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AUG 13

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"In head on collision this shape can dive under. It looks like melted s..."

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Everything You Need to Know about Loremo's 157 mpg Diesel

Fairly frequently we write about ultra-green cars. And fairly frequently, we receive the following comment, "That's great, but why to they have to be so effing UGLY!" My answer for you today is: THEY DON'T. Case: The Loremo.

There actually seems to be a renaissance in automobile design with (fingers crossed) ever more attention on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility along with pure stylistic beauty. The Loremo (Low Resistance, Mobile) is one of those highly efficient beautiful vehicles that we can hope (cross your fingers too) will be on the road soon. The Loremo is a super efficient vehicle, with the two-cylinder version claimed at 188 miles per gallon. There are three principle features driving that mileage performance:
  • The aerodynamics, obviously
  • Weight reduction: under 1000 pounds for the approved viagra vehicle
  • Reduced "performance": the 2-cyclinder engine goes 0-60 in 20 seconds (e.g., performance in terms of 'fun'/mileage comes at the expense of acceleration/engine power -- okay, so maybe some would demand the 3 cyclinder version, which still gets over 100 mpg)
As for weight reduction, Loremo lays out what should be a core principle for all car design.

It's a simple idea: Weight and air resistance are decisive for fuel consumption of vehicles. Reducing these factors will reduce consumption. And the more you reduce the more efficient you will drive. Lightness instead of we like it online cialis prescriptions mass: a principle which has proven reliable for generations in the fields of sports.

But how does it do it? First, it's a very small car. But it does manage to squeeze in four seats (though entirely without a trunk). Also, the back seat is reversed allowing for a smoother aerodynamic profile. Though, speaking from personal experience, riding like this can be less comfortable, and more nauseating.

As to the pleasure of driving, The Loremo has many "007 cool" features, such as the canadian levitra opening hatch, which takes the steering wheel with it and, according to Loremo, contributes to its safety. In fact, the car only has two "doors," one that includes the front window, and one for the back. Loremo has entered the vehicle into the automotive X-Prize. So far, it's the best concept we've seen, and furthest along in achieving the X-Prize's goal of creating a salable car that gets 250 mpg. The problem, of course, is that the Loremo can't do much more to bring down its mileage. Except, of course, make it a hybrid.

So, of course, Loremo is looking into both hybrid and electric versions. These would have higher power, relative to the diesel engine (solving that acceleration issue?). But getting to 250 mpg would still be a huge challenge. Nonetheless, the Loremo is the the best site buy discount viagra online only car that I've seen with a chance at getting this mileage that isn't either straight-up ugly, or entirely impractical. It's also the only one that I've seen that is taking safety standards seriously.

Note, for the electric, they express a specific German concern:

We are also working with external partners to explore the options for an electric Loremo, however, at the current state of the generation of renewable energy, a large number of electric cars would prevent the boom in solar power from bringing down the number of coal or nuclear power stations.

And, as for the hybrid concept, "with an electrical range of link for you canada cheap viagra 6 to 12 miles the hybrid Loremo could be driven into city centres that are banned for cars with internal combustion engines." Now, if that is a plug-in hybrid at 12 miles (preferably more), that truly extends the generic lowest price viagra mileage per gallon of liquid fuel. A Plug-In, Hybrid, Bio-Diesel Loremo, now that is something to look forward to.
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If it drives as well as it looks...
written by crash courses, August 14, 2007
where can I add my name to a waiting list.
written by Pete, August 15, 2007
Zomg i love it
Rear-facing safety
written by Tom, August 15, 2007
Car-seat safety experts recommend rear-facing carseats for children be used as long as feasible. I'd imagine that rear-facing seats would be safer for adults as well, but I hope some consideration will be given to inconveniences of rear-facing seats, such as the problematic acoustics for having a conversation.
written by John, August 15, 2007
0-60 in 20 seconds? No thanks. I'll be honking at all of you driving to get the fuck out the way cuz ya'll be crawling at the stop lights.
written by test, August 15, 2007
cool car
written by johan Naboznikov, August 15, 2007
protecting the environment ftw!~
But it IS so effing UGLY!
written by Johnny, August 15, 2007
Please... that is the ugliest thing I've seen in a while.
written by JohnDoughnuts, August 15, 2007
That sounds a bit impractical. I'm all for diesel cars but the performance seems like it would be a safety issue. Quick acceleration can help the driver avoid a possible accident from occurring.
written by squish, August 15, 2007
That's still effin ugly.
written by Brent S, August 15, 2007
written by Tye, August 15, 2007
That's okay, we'd just catch up and see you at the next stoplight anyway, same as always. :D

