MDI, I viewed the air car concept as an opportunity to educate myself in the principles in effect in an air powered vehicle and to learn the history of the company and its claims . What I found out was that MDI has a long history of unsubstantiated claims and production dates that were never met.
I also was able to calculate the energy content of the tank in the air car and the energy needed to fill a tank of that size and pressure.
In a few words I will say what seems to be obvious just by looking at the company's history, "the car can not do what they claim".
The reason MDI looks to private investors is that any venture capital fund or institutional investor would employ engineers to analyze the claims of MDI and immediately refute the performance claims based upon the laws of thermodynamics and their application in a compressed air powered system.
Private investors can be swayed and fooled by a good show and do not know the correct questions to ask.
The most basic question has to be, "why do you not demonstrate these capabilities that you claim?", if there is no demonstration, there is no investment, very simple.
Without proof you are simply trusting the very people who have lied consistently over the last 10 years concerning production of these vehicles, why would you do that? Is it a sense of desperation? Or do you often find yourself falling for claims made by unscrupulous companies and unhappy with products you have purchased.
Is your basement full of exercise machines, cabinets full of homeopathic remedies, are you taking many supplements, how many diet fads have you fallen for, when will you realize, "caveat emptor"?
Barnum was right
written by Dan Mead, February 22, 2009
To the poster who is amazed at the low level of scientific understanding; Most of the public is so scientific illiterate it would scare you.
Many men have become rich over the stupidity of the general public, look at all of the companies selling systems to split water into hydrogen and oxygen and feed it into the car engine to increase mileage. People actually buy these items and believe they work, it is the placebo effect, they do not understand the amount of energy necessary to produce an appreciable quantity of hydrogen that would impact a vehicles mileage.
As Barnum said, "There is a sucker born every minute", I believe there is more than one born a minute, judging by the posters that believe the air car company's every changing story.
Successful racing career?
written by Monte Carlo, February 28, 2009
Guy Negre of MDI likes to mention a successful career in Formula 1 Racing. That career involved cars with such unreliability they had to use engines other that their own on occasion due to problems. They also never qualified for a race, his team was usually 20-30 seconds per lap slower that others so they never actually made it past the qualifying trials, that was successful? Just another example of hot air coming from MDI and Guy Negre. search: article title "Castles in the air", year 2002. It is an eye opener.
Guy Negre's past claims really show that his words should be evaluated before believing.
written by clayton dement, April 04, 2009
the tank if made from fiberglass would not explode they would split open safly releasing the pressure
written by Thom, August 27, 2009
This is a wonderful idea. But why has it not gone anywhere? I mean. I have been observing the air car development since 2007 and it has not gone any where. Everything is the same today 2009. It's like frozen in time except the mileage and speed have increased in their interviews and blogs. India was suppose to have these all over their cities as taxis'. Is this a hoax? Scam?
Hoax? Scam? Overenthusiastic True Believers?
written by Charlie, September 19, 2009
After almost yearly announcements since 2000 that they will start sales of an air car "next year", MDI still has yet to deliver a single vehicle.

They show off prototypes running around a parking lot, but don't let independent journalists and auto magazines do a real road test of things like range.

My guess is that the limited energy stored in compressed air limits the range to some not commercially viable. The only published test of an MDI vehicle showed it running out of compressed air after only 7.22km (less than 5 miles).

