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AUG 11

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"Lets make the electric car independent of buy viagra online australia an auxilary engine or huge b..."

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Segway Inventor Focusing on Green Cars

Dean Kamen is very rich. In the last few years, he's been focusing some of that fat wad of cash on green cars...and we're finally getting a glimpse at what he's come up with.

He isn't just replacing the fuel that cars will burn...he's replacing the internal combustion engine completely.

Kamen has spent over $40 million in the last decade developing stirling engines which convert heat directly into mechanical energy by use of an expanding and contracting gas inside a cylinder. His stirling engines are already being used in developing countries. There are a couple in India that can power an entire village by burning cow patties. But Kamen started to realize that stirling engines would never be economical until they were mass produced.

Which is when he met the non prescription viagra CEO of the electric car company, THiNK, and decided that he'd found his method of mass production. He'd put a stirling engine inside an electric car, and use the engine to recharge the pfizer cialis uk batteries along the road. The range of the electric car would thus be extended by hundreds of miles, and any fuel (gasoline, McDonald's grease, trash, cow poop) could be used to keep the batteries charged.

Kamen also mentions that the engines, once mass produced, could be used to economically feed power into the look here buy levitra overnight grid during peak demand as well as power off grid applications in remote or developing areas. As long as his engines are clean and efficient, and the fuel he uses to heat them carbon neutral, I really can't see a disadvantage here. But we're going to have to see some prototypes tested with some different fuels before we'll know whether this is just another awesome technology for a niche market (like both the segway and the insulin pump) or if he's really going to change the world this time.

Via Green Wombat

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Green cars are difinitely the way to go.
written by crash course, August 11, 2007
Hopefully Dean will see this through and not sell out like Smart did. The Smart cars were intended to be much greener but Mercedes un-greened them!
written by Steve, August 12, 2007
you can't expect it to do as bad as the Segway right?
Clean? Hmm...
written by Mike C., August 12, 2007
So-called 'clean and efficient' cars may tread lightly on pollution when in-use, but what about when mass produced? Have any of enter site levitra dose you been to Mexico lately? Seen the fast viagra landfills that we supply? In the same area as the villages? Don't get me wrong, that engine is great! It's the electric cars they are going in w/ their massive batteries that get dumped and spoil village water supplies that I'm truly worried about.
written by Marty, August 12, 2007
Mr. Fusion here we come!
written by ryan, August 12, 2007
Seriously, why does it have to be ugly?

written by Bob, August 12, 2007
Don't assume electric cars will use lead acid batteries. Better batteries are available for energy density and less toxic
Redesign the City
written by unicode, August 12, 2007

Sure, we can build better cars....

Why not build cities so we do not need cars in the first place.

written by Mike C., August 12, 2007
I think we should concentrate on the manufacturing carbon footprint. Between the lead battery issue & the fuels necessary to run the machines that build these 'green' it doing much better on the environment? Especially if the wishes are granted, and they are produced on the scale that normal cars are now.
Where the tire meets the visit our site cialis sale buy road...
written by L. T. Z., August 12, 2007
Sure a green engine is a start, but that does not address the huge amount of particulate matter put into the air generated by the friction of the tires on the road.
It's a great start!
written by Chris, August 12, 2007
At least we know what he is capable of so he knows how to think out of the box. There will be a few surprises along the road. I do agree though that becoming green starts with the way how we think about traveling around in the city, so smart cities will do away with excess polution from cars stuck in a traffic jam and such.
Can we have eco cars look good, PLEASE?
written by Martin, August 12, 2007
PLEASE, can we have, for once, an eco car that looks good, and not another ugly car styled after the AMC Gremlin.

Tesla has it right, with a superb looking electric car. This is something that is worth driving.

Another small car that had decent lines was the Civic CRX.

People want vehicles that can be the main machine in Knight rider, not Herbie.
old tech old story
written by iamian, August 12, 2007
It won't happen for decades at best.

First off a Sterling Engine was abandoned by the auto-industry years ago because while they are very efficient at energy conversion and canadian pharmacy viagra prescription only need a temperature difference to work and don't care how you get that difference.... They suck ass for power per pound of engine.... For his generator ones weight doesn't matter when you are sitting on the ground... but it matters allot when you put it in a car.