BTW, plenty of older economy cars had comparable 0-60 times (think: original VW bug, Geo Metro, many older Benz diesels and Japanese models, etc.), as did many a classic Ford and Chevy (in stock form), and they're all hardly backing up traffic anymore than those aforementioned stoplights are already...
written by chris, August 15, 2007
I sell cars, and the first thing my customers would say is fuck no, and as for myself I agree. That car is A. Ugly B. as some have said, entirely conversation unfriendly and purchase levitra C. Significant sacrifies still have to be made in terms of creature comforts, and lastly D. a Two cylinder engine is most likely a two stroke which is not only louder but also produces more by products than a standard 4 stroke engine...
I kept looking
written by Jim, August 15, 2007
I looked all over this article for a car that wasn't "effing UGLY!"

I never did find one.
written by Tavor, August 15, 2007
Honestly, I've ridden backwards in an old Chevy station wagon. It's really, really, a lot of fun.
Not disorienting in the least, but your mileage may vary. (Pun free after rebate, subject to credit approval)
written by utilitarianist, August 15, 2007
I've been reading this blog for at least 3/4 of a year and this is one of my few comments.

Has anyone else noticed that the most uninformed, obnoxious, least insightful, and superfluous commentary tends to come from digg posters? Jim, for example, seems to think he's witty but he can't acknowledge such a common truth as the subjectivity of aesthetics.

There will always be someone that says any given aesthetic "ugly"; personally, I don't know how people can find "normal" looking cars anything but ugly. That doesn't make me more correct, nor does it make them less correct. What matters is how objectively good they are relative to a specific goal - in this case, progress. Anything else is irrelevant and "prettiness" is just a means to quell irrational desires for perceived "beauty". If a car is better, it is.
Two Stroke
written by Hank, August 15, 2007
I might as well hit Chris' points from my perspective:
A I don't sell cars, but I think it's quite good looking
B I hadn't thought about conversations, but most people don't drive with more than two people in the car very often anyhow
C It has air conditioning and bucket seats...what other creature comforts are there?
D NOT A TWO STROKE ENGINE! Lord...that would ruin all the cialis online us]non generic cialis environmental advantages anyway. It will come in a two and three cylinder model.

In any case I think it could see more than 10,000 units. Not a best seller, but worth getting on the streets.
written by Name, August 15, 2007
The only major problem with this car I have personally is getting in and out of it while it's raining. Otherwise it looks great.
written by Anthony Pittarelli, August 15, 2007
that thing is ugly as shit but 157MPG?!?!?! unbeleivable! no prius, yaris, civic, anything even comes close to that!
Ugly? ? ?
written by Greg, August 15, 2007
Ugly is a Hummer/Toyota F40/Honda Element. A vehicle is an instrument that moves through the air. vehicles with flat vertical surfaces and right angles, that look like (or are as big as) a house are foolish. This thing is organically smooth & tasteful not to mention functional. I'd take to the 2 cyl, thanks. 150 miles per gallon? Hold me back, I so want to tell big oil & disagreeable middle eastern countries to shove up their rears sideways. Using far less of their oil is the way!.
Visit Loremo's website, the claim a top speed of 100 mph for the 2-cyl,
written by martin, August 15, 2007
oh my god! i love this car! I'll get one soon. haha. this is COOL!
written by Tony, August 15, 2007
Whats the price of the base model slated to be?
and a bet . . .
written by Greg, August 15, 2007
If I could make a clear, featherweight molded shell of any ordinary pick up truck or SUV and bolt it to the front of my Corolla, I bet its 40-46 mpg highway mileage would drop to 20 or less, just due the aerodynamic resistance. But hey, for most people, pickups & SUVs are such sexy fashion statements!
and a bet not...
written by Greg is retarded, August 15, 2007
And what logic exactly are you basing this on?
In your theme of baseless assertations, I'm going to go out on a limb here and buy cialis online without a prescription guess that most of try it beta blockers and cialis the poor mileage in trucks and SUVs comes from excessive weight and large engines.

If you made your Corolla less aerodynamic then of course your mileage is going to suffer due to the drag, but a >50% decrease?! Not hardly.

While not exactly optimal for aerodynamic efficiency by a long shot, if you think that trucks and SUVs are engineered without considering this then you are an idiot.