MDI excels at raising investment money, selling licenses, franchises etc. They aren't so good at fulfilling their promises on performance or on delivering a car.
Nice concept car
written by Amit, November 13, 2009
People will definately buy such cars
written by Harvey, December 16, 2009
Does anyone get it that all this unrealistic propaganda is only to attract investors? The technique is well used to get investment money. The car is VAPORWARE. Notice how many so called progress reports are undated. Yes a prototype exits but what is its real range? I mean, let an independent party test it if it really works as claimed or is near ready for production (won't happen). I suspect does not have the range claimed nor the ability to climb much of a hill. The air engines all clatter like a broken diesel engine, have no byproduct heat to use for a heater, and have little torque. Compressing air is way less efficient (wastes heat) with the current grid (mostly coal powered) then just using/charging lithium batteries in an electric vehicle. Face it, battery power will be the next step. At least there are a few in production right now (still high cost or low performance - take your pick.) smilies/tongue.gif
Air car will never make it into production
written by palo, January 07, 2010
Who are these people trying to fool?
I mean really, are we so naive as to believe that we will be driving cars which need virtually no maintaince and which use no fuel. Who is going to benefit from selling these cars if there is no money to be sucked from the owners after a sale? At most they will be leased like the electric cars but my guess is they will not be sold. The same "vested interests" which repressed the electric car will do the same to the air-car. I'm prepared to put money on it!
written by Harvey, February 05, 2010

No one repressed the electric car (except the laws of science and economics) and there is no conspiracy. If you mean the GM EV1, the company could not afford to keep leasing the car since they cost so much to build and replace the experimental (at the time) batteries. It was just too expensive to maintain them. So the answer to the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car?" is ECONOMICS. GM is in business to make money. Get over it. The Tesla company has a successful electric sports car but it is too expensive for most people to afford ($110,000 USD for base model). They hope to have a sedan in the $60,000 range next year and it looks like they mean it - they have a working prototype they are demonstrating. In the mean time, Nissan has announced the Leaf to be sold later this year in the US, and GM announced the Volt (plug in hybrid with electric only drive) to be sold next year. Both cars are way ahead of the old GM EV1 (which was a two seater without AC). So far, the electric car shows the most promise as the future will no doubt see better batteries, more range, and lower prices. Better, cleaner power plants will need to be developed (nuclear still seems the best we currently have for the vast amounts of power needed in the future).

As for the compressed air car - forget it. It will never be practical. The laws of physics prohibit enough energy to be stored in any known compressed air tanks. For the weight used, the most modern air tanks store about as much energy as lead acid batteries (see Wiki on this) even if the crude engines could extract all the energy (they cannot at the present time). Hardly a breakthrough. You'd be better off with a fancy golf cart.
Better idea
written by Charlie, February 10, 2010
It would be better to use the motor at a smaller scale to power a generator to charge batteries on an electric vehicle you could reduce the battery charge time and extend the range. It not a good idea to power an entire vehicle with compressed air. The facts speak for itself.
Reduce wieght. Extend milage, shorten charge time to minutes with compressed air is the only way it will work. Charlie
written by Harvey, February 18, 2010

Did you read my post at all? Your response indicates you either did not read it or you cannot understand plain English. For the weight used, the most modern air tanks store about as much energy as lead acid batteries. Let me explain so even you can understand. You would have better range using just using the extra weight for more lead acid batteries. Get it?
Stop dreaming
written by Eco logic, March 19, 2010
MDI sells manufacturing licenses and pre-orders to credulous investors/buyers since 1998 ! The autonomy has never been tested by an independent tester.smilies/wink.gif
Compressed air efficiency is very bad.
The power of the MDI Airpod is 6 hp : the power of an lawn mower.smilies/cheesy.gif
written by RIVIRIVI, May 28, 2010
Please let me know where can I buy this car in the USA. NOW: 5/27/10
I'd risk buying it
written by תיק בד, September 12, 2010
what i read is that the MSRP should be less than 3000$.
so if thats true - im buying one !
written by Charlie, August 16, 2011
Still not available.

Zero Pollution Motors, the US licensee of MDI appears to have gone out of business.

MDI has made many predictions of "production starts next year", starting way back in 1998. Unfortunately, all of those predictions and forecasts have turned out to not be true.

MDI is still selling manufacturing licenses and is even selling options on deliveries of their Airpod vehicle. What they aren't doing is delivering vehicles.
written by Brad Blonjeaux, April 13, 2014
Where could I buy one?

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