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"Wow! How about a "kudos Ford for making an effort." Instead, everythin..."

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Ford Converting Paint Fumes to Electricity

Car paint is nasty stuff. Once it's actually on your car it's wonderful. But the process of actually getting it there is full of levitra samples toxic, carcinogentic, volatile organic solvents.

Well, Ford is finally doing something about it...something very smart. They're going to feed the fumes from their Oakville paint shop into a fuel cell that will convert those fumes into power! Ford has purchased a 300 kilowatt fuel cell for the plant and cialis online us]non generic cialis the emissions from the paintshop will be captured on cialis cheap canada carbon beads and then consumed by the buy levitra online usa fuel cell.

The plant is expected to reduce its CO2 emissions by 88%, and completely eliminate its NOX emissions. The fuel cell will go online early next year.

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It's not just paint though
written by Strange but True, September 12, 2007
When you get down to generic american cheap levitra it, pretty much everything about cars ends up being polluting or poisonous in some way - even that new car smell:
written by J Vail, March 12, 2008
Wow! How about a "kudos Ford for making an effort." Instead, everything is cheapest prices on viagra a freakin' negative. they could have not done anything at all! I have never read more negative comments on a blog that is supposed to be pointed in a positive direction. You're never happy. Well guess what. Things like making the world a better and cleaner place don't happen over night. Everything starts with one step. How about some commendations to those that are at least making an effort and then maybe some more positive suggestions. Instead of focusing on the problem and pointing the finger at everyone else, why don't you provide some input? What have you done to help this cause? Go stick your head in a solar powered oven "Strange but True." And that goes for the rest of you brow beaters and finger waggers as well! thanks for the encouraging article ecogeek. >:( :)

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