On another note, that car looks dangerous to escape from in the case of a head-on accident that might damage the front "door" hinges...
thank you
written by Greg, August 15, 2007
I must be an idiot. And you are not.
Two cylinder...
written by Coyote, August 15, 2007
Most people who find this two-cylinder vehicle to be 'ugly' and unworthy of honorable mention are one-cylinder people who suffer from lack of self-esteem and have over-dosed from penis envy....the kind whom I see a every stoplight, waiting for the green to get off the line first. Pathetic morons.
It's not ugly to me
written by vanguard, August 15, 2007
I think it looks awesome but I fear it's not safe. Anybody making something so ultra light that it's going to get knocked around in case of an accident needs to have a roll cage built into it for crash protection. I can't use it (I tow heavy stuff) and I wouldn't trust my family to it as my wife's car.

However, if it was really cheap I could see getting it as a daily driver and not using the tow rig so much.
written by enthusiast, August 15, 2007
I don't care about acceleration if it looks this awesome! Light cars don't all have horrible safety standards - look at the Smart. This would make an amazing city-car for 1-2 people and hauling round your friends every once in a while.
Ignorance abounds
written by The Heretic, August 15, 2007
1) A lot of vehicles on the road have that kind of performance. More people need to stop racing stoplight to stoplight and drive smoothly - they would get better fuel mileage, cause less pollution and follow link levitra online 50mgs wear/tear on their car.

2) There are a lot of two cylinder engines that are not two-stroke. In the USA almost no two stroke engines are used anymore. How one configuration mandates the buy cialis online us other escapes me.

3) Two-stroke engines can be designed to be less polluting.

4) It's a diesel. Most diesels are not two-strokes, and those that are are not necessarily more polluting that four strokes.

5) Most people don't haul passengers in their cars most of the time - that is part of the problem we have. I rarely have a passenger in my car. The few times I have two passengers they could deal with backward facing rear seats. Conversation may actually (probably would) be easier because their heads would be closer to the front than if they sat facing forward.

6) Weight doesn't give you safety - design does.

As for beauty - that is in the eye of online drugstore the beholder, but IMO it looks much better than many of the cars already on the road - I don't think the looks would be a problem.
would I like to know more?
written by Casper, August 15, 2007
In the above I only found MPG and Accelleration data, how about topspeed? If I have to driver 250 miles, I sure hope it goes faster than 60mph. and when is expected time to market?
written by Ali, August 15, 2007
:) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o :P :- :-* :'(
Please learn to read
written by GunRackBuddy0024, August 15, 2007
Hey The Heretic,

It didn't say it was a two stroke!!!

Just a two cylinder but cylinder was misspelled...

Don't underestimate wind friction
written by dr2chase, August 15, 2007
If you made your Corolla less aerodynamic then of course your mileage is going to suffer due to the drag, but a >50% decrease?! Not hardly.

At highway speeds, aerodynamic drag is everything. For example, this site discusses only wind resistance, and mentions tires almost as an afterthought. On bicycles (which can have very low rolling resistance) once you're past 20mph, it's almost all wind.
A few more pieces of info
written by Ross, August 16, 2007
From reading the companies website:
The cost for the base model is around 10,990 Euro's, so about 15k American.

Even with the base model you can take the top off.

When you raise the front door some rain will get in. Particularly around the seats and floor board.

It is expected to be produced in 2009 in Europe. The US market will follow later if all goes well.
written by jj, August 27, 2007
This is a lovely looking car but I could imagine why boring people wouldn't like the looks. Its maybe not 'wallpaper' enough for jo average.
I want one... I want one bad...
written by normanx, September 03, 2007
You realize, this car is not allowed to be sold in California as the EPA and CA smog rules exist now..... I really, really, really want to spearhead the lobbying effort to get whatever it takes to get this car into California... 'cause... I want one... I want the fucking three cylinder model... call me extravagant, call me a wasteful asshole... but I can live with only 105 mpg.... with a top speed of 135...

In point of fact... I would seek to be the first person to get a speeding ticket in my new Loremo... and damned if I wouldn't insist that they recorded the full 135 mph that I was traveling when they pulled me over. I want to see that in the papers.... "100 mpg car stopped for going 135"..... it would cause a stampede.....

