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GM Beating Toyota in the levitra pharmacy in india Next-Gen Hybrid War

Toyota could easily have the first plug-in hybrid on the streets but, amazing, I don't think it's going to happen. They are simply not putting the necessary research funding into batteries. They've run into some problems with their Lithium Cobalt Oxide batteries and, as they have no fall back plan, it looks like they're going to lose their eco-edge.

GM, on the other hand, has announced partnerships with two leading battery companies that are creating two different sorts of batteries, thus putting their eggs in multiple baskets. Plus, it looks like they're not going to need more than the first basket as A123Systems batteries are doing extremely well in safety and durability testing. GM will likely have it's plug-in Saturn VUE ready by late 2009 with the pfizer levitra Chevy Volt following not long after that.

The much-touted next-gen Prius, it would seem, is going to be a bit late to the game. And frankly, that's a first for Toyota. The question becomes, will consumers notice the the best site official canadian pharmacy shift and opt for GM, or will the branding and design of brand name viagra the Prius prevail, and hold it's title despite being a year or two late to the plug-in party.

Info via Autopia

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written by Gordon Niessen, August 10, 2007
I am not interested in the Volt. Not because I am concerned about the reliability of the car, but the company. After what they have done in the past with the EV1, I would not buy anything from them. I feel it is my way of pushing companies to buying viagra online make smarter decisions.
written by Jason, August 11, 2007
The Volt is an interesting concept... but that's all it will ever be.
written by odograph, August 11, 2007
I think the plug-in battles have a lot in common with the old "vaporware" wars in computer software.

There, a company without a shipping product would pre-announce something that the later would (or would not) build. The goal was to gain mindshare, and undermine current-generation products already in use.

There was a long joke about "Microsoft for Pizza Shops" in which a young software company is thwarted by MS announcements, goes broke, and MS cancels their project.

I believe the cheap cialis truth is that no company knows how to build a plug-in hybrid right now, and I'm not willing to score marketing departments by their promises.
written by odograph, August 11, 2007
Shorter: Buy a Prius. Mine works great. Toyota is on their second generation, and the current model has been shipping since 2004.
written by pip, August 11, 2007
GM green vaporware. Wake me when they actually change.
I think Pip is right
written by crash course, August 11, 2007
Toyota is delivering whilst GM is talking... Toyota is improving while GM is learning.
written by Hank, August 11, 2007
Interesting that so many people have such a low opinion of GM. All I can say is that GM's next-gen batteries are further along that Toyota's. This isn't because GM says so, but because GM partnered with two companies that were both having a lot of success developing safe and powerful batteries.

Toyota went another route and tried to develop batteries on it's own...commendable, but it didn't work out, as they're having significant safety problems with them (they tend to overheat and explode.)

Thus...GM is beating Toyota...and in three years, I believe we'll see that GM will have beaten Toyota to the punch.
"next-gen batteries"
written by odograph, August 12, 2007
Aren't those batteries all in prototype or demonstration phase? As an engineer I'd be wary of calling anything ... well anything with less than a real-world (user) track-record "ahead."

We don't know. The battery and car companies are trading PR about products none of them are ready to viagra herb alternative ship and no prescription next day delivery tramadol warranty.
written by pip, August 12, 2007
Thus...GM is beating Toyota

Wall Street disagrees.
written by Hun Boon, August 14, 2007
It doesn't matter whether GM ultimately delivers, it's aways good to see some company giving Toyota a bit of it's cool cheap viagra india pressure.

