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GM Announces Eighth Waste-Free Plant

GM's transmission plant in White Marsh MD has sent no waste to the cheap viagra generic landfill since May. GM is officially announcing that this is it's 8th completely waste-free manufacturing plant. Ninety seven percent of the waste is either recycled or reused, while the remaining three percent is burned for energy.

Obviously GM is discovering the benefits of eliminating waste in it's manufacturing. It's simply foolish to throw away scrap metal in manufacturing plants, while most of today's apholstery fabrics are easy to re-purpose for other materials.

"Recycled materials and items included about 510 tons of aluminum, 600 tons of steel, 10 tons of alloy metals, 360 tons of wood pallets, 3 tons of paper, 20 tons of empty totes and drums, 250 tons of used oil, 220 tons of waste water residual and 5,400 tons of returnable packaging."

Additionally exciting, the White Marsh plant is producing the 2-Mode hybrid systems that will be making GM's trucks more fuel efficient.

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It looks like GM is serious
written by weee, September 06, 2007
about recycling - the world is changing!
written by a, September 06, 2007
not fast enough,
the ideal would be that all cars would ride electric or some other than fossil fules.. by now..
...but still neat
written by Pedro, September 06, 2007
@a - Granted, this is just one of the many plants they operate and their pace may not wow you, but it's an accomplishment *and* a great example to set. As for some indication of their near-future eco-rides, Google the Chevy Volt.
confusing headline
written by Matt, September 06, 2007
Did you mean "Eight Waste-Free Plants" or "Eighth Waste-Free Plant"?
written by A Nanny's Moose, September 06, 2007
Yes, but at least they're making progress, unlike what Ford seems to be doing.
written by Mark, September 06, 2007
Just goes to show that when challenged, our ingenuity can provide solutions. I hear too many excuses always that recycling isn't practical, isn't economic etc etc.

Finally a brilliant case study and industrial example!

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