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"CNG-cars can also run bio-gas. It doesn't have to be natural gas (carb..."

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Fiat TetraFuel Burns What it Wants, When it Wants

I'm starting to feel like the number of gasoline alternatives we've got is getting out of levitra discount hand. Natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel, ULS diesel, hydrogen. Frankly, it's all adding up to a gigantic format war...and while that might be good for the businesses involved, it's not good for the environment.

Which is why I'm excited about Fiat's Seinna TETRAFUEL. This car, marketed specifically at Brazil, can run, pure ethanol, E25, natural gas or gasoline. Of course, you can't store compressed natural gas in the same tank as gasoline, so the Siena Tetrafuel actually has two fuel tanks, just like a conventional hybrid has a gas tank and a battery.

The coolest part, however, is that the car decides which fuel it wants to use. So, for in-city driving, the Siena falls back on the ultra-efficient, low-emissions compressed natural gas (CNG). But, if it discovers that you need some extra torque for highway travel, the car's computer seamlessly transfers you over to levitra en gel gasoline or ethanol to provide the needed boost.

In this way, it is very much a hybrid car, but instead of being a hybrid electric, it's a hybrid CNG. They're selling well in Brazil, which has a strong ethanol and natural gas infrastructure. As new fuels are added to our bag of gasoline-avoiding tricks, I think we can expect to see Fiat's system for seamless fuel switching start to be copied. Though we should also expect that it will add a bit to the price of the car.

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written by crash course, September 04, 2007
Such a great idea, wrapped in such a terrible looking design! What are Fiat thinking...
written by Matt, September 04, 2007
It's typical sedan ugly. Tolerable if you are going for economy, but not for someone who truly wants to look good in their car. It's a lot better then the electrical cars, as even the people that care about the environment don't want to only here buy canada in cialis be seen in. The FIAT has an everyday "meh" kinda look, while electric cars have an out of this world, futuristic, modern art kinda ugly.
I don't understand..
written by Hun Boon, September 04, 2007
Why would you say that having plenty of fuel options is bad for the environment?
written by weee, September 04, 2007
I think there should be more research on the effects of some of these petrol alternatives - I'm not sure they're as green as people think.
written by wxwax, September 04, 2007
I guess the no rx tramadol appeal of buy generic ultram no prescription natural gas is that it emits 30% fewer carbon emissions per unit of energy than does oil. Still, I do scratch my head over using a carbon-based fuel as a replacement for a carbon-based fuel.
FIAT working hard for CO2 emission reduc
written by Desmoteo, September 05, 2007
The Siena doesn't look so good, but you should remind that its markets are emerging countries, where VW for example was able to sell old beetle as long as 5 years ago.

Another interesting and brand new technology of FIAT which will reach mass production in 2008-2009 is MULTIAIR (UNIAIR on Diesels engines).
FIAT will show a Panda based MULTIAIR (900 cc turbo 2-cylinders 80 bhp) Concept in Frankfurt this September, which is only for you viagra canada able to work both on discount levitra online gasoline and CNG (70% methane, 30% hydrogen).

CO2 emissions are as low as 69 g/km, quite impressive if compared to 104 g/km reached by hybrid Toyota Prius.

Here an article containing the press release:
ethanol worse than gasoline!
written by weee, September 05, 2007
written by dxm, September 06, 2007
I don't think it looks THAT bad..
From Brazil
written by Nilson, September 13, 2007
I'm Brazilian and we own a Fiat Siena (the proper spelling) in my household. Ours isn't tetrafuel, though, it only runs on gasoline or ethanol.

Around here we actually think it looks good.

Our car market is completely wicked for some reason (probably excessive taxes) and cars like a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla are considered luxury cars.

It's not that we can't afford a US$15,000 car. It's just that for some stupid reason, a Fiat Siena costs that much around here. Corolla's are sold for US$27,000 (and they're locally produced, using cheaper Brazilian labor - go figure).

Most cars sold nowadays are can be run using either ethanol or gasoline. This happens because ethanol produced from sugar cane is cheaper than gasoline - not because we care for our environments.
Not only CNG...
written by Raphael, November 05, 2008
CNG-cars can also run bio-gas. It doesn't have to be natural gas (carbon based). The effective component is methan gas. Bio-gas is all natural, it comes from the cows and the kettles. :) Or from food waste and garbage from humans. Very environmental friendly.

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