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Staten Island Buses to Control Red Lights

By now you've probably already noticed the magical powers of ambulances to turn red lights green. This coveted ability is enabled by a simple transmitter in emergency vehicles that tells the light when to viagra soft tabs change in order to help save lives.

Well, now lights might be changing in order to save the Earth as well. On Staten Island, they're starting up a pilot project that is cialis soft india the first of its kind. Buses will be given a similar level of power over street lights. If a bus is coming, the light will turn green sooner or stay green longer. First, this decreases the horribly inefficient process of decelerating a ten ton bus. But, even more cool, it makes riding the bus faster and more convenient, and riding in cars slower and less convenient.

Not a great thing for road-rage levels, maybe. But it is the right thing for promoting mass transit. If the project is a success it could spread to the rest of NYC's Burroughs over the next five years.

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This is the type of innovation we need a
written by Tom Konrad, September 05, 2007
This whole program probably only cost SI a few thousand dollars, but it will save tons of only now beta blockers and viagra fuel by encouraging bus ridership. Saving the world does not have to be expensive.

It is politically difficult though. This measure probably has lots of support in public transit oriented NY, but just imagine trying to get it implemented where it would do visit web site viagra canada generic the most good: car-mad LA.
Follow the Bus
written by kballs, September 07, 2007
If you follow the bus in your car it will make your trip quicker. ;D It's like following an ambulance except you won't get a ticket for following.
Not a bad idea
written by PJ, September 07, 2007
I like the idea. But I'm wondering if there will be a hierarchy. Staten Island has a high density of fire houses, and if a fire truck is coming northbound and a bus is coming westbound, will the i want to buy cialis Opticon know to give the fire truck the right of way?
written by AA, September 10, 2007
I don't now about staten island, but bus stops are often near the corner in my city, and that's also where the lights are. If I was driving and had to viagra medication online wait for 20 ppl getting on and off a bus at the adjacent corner, i'd go mad pretty quickly. Over all sounds like it has great potential.
Defensive driving Classes in Staten Isla
written by moore, December 05, 2007

National Safety Council
6 hour
Defensive Driving Classes
Moore Catholic H.S.
100 Merrill Ave,
Staten Island., N.Y. 10314

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