Second Sterling external combustion engine linked to a electric vehicle is a hybrid... he is just trying to use a more efficient ICE in the mix... I wish him the good choice how much does levitra cost best... Sterling Engines can be very efficient but... I think the Plug in hybrids are decades closer to mass market and conversions for existing hybrids are already here today...

The sterling plug in hybrid that he is talking about will be nice but will be decades as in I would be shocked if he gets it to market in less than 20 or 30 years.

ryan it is 'ugly' because they are trying to balance a variety of things... interior space... aerodynamic ... and the smaller the car and the lighter the car the better its performance in fuel economy and acceleration / apparent power.... The Tesla throws interior space and more than 2 seats out and ups the price tag...

you can't have your cake and cheap viagra canada eat it too... sacrifices must be made some where, either pay lots of canadian pharmacy support team $$$ or make other sacrifices like size, power, how clean it runs , hassle , etc....
Build better cities?
written by Tim, August 12, 2007
> "Why not build cities so we do not need cars in the first place?"

It would be nice but everything needs to be within a 6 minute walk and mass transit doesn't cut it for farther trips. Any replacement for the auto must be cheaper, as convenient and comfortable. It can be done but not with a bus or train.
old tech old story?
written by Tim, August 12, 2007
>"Sterling was abandoned by the auto-industry years ago "

The "auto-industry" hates changes unless they are incremental and fit in with what they already have and know. Disruptive technologies don't fit their business model.

> "Sterling linked to a electric vehicle is a hybrid"

It is called "serial-electric". You run on batteries for all short trips and on long trips a generator kicks in to run the engine and charge the batteries.

> "he is just trying to use a more efficient ICE in the mix"

No he is optimizing THE most efficient engine design ever for a variety of tasks.

> "be shocked if he gets it to market in less than 20 or 30 years"

I think you underestimate not only Mr. Kamen but the team he has working with him. He has already spent 10 years working on his Sterling design and visit web site cheapest cialis prescription has working prototypes. It is the mass production that he is working on now. I say 3-5 years.

PS. If you want to see what can be done today with current NiMH batteries and normal diesel generators check out the Aptera. Seats 2 people plus surf board, golf bags & groceries and gets 220 MPG.
written by Frank Yanczer, August 12, 2007
I hope that Mr Kamen is successful with this venture. His Segway has always intrigued me but I haven't been able to afford one. Don't let any of these stupid auto execs tell you you're on the wrong course and just go with your gut feeling.
This could work.
written by William Volk, August 13, 2007
This makes sense. Stirling Engines are hard to throttle, so just running it full out with a generating unit as a series hybrid makes sense.

If you have ever seen a ZIP Stove ( they can burn anything cleanly. They use a small fan and a double wall combustion chamber. Connect that to a Stirling and you could keep the vehicle running on garbage.
Flux Capacitor
written by Nathan, August 13, 2007
The first thing I thought of when I read this was Back to the Future II when the flux capacitor is powered with Mr. Fusion -- part trash capacitor, part energizer battery :)
Burn water INSIDE the piston engine
written by Walter, August 13, 2007
I'm not looking forward to recycling $40,000 batteries or driving around with a tank of liquid hydrogen under the driver's seat.

Patent Application 10/756,517 shows how to convert water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, in perfect combination, INSIDE a piston engine.

Simple. Elegant. Efficient.

Estimated range, about 500 miles per battery charge.
(Then pop in a new rental battery and keep going!)

Hydrogen = $2.00 a mile

Gasoline = $0.20 a mile

Water = $0.02 a mile.
Bourke Engine
written by Gil, August 13, 2007
The "Bourke Engine", is the most fuel efficient and powerful engine every built, and can use most any type of fuel. The "Sterling" engine is a waste of time, already engineers and scientist have spent millions of hours on improving this engine, only to reach a dead-end time after time.
written by Biased, August 15, 2007
This article's introduction is entirely BIASED.
That would never work
written by Luke, September 16, 2007

Patent Application 10/756,517 won't work because it takes more energy to separate water into hygrogen and oxygen than you'd ever get from burning it. The only way water can ever be fuel is if you use fusion. Was this Bourke Engine invented by the Swedish Chef from the Muppets?
Good Looking Electric Vehicles!!
written by Mark Loveridge, October 29, 2007
Why not consider a Vectrix? It is a great looking electric vehicle and is fast, has a decent range and because you are on two wheels eases congestion.... call us for a ride.
What I think.
written by Lee, June 03, 2008
my 2 cents worth, lol

Stirling engines would be great fro a stationary thing maybe like conecting to a parabolic mirror and then having it turn a small turbine to generate Power.

