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I have to drive a cross-country trip this summer from Colorado to upstate New York. Despite the fact that New York holds the coolest summer job in the world for me, I'm already wincing at the idea of cheap generic india viagra slugging out the cialis by mail gas money for my three-day journey.{mosimage}
I've skimmed a couple of articles on good choice levitra pharmacy in india smarter driving, but finally the folks at Edmunds actually tested the tips and reported in on how they worked.  
A quick rundown of a few of the results:
1. Drive moderately, not aggressively. It can save you up to 37%.
2. Drive the speed limit. You'll save around 14%.
3. Set that cruise control. That will also save you around 14%.  
Basically, my dad is going to cialis alternative be very happy because I'm going to be driving like a little old man going to church on my way out to New York. But hey, if it means more money to spend in the Adirondacks, I'll set my cruise to 55 mph and make sure I have a few hundred books on tape at the ready.
Thanks Treehugger . Via: Edmunds .  
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