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JUN 07

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"Fantastic concept car, being green finally gets really cool :) I poste..."

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GM Awards Battery Control Contracts

Exciting news from the auto-world. General Motors has just awarded contracts to Compact Power and Continental Automotive Systems to create the battery systems for a new line of discount levitra online high-efficiency vehicles. One of those vehicles is the (potentially) awesome Chevy Volt that they announced earlier this year.

These two companies will be producing battery control systems, especially focusing on longevity and safety. GM hopes to get at least 10 years, the expected life of a car. They also are working on ways to measure battery cell charge, as overcharging sometimes causes batteries to buy cheap cialis free shipping fail. Even though it is early, GM is confident that they will have working batteries by June next year.

Every move GM makes puts the Chevy Volt closer to our hands. Hopefully the follow through will continue and we will finally see a sexy, mass produced Detroit car...with a plug sticking out the back.

Via AutoBlogGreen and GM Fastlane
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I love it
written by Aurelien, June 08, 2007
Fantastic concept car, being green finally gets really cool :) I posted about it on buy real levitra online my own blog as well. I hope more concepts like this one will follow

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