How ever, for that thing to be made for a vehicle, Id think one may be better off using a nagnetic engine for a car. true freedom wouldn't need o wory abot water, or any kind of source.

People have found ways to cancel the magnetice gate effect that prevents th engine from running correctly.. they have compensated for newer designs. and almose resemble a turbine in shape.

But, waht do I know I am still learning about all this..and expiereimentin my self. so I know some desings out there kind of work..But the whole I dea is to think out side the box..To try something new, to expieriment, and for this I must gve him credit. heck If I could, Id use a stirling engine or a magentic engine to eliminate my need to feed off the power grid.
At last
written by Mike, July 02, 2008's about time. If automakers were serious about hybrids they would have done this ages ago. But they are not interested in developing anything, nor are they very interested in alternative fuel. Its shocking that our country and our world is dumb enough to have monomania about oil. Relying on oil is like Ireland booming on potatoes. No plan B, shakey supply = duh.
Public Personal Mover
written by Fred Rapp, October 12, 2008
Lets make the electric car independent of an auxilary engine or huge battery packs. Here is my alternative to the transportation problem.

Pupemo (Public Personal Mover)

In order to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce Green House Gas (CO2) output, we have to change our means of transportation, primarily commuter transportation.
Public mass transportation for commuters is so inefficient that even with incentives, it will never be but a marginal choice for the general public. Trains and busses make multiple time consuming stops on the way to their destination. They keep running all day, wasting energy even without any, or very few passengers. In addition, busses get stuck in the same traffic jam as any other car. Yet, we have to wean people away from using a 3,000 lb automobile, transporting a 200 lb person to the same destination five days a week.
I envision a Public Personal Mover; you decide where and when to go and get there without stopping, waiting or transfers. This system would have all of the advantages of the personal automobile without the disadvantages of mass transportation like adhering to the bus schedule and waiting in the rain.
The mover would be a golf cart like electric car which you can drive from your house or work place to the mover station. A driving wheel with support wheels, mounted on the roof would now hook into an overhead rail and transport you to your destination above the traffic. Once the levitra uk mover is hooked into the rail the onboard computer takes over to navigate through the rail system using GPS technology. As you enter the moving station your credit card will be swiped to pay for the usage of the rail which would also supply the power and samples of cialis recharge your batteries. The rail would be elevated above the traffic along streets or the medians of highways. The mover would then roll from the station rail to the main rail and navigate through the network to your destination without stopping. Cabins would be equipped with sensors to avoid bumping and computers would control the logistics of seamless entry and exit to and from the main rail and junctions as well as controlling heavy traffic.
For people who don't like to drive on the street or don't want to buy or lease the canadian pharmacy scam mover, rail only cabins would be available to be summoned at the mover station. Experience will teach how many cabins would be required at any given time and location.
A system like this could be started along the medians of the highways from commuter parking lots into the city and then be expanded as it increases in popularity.
Imagine commuting to and from work, reading the paper, drinking coffee or talking on the cell phone, not having to worry about the traffic or if the bus or train is on time and saving energy and the environment; wouldn't that be great?
I do not speak out of complete ignorance with this vision; I am an engineer who worked with and designed automatic production equipment for about 40 years. So I am well aware of all the advances that have been made in control technology. Somehow these advances were never translated into public transportation.
I decided to publish this idea in the hope to inspire either a technical school or some private enterprise to further investigate its possibility and perhaps build a model or a toy.
Without some revolutionary change in our every day behavior we will never be able to even make a dent in our ever increasing energy consumption.

Fred Rapp
3 Babcock St.
West Warwick, RI 02893
[email protected]

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