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Emissions Testing on viagra dose the Fly with Tailpipe Sensor

As EcoGeeks, we are, of course, most interested in transportation solutions that are completely non-polluting. But we're also realists enough to know that everyone isn't going to magically have a plug-in electric car next year; most vehicles are going to continue to be polluters for quite some time to come.

A University of Manchester research team has created a tailpipe sensor that could be used for real-time monitoring of a vehicle's emissions as the vehicle is driving. In the same way that some hybrid vehicles now have features like an "ECO" light that shines when the vehicle is being driven in an appropriate manner, vehicles could have a dashboard display that shows the amount of pollutants the viagra us pharmacy overnight shipping fedex vehicle is producing. This could be information for the driver, but it could also be used with on-board computers which could modify the operation of the vehicle to be less polluting, or to track vehicle performance and only now next day viagra help with proper maintenance to keep the vehicle running cleanly.

via: EcoFriend

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