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AUG 27

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"The i car is not an uncommon sight here in Singapore. I've sat in my f..."

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The Mitsubishi i: No That's not a Typo

From a blogger's perspective, the Mitsubishi i suffers from just one fatal flaw. It is very difficult to write about because everyone will always be wondering if you're typing it wrong. But no...the name of the car is simply a lower case i. I guess all the other companies were adding an "i" to the front of their product's name, so Mitsubishi decided to just eliminate the latter part.

Anyhow, despite the follow link buy levitra next day delivery name, the i is a fantastic Japanese automobile, though it is cialis online canada no prescription little-known outside of Japan. You'll notice it looks an awful lot like a Smart Car, but with a few advantages that make it more practical and more fun. First, the i is a four-seater with four doors. The car is larger than the Smart Car, and thus considerably roomier. However, it's stil a tiny car, making it practical mostly for big-city use.

But what's most interesting about the i is that it's somehow started to take home some extremely prestigious awards. Wheras you might think that Toyota would be raking up al the "Most Advanced Technology" awards from Japan's Executive Committee, but this year's went to the i.

The i's engine is an extremely advanced, extremely efficient, yet powerful, diesel. Additionally, the engine is located just in front of the rear axle, making the car more stable at high speeds, and removing the front bulge that is responsible for a significant amount of drag. The i has gathered a cult following in Japan, and has sold about 35,000 units, an extremely respectable rate for an all-japanese car.

Mitsubishi is planning on releasing the car in the UK soon. Their UK managing director says of the i:

"The i offers a genuine alternative in a congested market. Its diminutive dimensions make it an ideal choice for the forward-thinking city dweller, but it's also capable on the open road. In Japan, the i has already become a cult car and we're confident that its space and sophistication, coupled with Mitsubishi's reputation for quality and reliability, will also make it a hit in the UK."

There's no news on the U.S. launch. Likely, this is because no one in America would buy one. Alas.

Additional exciting i news? Indeed there is. Mitsubishi is eyeing a 2010 launch for an all-electic lithium-ion version of the i called the i MIEV. With Mitsubishi bringing home Japan's "Most Advanced Technology" award, and eyeing a pure EV launch, you've got to how to buy levitra wonder if Toyota is feeling a bit to comfortable with it's new-found green glory.

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written by Joel, August 28, 2007
I think you mean "axle".

Unless there's a Beverly Hills Cop in each row of seats...:)
written by Aunty Proton, August 28, 2007
In this pic it looks like a Honda Fit with a re-done front end. From the hinge seam of the front door to the back end it looks just like my Fit, so much so that I thought they'd just photoshopped a shot of a Fit.

I disagree about Americans not buying it. I'll be looking forward to the EV version if they can make this work. I'll be keeping my Fit until I can get an all-electric or fuel-cell car. If they can swing this, this may be the one for me.

Aunty Proton
written by Joe, August 28, 2007
It's a small diesel! That's Awesome!
Increased fuel efficiency plus the ability to make some of your own biodiesel would make this a very affordable car to fuel.
written by intensive driving, August 28, 2007
What's the mpg. I'm guessing extremely efficient puts it in the 60mpg bracket which would be superb...
Why not series hybrid?
written by Eric, August 28, 2007
This car needs one thing - a series hybrid.
Drop the viagra one a day engine to enter site levitra canada 5hp and put in 50hp of
electric motor and you'll double it's milage
and halve the emissions. Ok, that's likely not possible - this thing is rated around 3L/100km or about 90 mpg; but I'd like to know under what conditions that was done.
It's a 4 speed auto - blech - put a 5 speed stick in it.
WikiPedia has info on it:
At 52hp for the 660cc engine that's pretty good - on par with my old Chevy Sprint/Geo Metro and quite capable of how to buy levitra in canada taking 4 people on the highway (we did upto 12 hour drives with 3 people and caving gear).

written by Anisah David, August 30, 2007
Heh, watch the anti-American eco joke. Some of us Americans would definitely buy the i if it was made available to us! >:(
I've been concerned with the environment for over 40 years, so don't assume you understand all Americans. I recycle perhaps more things than most people & I'm not talking about taking it to the curb for a smoke spewing recycle truck to pick it up either! I recycle items that most wouldn't because I know we should. I also don't buy as much junk as many people do. So plz don't assume Americans wouldn't want a car like i.
And how would you say that???
written by Tracy, September 02, 2007
i MIEV??? Would it sound like i M iev... (like I am Kiev without the 'K' sound??) And with all the excitement over the Smart Car release, I think many people would want it - although I would wait for an Electric version.
I've actually sat in one
written by Hun Boon, September 05, 2007
The i car is not an uncommon sight here in Singapore. I've sat in my friend's car, and it is indeed very spacious.

If you've ever seen one, you would never, ever mistake it for a Fit or any other car. It's an unique design.

One thing you omitted was that this is known as a kei-class car, which qualifies for a special tax bracket in Japan. It has to be under 660cc and 64bhp, and there are size restrictions as well.

It is not quite the canadian viagra scam same as a "all-Japanese" car, which is we use it levitra alternative one that is for the Japan domestic market and not meant to be exported. An example of that would be the Honda Civic type R 4-door version. :)

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