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The Toyota Volta: Hybrid Sportscar

While Toyota's supremacy in the current hybrid car market is undeniable, they're going to have to keep up the innovation if they're going to stay on top of their game. And while they've been having some trouble with their lithium ion batteries of late, that doesn't mean that they aren't planning for the visit web site best levitra price future.

Witness the Toyota Volta, a high-performance, concept hybrid named after the man who invented the battery. Now, this is seriously a weird car, but before we get to that, lets start with a 435 mile driving range, all-electric at low speeds, and 30 miles per gallon when being driven the way it was designed to be driven. How was it designed to be driven you ask? Well, by using the electric engine to boost the internal combustion and taking advantage of it's super light-weight, carbon fiber body, it can go from zero to sixty in four seconds and hit speeds of cheap viagra for sale up to 155 mph.

But, even weirder, the concept seats three people. But instead of a triangular seating we most recently saw in the Mixim, the Volta seats three people in a single row. And if that isn't weird enough for your, the drive-by-wire technology allows for the controls to be placed in front of any of the tramadol online prescriptions free viagra people driving.

Of course, the Volta is still very much in the realm of fantasy. But I don't doubt that Toyota has some plans for a hybrid sports car, and if they're going to base it on anything, the Volta is an excellent place to start.

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written by Matt, September 08, 2007
The 3 people in a single row was used in the McClaren F1. The fenders were flared up too high so they had to purchase levitra without a prescription put the seat in the middle for visibility reasons. Looking at the front end of this car, that may be the same reason.
Green driving never looked so good!
written by weee, September 08, 2007
and what stunning performance.
Seating arrangement accuracy for the F1
written by Gapdragon, September 08, 2007
The F1's seating was not in a single row, but the driver was in the middle, and the rear passengers (an option) were on either side of the driver in more or less a triangular arrangement.
Mr Pezza
written by pezza, September 08, 2007
This was new in 2004!
Only 30 MPH?
written by Bryce, September 08, 2007
Seriously what the point of recommended site soft tab cialis the complexity of a hybrid sportscar ? Make it all electric, that would be cool, but hybrid just does not make any sense, 30 MPH for "regular driving" seems a bit weak considering my 1999 corvette gets that....

written by Ben, September 08, 2007
First, it's 30 MPG, not MPH.
Second, it is levitra professional sale referencing getting 30 MPG while being driven HARD, not in "regular driving."

"How was it meant to be driven?" 0-60 in four seconds.
Mr Bryce
written by Frankly, September 08, 2007
I'm not sure what mods you've made to your 1999 Corvette, but if your getting 30 mpg, I'm guessing you pulled that LS1 out and installed a nice little 4 banger to reduce the no 1 canadian online pharmacy weight to get that milage. As a previous owner of an 01 Z06, 99 FRC, and 02 Coupe, none got 30mpg, no matter how I drove it. The closest would be the FRC that was full bolt ons and cam'd, which would see 25 mpg on highway trips cruising at 80mph. And, just FYI, the bolt-ons and cam actually increased my total MPG, even with city driving.

written by lulu, September 08, 2007
;) :D >:( :o :-* :'( ;) :D :) 8) :P :- :'( :'( 8) >:( ;D >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
meow meow
I got 30mpg in an 85 Iroc Camero
written by Mike, September 08, 2007
No problem.. Set the cruse at 70mph and I get 30mpg all day.. Really! AND it has the 350 in it with an automatic!..

So a vette should be able to get that kind of mileage on ultram buy online no prescription the freeway..

written by Nick A, September 08, 2007
It's possible to achieve 30 MPG with an LS1. As Long as you have an efficent intake and exhause system the rest is left up to the gear ratio...
written by skeptic, September 08, 2007
There isn't any GM car with a V8 that gets 30 mpg. Too heavy, too boxey and too inefficent an engine. You are all full of hope and dreams about your mullet machines.
2002 Z06
written by Clay Garland, September 08, 2007
I haven't taken the new Z06 for a spin, but considering its gear ratios are even better, I would imagine it gets ever so slightly better gas mileage. In 2002, I drove a 2002 Z06 that belonged to a close friend for a week. I drove it on the highway, in the city, and for several 0-60 blasts. Average MPG? ? ? 26. Not bad for 400 horses.
written by 30 MPG...hahahahaha, September 08, 2007
Then you, my friends, DO NOT know how to drive a sports car, haha.
Corvette vs "4-banger"
written by Joe Fox, September 08, 2007
I had a 1995 Corvette that would regularly get 27-31 MPG on a daily commute over a mountain pass. When I switched to a 1998 Altima with a four-banger, my MPG *dropped* to 20. Turns out that the 4-banger has to wind itself out all the way up the hills. The 'vette didn't have to struggle, and could maintain speed and efficiency.

Only time my 4-banger got better efficiency than the 'vette is doing a 45 MPH cruise on flat terrain. Go up to 70 MPH, or introduce a hill, and the 'vette will win every time. Driving around town, they both get 20 MPG.

written by Hugo, September 09, 2007
3 words.

Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Ok, maybe I have a few more words…. 3 passengers? WTF? Why not just make it a 2 seater with more room for luggage. In either case, they just got rid of a huge market (myself included). I can’t believe that the 2 2 market is non existent, yet manufacturers make me feel like it is. Aren’t the Mini sales still good? The Scion Tc appears to be everywhere. Heck, even the Hyundai Tiburon appears to be everywhere. So it is hard for me to believe that people don’t want 2 2 cars.

I doubt that my ranting and raving on this board is going to influence the car manufacturers at all, but I will do it one more time….

How hard would it be to create a mainstream affordable electric car that looks like the Volta (or any of the other compact sports cars like before mentioned) and SEATS 4?

written by antigravity, September 09, 2007
The volta is an exceptionally beautiful sports car, but isn't this the wrong class for a hybrid? ;)
people commenting..
written by gridlock.d, September 09, 2007
- The volta is an exceptionally beautiful sports car, but isn't
this the wrong class for a hybrid?

- Ok, maybe I have a few more words…. 3 passengers? WTF? Why not just make it a 2 seater with more room for luggage. In either case, they just got rid of a huge market (myself included).

Wtf is wrong with these people?? It's a concept car, as soon as Americans start thinking for themselves instead of letting their president do it, we might actually see these cars in production. They might actually offer different models.. including one with 4 seats. But how can you rip on a concept vehical like that..

Just incredible.. hahahaha
written by gridlock.d, September 09, 2007

Ugly as ****, and a symbol of american pride.

Everything THE ENTIRE WORLD IS AGAINST except for the old boys club and wannabe followers.
written by Jonathan Franzone, September 09, 2007
30 MPG for a sports car? That looks really cool. I'm glad that they are taking eco-friendly into more than just commuter sedans.
correctly sizing an engine to a car
written by LUmmox, September 09, 2007
I completely agree about V8's possible fuel economy. At least 25 MPG anyways. My V8 conversion chevy S-10 is great on gas when I don't put my foot into it.
Here's a perfect example. My friends all have 2.1L 4cyl VW vans, I have a '95 chev astro van with a 4.3 V6. We just all went to buy cialis on the internet burningman and back from british colombia. 2600KM. I killed all of online medicines rx cialis viagra order their 4 cyl vans in fuel economy by at least 20%. A small engine has to work too hard on the highway or climbing hills. I also broke a lot more speed limits on the drive then they did, and didn't have to crawl up the big climbs at 40 mph without air conditioning.
written by Hah, September 09, 2007
a Hybrid sports car? I know Toyota has never really been able to grasp this, but a sports car is suppose to sound nice. I love that induction grooowwl. This car is just going to be a novelty for yuppies, not for automotive enthusiasts.
written by Kris, September 09, 2007
You GM drones always tell fish tales about mileage. I've been a proud owner of my fair share of those things and you're dreaming about the buy viagra online us mileage they get. Certain conditions, constant speed, no wind - sure, you might pull 25 mpg for a stretch. But at the end of the day, none of those Chevy 8s are getting 30 mpg.

As for that POS '95 Astro, it gets 16 mpg - as bad as some monster Tahoe. Vanagons get the same crap mileage because they're metal cubes with crap VW engines in them.

32 MPG for 400 HP? Best mileage in that category right now is viagra best price the Vette at 19 mpg and cialisbest cialis the Lexus 600hL at 21 mpg, with the latter weighing in at some serious tonnage and definitely not clocking 0-60 times at 4 seconds.
Great blog!
written by YHO, September 09, 2007
Love your blog, I'd love to swap links, check out my blog, and leave me a message if you'd like to swap links.
written by Mark, September 11, 2007
It depends on the cost. The truely expensive supercars are not driven enough miles such that thier fuel consumption becomes signifciant.

I guess the real benefit in this is in making Hybrids seem even cooler, and thus driving thier mass market adoption..
Rather have a beemer
written by Oliver, September 11, 2007
Granted this is a very innovative idea for future hybrid cars. The problem with this car is that it doesn't resemble a sports car. Sure it might be able to drive fast, but it dont look the part. The design is fresh and cool, but in no way is it intimidating. A hybrid sports car makes no sense to me. If you want to be economical, get the Tesla Roadster. Sure 95% of you can afford it, but that is a green sports car. Looks the part, will destroy most super cars, and is resonably price considering you never have to fill it up with gas. Toyota are not manly enough to get into this market. The supra was the we use it discount generic cialis only car made by Toyota that is worthy of being called a sports car.
yup yup
written by luke, March 11, 2008
this car blows my '97 delta would smoke this bitch
the price toyota volta hybrid
written by georgia, April 03, 2008
can i know how much price for toyota volta hybrid?

i interested for buy that cars

Not Sporty...?
written by Doushe Bag w/ Nails in IT, May 22, 2008
How is this car not sporty enough for you, it shows its curves and rear looks like something you'd see drivin' away blow your ass outta the water. Anyway its looking up for thisw car, fast fuel efficiant, clean. Three great things that seem to cheap viagra online prescription be on the adverage American's mind. Why not, why bash on this great concept idea?

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