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AUG 17

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Fuel Cell Ford Hits 200 MPH

Ford's modified hydrogen fuel cell Fusion 999 has indeed hit 200 mph,breaking the record for land-based fuel cell vehicles. The question, really, is what good will it do us. I mean, I suppose it would be nice if we could transfer NASCAR over to hydrogen, but no normal person needs a car that goes 200 mph using gasoline. So what's the point?

Well, herein lies the unfortunate side of buy levitra online with fast delivery this otherwise exciting story. We're proving fuel cell technology. Cars are going faster with cheaper components and it's all very exciting. But what good will it do us if we have no carbon-neutral way of generating hydrogen, we start running out of platinum for catalysts and there's no system for implementing hydrogen distribution.

I'm willing to buy cialis now accept that my concerns might be unfounded. Our energy future is canadian pharmacy cialis generic in the the best site pfizer viagra cheap dark, and I hope that a component of that future will be hydrogen.

Going really fast is great, but one has to wonder if Ford is going really fast in the wrong direction.

Via AutoBlogGreen

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The hydrogen future, a question.
written by Brian Blomlie, August 18, 2007
This year during school we have been learning a lot about alternate ways to give us energy when we run out of oil.

HYDROGEN SOUNDS GREAT!! With it's nature conservative and drinkable exhaust. However, you make a good point about the Platinum. Can't we use another catalyst then? For instance Palladium, which has the same chemical features as Platinum? And this one also sounds interesting, nano iron powder. Nano sized iron powder can work as a catalyst too (supposedly)

Besides people are always working on techniques to use less Platinum.

Finally the true question, is Hydrogen more of a hope, than a future?

Oh about your Brotherhood 2.0 project, maybe you should should start EcoGeek 2.0, vlogging the enviroment! Well... I guess it should allow texted communication though.

Another good message. Once I get my hands on a proper camera I swear I will do click here buy levitra pill a great deed to decrease worldsuck! ;D
I think there is a way
written by Stephen Horner, August 18, 2007
I believe you could make hydrogen cleanly by superheating water using reflected sunlight, then electricity from pvc cells to easily split the h20 molecules and collect the two gasses at the cialis uk different polar points.

Just an idea,
Stephen Horner
written by utilitarianist, August 18, 2007
I have to levitra overdose wonder if this isn't a PR move to make green cars cooler to spec-obsessed teens that know volumes about various HP and MPH limits of sports cars and often harbor the equivalent of "celebrity crushes" with automobiles.
Useful PR
written by crash course, August 18, 2007
200MPH - I think it's useful and helps to improve the image of canadian healthcare pharmacy green cars to new generations.
Waste of time
written by SolarDave, August 20, 2007
Hank and order prescription propecia Brian, your concerns are spot on. Fuel cells are a pipe dream and a waste of energy (pardon the obvious play on words). It's the automakers stall tactic so they can squeeze more years out of ICE engines and their expensive upkeep. To paraphrase from "Who killed the Electric Car", some of the problems with them are: distribution infrastructure is overwhelming, cost of operating technology is absurd, they're way less efficient than electric, production of hydrogen is polluting and prohibitive, and Hydrogen Fuel Cells won't occur in your lifetime. The auto companies concede as much. Don't waste press time & effort on a fantasy. Think about our national fuel subsidy policy: Oil is levitrabest levitra by far #1, with Nat'l gas, coal, nuclear, ethanol, hydrogen, and others getting megabucks. If the government allocated 1% of that total to battery research, we'd be off foreign oil if not all oil and have foreign policy choices instead of obligations. And we could power at night with excess capacity already in place! Even with existing proven technology (so I'm not counting Li-Ion which isn't out just yet), wouldn't you entertain an electric car with a 100 miles range as a primary daily car, with a hybrid ICE as a second car for the infrequent longer trips?

Sorry to vent, but fuel cells bum me out. Don't let Ford, GM and other manipulate the cost of viagra conversation by giving them press time. Can't wait until Tesla's Bluestar & Whitestar and Th!nk and Miles Automotive's projects launch!
written by Republicana, August 23, 2007
Well, ford is a great company would great ideals. The 200mph car is a breath of levitra for sale fresh air (excuse the pun) and they are going in the right direction with this.
If you dont think so, then you can go suk nitha just like Sizwe Medical Fund!!
written by trytrtuytui, November 27, 2007 فاركس
Hydrogen is Here, Now!
written by Uncle B, August 24, 2009
MIT has a solar H2, O2 cell up and where to get cialis in canada running. It gives off this fuel from Solar Power, daily! You heat your house overnight with same, run your car, or produce fuel-cell power! Your choice! Another recent and very important discovery: The use of Urine to cailis canadian farmacy produce H2,O2 fuels, for cheaper than half the cost in electricity! - no Pt or Pd needed! Iron electrodes used! Hydrogen alone will not replace to current oil and fossil fuel based economy, but a combination of H2,O2, Algae-Diesel, Solar/Thermal/Electricity, Wind, Wave, Tidal, Hydro, and Geo-Thermal efforts will certainly reduce dependence, and the foreign oil bill! America simply cannot continue along the same course! Obama did not get the Trillions of dollars in loans he and little Timmy Geithner wanted from China, and China own us anyway! butt, hole, and both cheeks! and don't want to "subsidize" our "Oil Addiction" any longer! The time of Change is upon America! Go Green or die! We can still expand using Nuclear power, China did, and is building 11 new reactors as we speak! We can deposit the wastes in the Sahara desert for all I care! So long as they can't escape, but we must move on into the canada levitra no prescription 21st Century with heads held high, not indebted to anyone! Ford is on the right Track! Good Going Ford!
written by Tawni Williams, March 08, 2011
Absolutely valuable information with the price of gas today at 4.35
written by StewieG, January 20, 2012
Interesting article and I know this may sound stupid but why not use solar power to generate the electricity you need to create the hydrogen? just a thought

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