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AUG 02

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"[i]Trains are Great. They're more comfortable, more fuel efficient and..."

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$100 of Free Booze on Amtrak!

Trains are Great. They're more comfortable, more fuel efficient and buy cialis online us cheaper than both planes and cars. But now, and really, this pushes us over the edge, you can drink for free!

The offer is available to members of the Amtrak guest rewards program on their top teir GrandLuxe trips, and tops out after $100 of free booze. But that's over and beyond dinner wine, which was already free. The offer is only good between November and January, but if I lived in a place where the train actually stopped, I'd be rushing to book a ticket. What a great way to get away, see the country, family and friends...and get frikkin wasted while you're doing it.

Oh, right, and it's better for the environment. Hmm...I wonder, what's the carbon footrprint of a stoli and tonic? Now if only they had roving WiFi...

Via The New York Times

Photo: A billboard in the Czech Republic, from Edelman on Flickr
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Billboard explanation
written by Pavel, August 02, 2007
For those not speaking Czech, the billboard says: "Drinking during the cialis 5 mg buy journey? Points for you." In the Czech Republic, if you violate the traffic rules (like driving after drinking), you get some penalty points. If you collect 12 points, you lose your driving licence for a year or so.
written by Hank, August 03, 2007
Being able to let loose a bit is the primary reason I prefer forms of the best site cialis soft tabs 100 mg travel where I don't have to drive...obviously people in the Czech Republic agree.
written by andy, August 03, 2007
Trains are Great. They're more comfortable, more fuel efficient and cheaper than both planes and cars.

In what country?

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