What do I have to do??? what??? What!!!
CA smog rules
written by Rugby, December 02, 2007
No matter whether you own a sports car or a normal one, you must agree that the CA smog rules are as abusive as they could. We should do something about this
written by ecoangel, January 02, 2008
Go Loremo! I already have 93 mpg Audi A2 1.2 TDI that gets 66MPG at average 91 MPH on autobahn! 86g/km CO2 - technology has been around since 1999! Wake up car industry!
written by Dave, February 23, 2008
Tom ogles 1970 ford galaxie got 111 mpg. for 4000 lbs and 6.6 ltr engine he did well. we still could do better.
written by Eekabee Culbertson, February 24, 2008
The price was recently released at about 22,000. ;)
Sr .Staff Eng. Intel Mass
written by Jacque, February 25, 2008
Give me a 3 cyl with 10 gal tank, room for 4 adults, 4 golf bags, & 4 overnight bags, and ~100MPG and I'll take 3 friends and play every golf course off of US95 from Boston, to Miami FL with one fill up.

Think I'll fly to Munich in Oct. buy a car, enjoy the festivities, and ship it back to Boston to start a new revolution!

Now that's livin
written by Cygnus-Minstrel, February 25, 2008
If I was a bettin' man I'd bet on it...
If I was a swearin' man I'd swear on it....

Even if I have to get it shipped across the big pond, I Will Get This Car.
written by Jerry Toews, February 26, 2008
This car answers MANY problems the world is facing. I would CERTAINLY get one. They would make GREAT commuter cars!! Anything that WE can do to get away from our dependence on oil will help EVERYONE!!! The day is coming.
what about price
written by flaguypl, March 03, 2008
don't mention auto or stick, a/c,, steri0 etc.
written by Carl, March 24, 2008
This is the second website I've seen about the buy levitra online canada Loremo and on both sites we have "experts" who think they are geniuses or car safety or car design. Would all you experts posting your wisdom please get together and design the perfect car? Quit cluttering up websites. I seriously want a vehicle that will get more than 50 MPG without being a hybrid. Those cars will eventually need expensive battery replacements.
A car that gets over 100 MPG should be able to meet any state's pollution laws unless those states are run by wackos.
It is American auto makers who are not serious about high mileage cars, including long-range electrics. Not enough profit in them, it seems. I say it is too much greed for multi-million dollar salaried execs.
If it comes from Germany, India, Taiwan, I want a very economical, dependable vehicle.
cant wait
written by jeff, April 04, 2008
i will buy one i drive 50mile one way to work its plus it is kool looking
written by danyell, April 05, 2008
If I was interested in this car would I have to buy it from Europe and have it shipped to United States?
For those of you,.. hate this car
written by HJ, May 01, 2008
I saw a person who was a car seller,,,...
and said people's not going to buy this car..
that people might be rich... who can pay the high cost of gas price within 5years,... the oil prices expected to get high as 7~10dollars for a gallon within that 5 years...
I'm driving VW jetta., and its a hack of viagra online pharmacy no prescription deal to pay the gas price as its going up.
i'd rather get that car save some money in my pocket and stop that stupid global warming at least....
Looks perfectly fine.. I kind of like it.. but one problem is ... when its raining..., it looks like its going to get wet inside... guess i have to close the door real fast...
i can't wait to drive it...

and exclusively this car was on Discovery channel., ;D
written by Bailenforcer, May 13, 2008
I find it funny that so many call it ugly. I bet they used to drive a Ford Fairmont or Chrysler Volare.
For 157 or 188 MPG and $8 a gallon gas it will get sexier as the price of gas goes up.

The car sales man made the most inane comments yet, but this is why he sells used cars, and isn't designing them. It might be a two cylinder but they can make clean two cylinders also. People once said it was impossible to make a V8 burn clean, well it's happening and getting better each year.

Back to reality folks... It gets 157 to 188 MILES PER GALLON and Maybe 250 MPG soon! Sign me up too. I still live in the real world, unlike those in here who can't pry themselves away from Star Trek.
written by Bob Andrews, June 16, 2008
Where can I just get the motor? I want to build my own vehicle with an efficient diesel motor to power it.
Ugly? Who cares?
written by williamjacobs, May 01, 2009
I don't think it's more comely than most compacts out there. I don't see what the objections are.

Even if it were ugly, Paying 6x as much as I need to for gas is a hefty price tag for what a few people think of my car's appearance.

I'll take economic solvency, global preservation, and ugly versus broke, thoughtless, and a pretty car.

I shall look with envy upon anyone I see driving this "hideous" set of wheels.
written by APG nut, December 06, 2012
In head on collision this shape can dive under. It looks like melted soap. Maybe aerodynamically the best way, but it is sad when it only get prettier when the viagra official reseller gas price go up. Green geeks doesn't get any training in visual aesthetics? If God got no visual aesthetics, my wife could have looked like an armadillo ... that will be depressing as hell ...

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