This will spur Toyota on, then we will see some real innovation from them (not from GM). ;)
My prediction
written by tikiloungelizard, October 10, 2007
My prediction: GM gets the top top companies to design great batteries. Holding the rights to the designs, it then sits on the ideas, perhaps bringing out some "prototypes" that never see the any asphalt beyond a test track for the photographers to see. They've done that for years. If they were serious about battery powered cars, they wouldn't have killed the EV1.
Dont believe everything you here
written by people are stupid, October 13, 2007
With the EV1, gm did more to progress the electric car than any other company. However, they couldn't keep it up due to the massive amounts of money they were losing. Remember GM is a business, they have to stay afloat as well. If you actually did some of your own research, instead of rely on some stupid movie, you would reliaze Toyota actually had an electric car, but decided not to canada levitra no prescription release it because of the fact they wouldn't make any money. However, you couldnt make a movie bashing the greenies flagship toyota. Now people are saying there not going to buy a volt because of what they did with the EV1? I should make a movie saying giving me money is good for the enviroment, then id be rich.
Think for yourself please
written by informed, October 16, 2007
I don't know how some of you assume Toyota is simply better than GM for everything. GM made junks in 80's and much of 90's, but look at their new products. Their Cadillac 3.6L SIDI (direct injection) engine is a marvel, beating Acura and Toyota in fuel economy for the power. Corvette has better fuel economy than Honda's S2000, and virtually every GM's SUV's and trucks beat Toyota in fuel economy. Wall Street disagrees? Do your homework first and see how much GM's stock price went up in the last 12 months. Volt is a PR move? GM has moved the Volt project to a production phase, and the recent agreement with UAW shows the production year and at what plant they will build them.

The post before mine is right. The movie about the EV1 is really not accurate. Even Toyota criticized it for how it's manipulative. Toyota said they couldn't sell their EV even with massive rebate because people didn't want them.

Come on people, please set aside your bias and look at the data. Toyota is good, no doubt, but GM isn't bad just because they are GM. Toyota isn't all that green either - look at their new product lines: SUV's, SUV's, SUV's, and trucks. Who are you kidding?
written by informed, October 16, 2007
Vaporware, your comments are mostly right, except Toyota didn't try to develop the failed Li-ion battery for the next gen Prius themselves. Their supplier was Panasonic who tried the mexico cialis same manufacturing method as the common laptop Li-ion battery (Sony style, which was recalled for millions). GM's supplier A123 system uses different and patented method which generates far less heat than the Panasonic's technology.
Just for your info.
You need to READ and inform yourself MOV
written by GM needs to change production method, October 25, 2007

Toyota is greenER than GM that's it. It doesn't mean that they're not addicted to oil. The EV1 movie is ACCURATE. Can anyone tell me if you've EVER seen a RAV4 ev1 commerical or a EV1 commerical? You can go to Tesla Motors' website and see all the comments and the people waiting and dying to buy a cool stylish affordable electric car. I was watching TV then and I sure did not see or hear anything about no EV commericials. There is demand but not like there is for SUVs. The film blames us, the consumer as well, for not wanting to change our addicted-to-oil attitudes.

And yes GM is a business but it WASN'T the MONEY PROBLEM that forced them to stop, it is the principles of an EV that contradicts all the rest of online cheap viagra their models that forced them to stop. EV requires almost NO maintenance and doesn't use oil.

Why spend billions researching hydrogen fuel cells when they will never see the time of day to my drive way? ("Hype about Hydrogen" by j. romm). A hydrogen car costs a million bucks and the fuel tank which will take you only 100 miles at three times the cost of gas. GM spends tons on hydrogen research right now. So money isn't the problem. GM still uses, in part and thinks in a mass production format that WASTES money and fights with their labor. Notice the GM labor strike this September 2007. Toyota doesn't fight with their labor force or hasn't since the 50s. Toyota in turn can produce twice as many models given in the same time that GM produces for one model but with better.. well better everything including less cost and it's great! buy levitra online from canadacheap levitra tablets higher reliability. Another reason why it isn't about the money. You don't charge $1500 for a scratch on the EV1 and then take it back and crush them. Any business losing money would sell their product to shorten the online cialis sales gap for their losses. That's just common business sense. But GM crushed them when ALL the cars had people screaming that they'll buy it for 50,000 dollars each.

Toyota sold at least a portion of the RAV4 EVs and in fact I saw one the other day on the highway. They're just as guilty but GM was worse because they could have had a 5 year head start on ANY manufacturer in the world that is why the film is based on GM. They're operation was the only successful ground-up major production electric vehicle program of that time. For once GM used creative american innovation only to destroy and get beat by toyota to the hybrid.

