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AUG 15

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"for the equivalent of $2000 they'd sell 1000s in London alone to peopl..."

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Yamaha's $2000 Electric Bike

Just to prove that it's possible, here's an electric bike 'motorbike' that will only set you back $2000. Unfortunately, it's tiny, somewhat ridiculous looking, and will only take you 40 miles on a full charge. Oh...and the top speed is lowest price tramadol 18 mph.

So, yeah, that's why they're only selling it in Japan. It certainly wouldn't take off in the levitra for sale states unless we completely re-thought motor-vehicle travel. Basically, it's an all-electric mo-ped. Though, now that I've said it, it kinda makes me want one. At least people would stop and we use it cialis now online check me out when I "sped" by.

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Unless we completely re-thought motor-ve
written by orig_club_soda, August 15, 2007
That is the key to environmentalism in the US. We, the users, have to make the change. Waiting for corporations to make their own job harder and more expensive isn't going to best quality cialis happen. Legislation doesn't work because all politicians cater to corporations. Politicians are their own form of professional cialis corporation! Whether its travel or iPhone bills the user needs to do something first and persistently.
If they sell this in the UK
written by strange but true, August 16, 2007
for the equivalent of $2000 they'd sell 1000s in London alone to people who want to avoid the congestion charge!

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