Only reason that GM is still selling is because their bread and butter is with SUVs and trucks of which Toyota just started a few years ago. And I don't know where you got the GM suvs to brand viagra on line be better mpg than Toyota suvs but they both are virtually the same gas guzzling machines at around 20 mpg or less give or take a couple miles.

Toyota isn't even trying with projects like the Volt because it is known as the greenest oil carmaker. GM on the other hand are contradicting themselves with the Volt. How can you trust them? You make an EV 10 years ago crush it then make another one now, that is inferior to the EV1? A MERE 40 miles on electric?!! Then you have to plug it in or use OIL. The 1996 EV1 could go 120 miles and that was with the NiMH batteries and not Lithium (200-300miles), so you got to be kidding me. The Volt is no different than an hybrid car because it STILL uses OIL!! It just uses it from oil to eletric as opposed to the hybrid's electric-supporting-the-gas-engine-format. Like Chelsea Sexton said.. it's like telling your kid to get a "C" instead of an "A". That is why even if they made them I won't buy an EV from GM or Toyota. I'm waiting to buy the Whitestar or bluestar from Tesla Motors because you know they believe in making them.
hybrids are better than electrics
written by Chris Ferro, May 16, 2008
Plug-in electric cars still will use coal/oil for their power since that is the source of most of the best place cheap generic levitra our electricity. A hybrid car will use oil more efficiently without putting more demand on our electric grid. Oil itself isn't evil, we just need to use it more efficiently. If we all switched right now to what is the cost of cialis EV1s, our grid would collapse, but if we all switched to hybrids right not then all of the problems involving oil would go away.
U need to change your thinking
written by U need to change your thinking, October 15, 2008
Sure GM messed up with the EV's but you don't see any new EVRAV's being built either do ya! It did develop some bad public relations but I am willing to move on and let them develop a much better vehicle.

I will buy from GM over and viagra online without a prescription over again. We need to support US manufacturing and engineering and people.
The race to develop the nextgen car promotes competition and will produce a great vehicle.
written by Chico, October 16, 2008
It was my understanding that the only reason Toyota quit trying to make an electric car was because GM bought the patent rights for NIMH batteries. GM then proceded to sell said patent rights to Texaco. Six days or so later, Texaco was bought up by Chevron. As soon as the deal went through(around a year later), Texaco sued Toyota and Panasonic for using their technology on the new groundbreaking battery(the EV95 I think). The court ruled with Chevron and and awarded a huge monetary amount to them. Chevron, now sells the batteries to Chevy under Cobasys but only for use in hybrids. But that's just what I heard. And I can't see the logic in tauting a car that is so inferior to your previous effort(Volt vrs EV1). For that matter, if you pay attention, Hydrogen fuel, biodiesel, coal fuel, E85,...and most other alternative fuels are all designed to keep you addicted to a product made by a petroleum company. I'm not saying they aren't good ideas, but electric cars powered by roof mounted (house or car) solar power seems like the way to go. Plus charging at off peak hours would better use wasted electricity.
GM vs TOYOTA hybrid technology and produ
written by Barry, June 01, 2009
Well, today is June-2009, 2 years after all your predictions. Look around, GM is on chapter-11, their hybrid is not moved out of the GM lab. Toyota is still a leading hybrid car maker. In short, all GM old gungho are disappeared from this board. In short, GM CEO and upper management were over paid snake oil salesman!
Do some research
written by Realist, December 16, 2010
You're all a bunch of liberal commie loving nit wits. Chevy is an american Icon bringing jobs and green ideas to americans, I'm sure most of you talk out your butt tree huggers have never been to any of these forign countries they are filthy and they pollute like crazy. grow up and do som real research and you'll see these american car co. are doing more for the enviroment than all of them. and oh yeah if you think battery electric is better than hydrogen your way off base hydrogen is ultimately clean and electric will have out landfills up to there eyeballe in spent batteries in ten years.

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